LL Cool J Knocked off Rock & Roll Hall of Fame List

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame class of 2010 was recently announced and rap icon LL Cool J failed to make the cut.

This was the first year the Queens MC was nominated for the honor. So far there are only two rap acts that have been admitted into the Hall, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5, who were inducted in 2007 and Run D.M.C., who were credited at last year’s celebration.

Other acts that failed to make it into the Hall of Fame this year were the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kiss, Donna Summer and Laura Nyro, among others. The Stooges, Genesis and ABBA will receive their honors on March 15, 2010 in New York’s Waldorf Astoria.

To date, LL has one of the longest running careers in hip-hop, bursting onto the scene with his first single, “I Need A Beat” in 1984. The rap vet is one of hip-hop’s first genuine superstars, with a total of eight platinum-selling albums throughout his 25-year career and two Grammy awards. As the first artists to sign with seminal rap label Def Jam Recordings, the Queens-bred MC went on to also star in movies and TV, with his own sitcom In the House in the 90s. He’s currently starring alongside Chris O’Donnell in the hit series, NCIS: Los Angeles.Elan Mancini

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  • silentmurder

    LL doesn’t even perform rock music, so why the fuck would he be there in the first place?

    • AZ40

      Even though it’s called the rock and roll hall of fame and mostly rock artist are in there it’s looked at as an music hall of fame i guess? and if Kiss and the Red Hot Chili Peppers didn’t make it in I’m not as surprised that LL didn’t make it in


    snubbed his ass. i would like to see who did get in, this year. Kiss didnt even get in yet, so i think there’s hope for him.

    *off topic* Im Bad was my shit like 10 yrs ago when i first started fuckin w/ hip hop. “…& im notorious i’ll crush you like a jelly bean”
    ^^that shit was some insane wordplay (this & that Oreo line) to a young nigga back then. lol.

  • http://callmephlip.blogspot.com/ Phlip

    Reasons for LL Cool J to be in the Hall of Fame:
    * Radio (1985)
    * Bigger and Deffer (1987)
    * Walking with a Panther (1989)
    * Mama Said Knock You Out (1990)
    Reasons for LL Cool J to NOT be in the Hall of Fame:
    * 14 Shots to the Dome (1993)
    * Mr. Smith (1995)
    * Phenomenon (1997)
    * G.O.A.T. (2000)
    * 10 (2002)
    * The DEFinition (2004)
    * Todd Smith (2006)
    * Exit 13 (2008)

    Does anyone notice just how badly his career turned, damn near with the onset of real adulthood? It really is quite sad when and individual’s refusal to remain consistently entertaining while they refuse to know when to hang it up can ruin what could have been an otherwise amazing career.
    When the dude who made “Radio” and “Bad” can have his entire career categorized more for a ‘beef’ with a Q-list rapper who never fully fell ON, something is severely wrong.

    • sb

      LL has one one the best careers in the business. He’s been around since 1984.Artists that he started with are no longer here.. He may have had some duds, but he’s always had one or 2 singles of those albums that were hot and not to mention this guy has parlayed his career into acting.How many rappers can you say that have done it like ll? for so long. You have to respect his body of work. He ‘s been around since 15..15 yo!!!! Who was having grown ass rappers shaking in their boots at 15? The only one who come close was Nas. 15-40..25 years of recording as a rapper? Come on..He is the G.O.A.T ..Eventhough you may feel he has duds and he may have ( i haven’t bought anything from him since 14 shots) people bought his music regardless.He has gold, plat and multiplatinum cd’s for 20 plus years.once again you have to respect his body of work..

    • http://www.ronmexicocity.com Ron Mexico

      damn, i thought mr. smith was near classic… i’ll give you the rest, though.

      and uncle L will make it in eventually.

      L’s problem was he forgot he was an mc. even if he wasn’t writing the shit, his sound and delivery was great when he put effort in. he could do shit like fucking ill bomb and it still sound right. the canibus response was classic. instead he thought all he had to do was get naked and move units.

      it doesn’t work that way. clearly.

      • http://callmephlip.blogspot.com/ Phlip

        Not me, I didn’t think Mr Smith was anywhere NEAR classic.
        Decent album? Sure! Apart from the first 4, which solidified his legacy, he never gave us more than a decent album, surely nothing great and DAMN sure not classic, as if that word is not thrown around entirely too much already.

