The Firm Reunion Concert Canceled

Last night (December 10) AZ, Cormega and Foxy Brown—three quarters of former 90s supergroup The Firm—were slated to to perform at S.O.B.’s in New York City, as part of the DVD release party for the new Ray J flick, Envy.

Fans waited on line yesterday for hours to catch the show to no avail. According to close sources, AZ had plans to bring out Tek from Smif-N-Wessun and producer Easy Mo Bee, in addition to his ex-Firm partners. Yet, the concert was canceled after there was a dispute between the rap vet and the promoter of the show. spoke to Larry Gold, the owner of the venue, who assures ticket holders that they will be reimbursed. “95-99 percent of our shows we are dealing directly with either the agent or manager,” Gold explained. “And this is one of those shows that went through a middle party. So we are reaching out to the promoter today to find out really what happened. Sadly to say we are really in the dark.”

The Firm originally consisted of Nas, Foxy, AZ and Cormega, along with production by Dr. Dre and the Trackmasters. Nas’ friend, N.Y. MC Nature, replaced Mega for the group’s platinum selling, sole LP, 1997′s The Album.

As of press time it is uncertain if the concert will be rescheduled. —Elan Mancini

Peep AZ’s new song, “I’m Ill” here.

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  • EmCDL

    What???? I didn’t even know they all came out with an album together

    • DJ Postman

      That’s really sad. You need to get off that Soulja Boy son.

    • AZ40

      Please say that your joking…Nas Fox AZ Mega

    • M.R.E.

      yeah 4 real u need to study more on your hip hop history!

    • DetroitDraper

      Damn…You must be new to Rap.


    • Justice4all

      That’s when you could sell a million records and 2/3 of america didn’t even know an album existed.

    • dre

      dats crazy. i popped the firm cd n my car 3 days ago. i was 12 when dat came out.

  • james

    Are you kidding me!?

    How old are you? and do you listen to Hip Hop? You’ve heard of The Firm? No disrespect, but wow’

    Go check youtube homie.

    • Enlightened

      When you think about it it’s really not even his fault. That shows how they can emphasize some things and just because something gets the reputation of being a disappointment. It can almost get erased from history.

      That was a big moment for hip-hop at the time with Dr. Dre hooking up with Nas, AZ and Foxy for the Firm album. Because it was considered a flop, you NEVER hear about it now.

      I wonder if it’s one of those albums that would sound tight now after not hearing it for all this time.

      • DetroitDraper

        It was never THAT bad to me so yea I think its status should be raised with time.

        MAYN HOL’UP

        • EmCDL

          Whoooooooooa hold up, I ain’t never been on no Soulja Boy ish so calm down on all of that. I just didn’t know that they were a group and put an album out, thats all. Ya’ll trippin; Nas and AZ are two of the artists I listen to on the regular. Soulja Boy…..pleeeeeeeeeeeease…..


          Yeah I would like to hear that album, I wonder if its still available for sale somewhere?

        • dj blendz

          your best bet would probably be either Amazon or maybe even they usually carry a lot of older material

  • TheRefriedMexican


  • TheRefriedMexican


  • TheRefriedMexican

    oops my computer is trippin my bad

  • Lowedwn

    Man, that album was pretty nice to me, there were definitely certifiable bangers there. They were just ovrehyped in my opinion, because of that sick ass track from “It Was Written”. “Desparados” is still my joint, NAs, AZ, Nature & Canibus…they went in on that one.

  • Worley

    All these years later and The Firm is still a mess.

    “Firm fiascos/assholes.” Dr. Dre

  • Tony Grands

    In EmCDL’s defense, he’s young. He says it all the time.

    It wouldn’t been the same without NaS there, anyway.

    • EmCDL

      Yeah I REALLY didn’t know but definitely willing to check up on it.


      Will check that out fo sho

  • El Tico Loco

    Nas need that show money right about now.

    • WOW!!!

      I never understood how BROKE niggas writing disses on blogs can tell a multi-millionare what he needs! You BROKE niggas more concerned about Nas’ financial needs than he is….PATHETIC!


    @EmCDL: listen (youtube) to the song called phone tap. It’s one of the most incredible rap songs ever recorded!

  • InfBlack

    iWas definently there last nite. the G.o.d mc looked pissed last night. although he held his composure. I spoke to his couz Tampaa he spit bars too ..and he assured me Az means good Buisness, just the work gotta be set up properly. Shout to Wrong Crowd Dvd was in Da Building. Shout to Dj 31 Degreez. True Talk… My Elder God A’ will not dissapoint he’ll be back in NEW YIDDY. Very Soon. YOUTUBe Infblack3

  • One900Romello

    Lowedwn You said it “Desparados” was the joint thats when i was feeling canibus heavy….then his album couldnt stand up…coincidently according to the beef DVD LL was suppose to help him do damage control after it was done but it never happen. The Firm I like them. Shit everybody recycled that phone tap beat wait just puffy lol thats his style lol.

  • Face Phoenix

    The Firm was one of those times in Hip Hop where all the pieces were there but somehow it didn’t live up to the monumental level of hype. All in all it had some really hot songs but not very many. Phone Tap blew everybody’s mind but the album swiftly killed the flame Phone Tap lit. I still own my copy but I also didn’t buy it new. It’s wasn’t a total disaster but it was far from classic esp. in comparison to It Was Written, The Chronic & Illmatic. So much potential and little more than a couple of hot tracks materialized from the venture, Damn Shame. It just shows that sometimes dream projects really don’t deliver except for maybe Meth & Red.

  • latino heat

    i had such high hopes for The Firm album. then when it dropped everybody said it was wack so i never bought it or even listened to it. i’ve had a brand new copy still in the plastic sitting on the cd shelf since ’01 or ’02. just never bothered with it cause everybody always shit on it.

    Phone Tap is classic though.

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  • that nigga

    Latino Heat, Its aight. Not like the original woulda been with Mega on it. Still went platinum but I was still not satisfied with the outcome. Also, there is no FIRM show without NaS.

  • Adam

    This was never supposed to a Firm reunion concert. AZ was supposed to be the only person from The Firm performing, Foxy was just a special invited guest and I had no idea that Cormega was supposed to be here.

    Foxy talks about it briefly on her Twitter

  • abdulnasir

    EmCDL, welcome to big boy camp (no homo), even i,living in africa know the firm, but then again i grew up all over and i’m sure happen to be older than u. no harm done, the commission is here to educate, not discriminate.

  • oskamadison

    @ Enlightened

    You may be right about giving it a listen after a few years. I popped in Nas’ “Iam…” a little while back after not listening to it for at least 2 years. Maybe it’s the overall wackness of most of the stuff out now but it sounded a lot beter than I remembered. Hell, a lot of that old Bad Boy shit sounds Golden Era-like now and, except for Biggie, I couldn’t stand Bad Boy.

  • Fireforreal

    @EMCDL How could you like AZ and Nas but not know there was a Firm album ? It was on a major lable. Had major producers. It was around the time when Mtv was showing waaaaaaaay more hip hop at the time from Bad boy running shit that year to the Wutang double disc. And you didn’t know they released an album that went platinum ? You must be trying to be funny or didn’t listen to hip hop in 1997 to not know this LOL. Oh yeah while you look for that album look for Nas it was written then work your way back to a classic called illmatic.


    The Firm is still one of the hardest albums to come out in my books, to not know about that album absolutely boggles my mind.

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