Lil Wayne Experiences Premature Rebirth, Amazon Leaks Album Early

Close to 500 lucky fans accidentally received a copy of Lil Wayne’s oft-delayed album, Rebirth, a lot sooner than expected due to a shipping mistake by

Rebirth, which as early as two weeks ago was scheduled to hit stores on December 21, has since been pushed back to an undecided date in 2010. According to Billboard, before changing the release date, Universal manufactured one million copies of the disc and sent a small percentage out to Amazon. The online retailer mistakenly sent out about 500 copies to shoppers who pre-ordered the CD. reached out to Amazon for a comment on the slip up, but as of press time reps have yet to return our phone calls.

Several publications have reported that Wayne’s new release date is February 1, 2010, a week before his February 9 sentencing date, where he is expected to surrender himself and report to jail on gun charges. A rep for Universal told XXL that the album has not yet received a confirmed drop date. —Max G

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  • Chilly Willy

    Well, just because you receive it by mistake doesn’t make you lucky….. Universal might need to reassess that strategy, word to GUK.


    Amazon about to cough up some bread for that. & wtf? you gotta be in jail nowadays for your album to sell? it worked for Gucci (sort of).

    • El Tico Loco

      Release date = arraignment date they go hand in hand especially for Gucci. Didn’t Gucci get locked up for every album he put out?

  • von

    her we go wit this bullshit amazon knew what they was the album gon b some bullshit anyway GARBAGE ALBUM OF THE YR

    • bryan

      correction: garbage album of next year

  • Enlightened

    The bootleggers should be heavy on the block with it by this weekend

  • latino heat

    this just gives them even more reason to scrap the project and work on the Carter 4 instead. like Enlightened said, that shit is gonna be everywhere by this weekend.

    i was looking through some sales papers last night and some stores were still saying that Rebirth was gonna be released 12/15/09.

  • Tony Grands


    You’d think that after so many years of albums being released, even with the inclusion of the ‘Net, there would be some type of system in place. I’m not sure I believe this one. Somebody fell asleep @ the wheel, thought this was funny, or didn’t deserve the position they hold, if it’s true.

    Wayne lucked up & got an excuse for Christmas.

  • HU

    What the hell is the label gonna do with all the unsold copies? They printed platinum but who the hell is buying this shit? They might as well release that shit next Tuesday. That way, people can buy this trash for Christmas as an easy gift since no one will want a copy of their own volition.

  • daggaring

    Yeah just sell it as it is then do a Rebirth 2 real quick (like “Relapse”) with all the “good” songs.

  • Cheeb

    After the initial listen, I can understand why Cash Money has been pushing back & avoiding this album like the plague. Its like a failed attempt at Kanye’s 808. Less emo, but auto-tune is horrible. The shining gem is Drop the World ft. Eminem joint other than that this is definitely forgettable.

    I think the best option for Universal/Cash Money at this point is just to release the album & then sue the hell out of Amazon cuz thats the only way they will recoup their money.

  • 6661joker

    I got that shit already. And I wasn’t one of the lucky 500. I can see why it was leaked. Because this shit would have not sold as good as The Carter 3. Hopefully this will buy him time to drop another classic album before he goes to jail. Best tracks in my opinion are Ground Zero & Get A Life.

  • Hussle’s Way

    shit is all over the net now – Its GARBAGE

    plus the WE ARE YOUNG MONEY album leaked too

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Baby & Slim putting in work…

  • Ben

    I got the Clipse album a day early from amazon, there dope.

  • whats CraCCin

    its trash

  • Tony Grands

    I can see why a lot of cats wouldn’t like it. It’s definitely not for everyone. The shit is exactly what I thought it would be….& I like it. Been listening to it for the last couple of hours.

    If you think about how long Wayne has been rapping, it only makes sense that he travels outside of the “box” he’s been in. & that he does. Cats want the same old same, but @ some point, shit get’s repetitious. I can only imagine how tired he may be of redundancy. I wouldn’t even label this a “rap” album. It’s more “alternative Hip Hop”, if there is such a thing. It may need be on the average rap fans radar, but people are going to buy it.

    Feel free to jump on me with your insults, fellas. I’ll be right here.

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