        It seemed to me that the whole Canibus thing made him more into the lip-licking shirt removal rapper once he was done with it. Sure, he parlayed it into acting money, but that surely would have lessened if someone hadn’t gotten shot in Vegas, at least not on the level in which it has been.
        But hey, successfully snowing an industry into continuing to ride for you while you release worse and worse product with each subsequent album is an accomplishment worthy of Hall of Fame accolades.

    • yoprince

      co-sign Phlip

  • http://xxlmag.com Blakout615

    A platinum album in 3 different decades. NUFF SAID. He’ll most def get in 1 day. But yo KISS is not already in?? Any real music head knows that they certainly deserve it.

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    Grandmaster Flash & Run DMC. That shows the caliber of rap star they give the honor. Rest assured, his time to be inducted will definitely come to pass. If Donna Summer, Chili Peppers & Kiss didn’t get in, he shouldn’t feel bad (no pun intended).

    Curtis75Black won’t be happy about this, @ all!

    • http://www.ronmexicocity.com Ron Mexico

      curtis is gonna wild out. haha.

      i think LL deserves it eventually. just not right now, obviously. he’ll get it. and there won’t be another rapper for a while… until you know who gets in.

      • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

        *nods in compliance, hums melody to ‘Hola Hovito’*

      • Curtis75Black

        Thanks for the love y’all LMAO !! I read this earlier and seen who else was snubbed so he’s in good company. Hall of Fame isn’t about a paticular song or about who’s hot. It’s about body of work and longevity. Peeps this, Charles Barkley never recieved a Ring but he will get there.

        LL,whether you like him or not will blaze this shit. I’m not even worried about it. Once he called himself the GOAT now everyones favorite is that !! If that’s not influence I don’t know what the fuck is. Me and My Bitch, Keep Ya Head Up, Jay’s version of Bonnie & Clyde are all different versions of “Around the way Girl”. What nigga hasn’t dealt with a “Hey Lover” scenerio ? What real fan don’t know the lyrics of “No Airplay” or “I shot ya” ? Straight up, if you think his lyrics were dwindling, you just refused to listen. New York, Ringtone Murder and It’s time for war” is the shit. All on Exit 13 – “Fuck sales” as y’all like to say when it’s your favorite emcee and it still entered Billboard at # 9. After 25 years !! What emcee can say that ?

        • 619

          Jay’s “Bonnie and Clyde” was just a different version of Pac’s “Me and My Girlfriend”. Not only Jay’s “Bonnie and Clyde”, but Nas “I Gave you Power” too. That was Pac’s style, not LL’s.

      • DopeMan

        NWA,Dre, Snoop, Pac than Jay, imo.

        • 619

          And saying “Keep Ya Head Up” was based on LL’s style was wrong too. You can’t even mention “Keep Ya Head Up” with “Me And My Bitch”, “Bonnie and Clyde”, or LL’s music, because “Keep Ya Head Up” was not a love song. It was more about social issues than anything else. Listen to the lyrics, Pac discusses single Black women raising children, and society’s problems. Lines like “They got money for wars but can’t feed the poor” and “Last night my buddy lost his whole family, it’s gonna take the man in me to conquer this insanity” had nothing to do with women.

        • Curtis75Black

          You’re taking things too literely !! The fact that a song like that can be made that gives the sisters love homie. Where everybody can be just about fucking a Bitch or a slapping a Hoe, Uncle L chose a different route and gets hated on because of it. Y’all seem to thing all he does it rap to the ladies. Listen to Buck em Down, Crossroads, All we got left is the beat, Illegal search, Homicide, we gonna Make it, Best Dress, Diggy down and so on. LL is deeper than given credit for. And jay’s Bonnie and Clyde might be a play on Pac’s track buy nothing like his track, more of a Girlfriend/ Boyfriend thing, which is a LL thing – right ?

        • 619

          Why it gotta be about fucking a bitch or slapping a hoe because I wanna listen to somethin’ a little rougher? It’s about substance, I grew up on Ice Cube, Scarface, music with more substance than LL. It’s cool to have a song you can listen to with your girl, but damn half an album about it, c’mon. It’s obvious you’re a big LL fan, so me and you won’t see eye to eye on it, but to each his own. You keep listenin’ to your LL stuff, and I’ll keep listenin’ to my Cube and Face stuff.

