Cam’ron Returns With New Group Album This March

Cam’ron’s back with a vengeance. The Diplomats CEO has joined forces with Harlem rapper Vado to form The U.N. Along with the formation of the group comes word of a collaborative album on the horizon.

The duo is set to drop their debut effort, Gunz N’ Butta via E1. Appearing on every track, this project will be Killa Cam’s second official release since returning to rap last year with his comeback album, Crime Pays.

During his hiatus, Cam was consistently recording and Gunz N’ Butta draws from a well of over 150 songs that Cam has been compiling over the last three years, including The U.N.’s first single, “Clap.”

The album is expected to drop March 23, and Cam is plotting a return foray into acting with Killa Season 2, the sequel to his 2006 independent film, set for release later this year. —Brooklyne Gipson

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  • The Only Cool Mofo in NY along with Jeter

    Cam, you better come correct like non-other on this Gunz N’ Butta album, don’t disappoint. A lot of people especially in your home state of NY where the haters hate all day, will be looking to rip you apart if this isn’t great (b/c they have camel-face who is a god over there and can do no wrong, even when his shit has been not good for the last 5 years or more). I know you can do it, just pick the right tracks and make it more of an album as appose to a mixtape and you’ll be good.

    • AZ40

      Cam’s problem is that sometimes he seems so disinterested in making good rap music that he just phones that shit in…As long as he don’t have them dipset west niggas on it then it should be good, i heard that mixtape they put out world domination or something like that and it was straight trash

  • Mikey F Baby

    eh what about Boss of all Bosses 2 that came out a bit ago. that shit was fire

  • Fern BK

    Killa Keep Doun ur thing fuck jim and juelz ur new prospect Vado iz nasty keep doun yah thang holla Bk all day every day

    ps: Whatz up wit my boy the Dominican Prince JR
    he aint ridin no more wit Cam?????????

  • wedge

    2010 is killa season

  • Tonyto’sWay

    I fucks with Cam Crime Pays its a dope album but another Killa season lol its gonna be hilarious hope that shit its more comedy than the 1st one!!

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Son said 2 albums this year on E1. The checks already cashed.

    Trust that $yk will burn while watching KS2. The 1st one is crazy as hell.

    • Capital G

      Bitches…shitting…dope pellets. ‘Nuff said.

  • jbird

    Cam is gon bring it. Fvck them suckas Jones and Santana. Cam comin sucka free!! Dipset all day, no homo. Cam is just a classic rapper that not many can compete with. Hope he throws some Mase on that cd too. You can’t touch Mase on that Harlem World cd.

  • newyawka631

    Word uppp,jailbird.Even ya faggot manz Kanye,swaggajackz mah brotha Mason Betha.That Harlem World album str8 fiya….If u young catz haven’t heard it by now, then go peep it…..

  • Chi Town Go Gettaz

    WELCOME BACK (mase voice) KILLA! B.O.A.B. was tuff. that U.N. shit need to drop right before the summer. That boy Vado the truth tho, nice draft pick killa str8 franchise rookie.

  • NotoriousAGC

    I hope cam brings back that hot shit from diplomatic immunity 2, he needs better beats not just mixtape style stuff, some purple haze kanye inspired style shit always mixed perfect with killa. Killa season 2 for funniest FLICK of the year (intended or not)

    • NotoriousAGC

      i meant diplomatic immunity 1

  • Om Sag

    Cam is DOPE all day = FIRE heading your way

  • E-man

    damn no hate today lol ok looks like everybody woke up on the right side of the bed today
    big ups to KILLA!! that nigga may not be sayin nothin when he raps but he always know how to say it
    Vado is the truth to

  • Prince Caesar

    …(sighs)..”Gunz & Butta” ?’s a wrap, Cam. The more I try to root for this guy, the more he disappoints me. No one is checking for that wack shit. Crime Pays sucked and Killa Season was the dumbest movie of all time. I used to heat Cam damn near everyday..but this dude is a fucking clown, now.

    • NotoriousAGC

      …(sigh)..”..Prince” Caesar”? it’s a wrap

  • jtm

    yo where u at g unot killa?

  • Fireforreal

    It’s been a wrap for Cam since 50 cent bodied that clown. I mean really he said it would be a hot summer and even said he would name his album Curtist and he didn’t deliver. He came out 2 years later and after all that time he dropped a wack album. Killa season was wack as well to the point it made purple haze look like a 5 mic classic. Cam lost his desire to make atleast descent music since he stopped dealing with Jones and juelz. He should just stop.

  • Chris

    Camron he not the best but he aint the worst, he just not consisted
    so ima give this album a try, proboly boot leg it though.

  • mav

    cam shoulda stuck wit juelz he gonna sell more than both them albums if he come wit some heat..i dont be likin his singles though..corny
    sigh dipset was the shit 4 a couple years

  • CBS

    Cam has been finished since he got punched in the eye. Or it could have been when he went running off the basketball court while Jim Jones got stomped out. Either way, this guys a pussy. Sorry Cam fans, these are facts.

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