  • Face Phoenix

    My first album was Bigger & Deffer and even though I am a LL fan, I really don’t see him being included at least for a little while. The board votes and I think he’ll definitely get in when more ppl from our generation have more influence in the selections. Give it maybe 5 more years because any sooner and it would be a surprise to me. You’ll probably see him get a star in Hollywood faster than his induction.

  • Prototype81

    music 101 people. Rock n roll hall of fame inducting emcees isnt new.

  • El Tico Loco

    LL may not be in now but he will be the first solo rapper to make it when he does get in. I mean look how long it took for ABBA to make it damn near 4 decades so a nod ain’t bad he gonna get his.

  • Phil Moe

    snubbed his ass. i would like to see who did get in, this year. Kiss didnt even get in yet, so i think there’s hope for him.

    @southside a-town

    The Stooges, Genesis and ABBA will receive their honors on March 15, 2010 in New York’s Waldorf Astoria.

    This is who’s getting in this year…

  • DownSouth

    I wonder how come when ever people mention long rapper careers, they never say Too $hort. He has more albums than LL. I guess like he said on album #10, “I only got credit for one thing…..BEEEOOOOOYYYYOOOOTTTCCCHHHHH!!!!!”


  • Nehemiah

    Damn you right Down South. If they count the mixtapes his shit is longer than some bids lol Wessside Gotta get love too. Like Snoop said “Yall dont got love for the West Side?” LOL those days was the Shit Fuck LL. His momma said knock who out? Real MuthaFukkinn G’s 123 and to the 4…You all ready know the Chronic. haha Eazy, Dre, Cube, REN, and Yella. NWA

  • TheRefriedMexican


    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands


      I agree with your theory of the Beastie Boys playing a major role in cross genre appeal, but to say Cool J’s not an influence?

      Dude, he’s the first rapper signed to Def Jam. If you don’t think that company was looking to duplicate his success in some shape or form for at least 10 years after signing him, you’re crazy. He might not be your favorite rapper’s rapper, but even if only by the theory of six degrees of separation, he’s influenced more rap acts than we’re aware of.

      I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say he should be in the RRHOF, it’s just not his time yet. Somebody said he’ll get a Hollywood star before then, & I totally agree. It’s a much easier task. Take ABBA. Do you have any idea how long they’ve been making music?

      Cool J’s albums may not influence, per se, but the HOF doesn’t induct acts based on any particular album. It’s about the phenomenon of their career that earns them that priviledge of being an inductee.

  • Face Phoenix

    I have to co-sign with Tony when saying LL is the blueprint Def Jam and many labels used to this very day in terms of Crossover Appeal for the Ladies, Hot Party Songs and when you really think about it there are very few Def Jam Artist or Alumni that didn’t make a song for the ladies after LL struck a cord with “I Need Love”. It was like striking gold with an fairly untapped audience… Women. He made it alright to make song for the ladies as well as be lyrical threat. To say the beastie boys are more worthy than LL is really just a matter of taste. The Beastie Boys are a great example of artists that still know how to mature and grow without alienating their audience much like how Outkast has. I mean their our many Great Albums that helped redefine music but not all those artist metamorphored into great long lasting artists [Lauryn Hill, Terence Trent D'arby ODB & Etc.] that deserve the honor of being inducted.

  • sb

    i cosign with face and tony..well said fellas



  • Sincere

    L.L. Cool J is still hard as…(explosion!!!)

    Yeah, the subject of L.L. will always draw mixed responses, for, against, indifferent. The commentary from Ron, Tony, Phoenix, SB, 619, Phlip and my man Curtis was cool. (and others)

    Personally, I know it feels good to be acknowledged for the work one does in any field of endeavor. But I don’t like putting too much emphasis on things like this. I guess I feel too much like Chuck D from P.E., “who gives a what about a Grammy! (edited)” (lol) from the classic “Terminator X To The Edge Of Panic”.

    Buuut I wouldn’t be mad if L.L. does get in. Much p-e-a-c-e p-e-e-p-s.

  • newyawka631

    Go check LL’s “Exit 13″…It had a lil bit of everything…Shit iz fi—-ya,betta then most albums of 2008…..Go listen