Lil Wayne Expected to Report to Jail on February 9, Lawyer Confirms

Come 2010, Lil Wayne will have to face the music. The rap superstar appeared in court for a brief appearance this morning (December 15) where a judge set a February 9 sentencing date regarding his New York gun possession case. confirmed with his attorney, Stacey Richman, that not only will Weezy be officially sentenced, but he is also scheduled to surrender himself to authorities and be shipped off to prison on that same day. He is expected to face 366 days behind bars.

As previously reported the New Orleans-bred MC plead guilty to a second-degree attempted gun possession charge last October. The rapper was originally arrested and charged in 2007 after a performance in NYC’s Beacon Theater when a police officer claimed she discovered a firearm upon boarding his tour bus for suspicion of marijuana. —Elan Mancini

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  • willshady


    • joe p

      will he have to get them dreads cut ?

  • Wallman

    Somebody explain the american system for me. Can’t he just pay a couple million and be out?

    • Ron Mexico

      where do you live where the wealthy can commit any crime they want and openly buy their way out of it with some paper?

      let me know so my poor black ass can stay far far away.

      • Enlightened

        You betta move out of the U.S. then Ron. The only niggas who can’t do that in America are “hip-hop” generation Black people.

        Even older niggas get to do that shit along with the white people.

  • AZ40

    Guess this will give him the “cred” but if he ain’t in PC they gonna eat him alive…good promo for his artist that’s gonna drop next year

    • Enlightened

      That nigga will be deep, deep, deep in PC.

      And that’s no knock on him. I get tired of clown as rappers talkin about “I’ll never go to PC” blah blah blah. Nigga please, famous niggas is the main thing it’s their for. Regular niggas don’t have whole tiers of niggas wantin to fuck them up just because.

      Ol’ Dirty Bastard kept it the realest on his VH-1 special. That nigga said he couldn’t hardly eat or sleep cause he was so scared. He had to argue and fight with damn near everybody in there just for being him. Got his leg broke and everything.

      Who would you put your money on survivin general population, Ol Dirty or Lil’ Wayne? PC it is!

  • jonny bizness

    just in time 4 valentines day he is fucked literally lol

  • Tony Grands

    Rappers going to jail is the new “neck tattoo”.

    Just because everybody’s doing it doesn’t make the shit cool, & if you do it after this point, you look like a lame.

  • El Tico Loco

    That man kissing justification he did just might come back to bite him in the ass (literally)

  • Justice4All

    Bol,if you out there, here is a new blog to post: “Rappers teach us what not to do”. Thanks Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, TI, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Chi Ali, Tragedy, C-Murder ( You like that name now?)Mystical and all the other losers that teach us a valuable lesson-


    Young & Middle Aged America.

  • gift

    going to jail does not make u a loser. If that were the case, then I’m sure a good number of people who comment would be considered losers. Everybody make mistakes, and these fools did some dumb shit, but it don’t make em losers.

    • Tony Grands

      Rappers, who tend to go to jail behind stupid, avoidable shit, who have found a career which they can flourish & be successful-yet opt to continue to let their lives imitate their art, are losers.

      & don’t give me the “keepin it real” arguement, because I doubt anyone likes being referred to as a convict or ex-offender.

      If all I had to do was make music to sustain my life’s wants & needs, there’s no way I’d get caught up in the ridiculous situations that 95% of these guys find themselves in. How you go BACK to jail for not finishing community service, without even having a legit 9-5 to report to? How you carrying guns/REAL drugs (not weed) anywhere on you, with 35 freeload niggas satelliting you at all times? How you kill a man, with a parking lot full of witnesses? Maybe it’s naïve of me to expect people to behave a certain way when placed in specific situations, but I’m a stubborn optimist.

      Of course there’s exceptions to all rules, but I’m speaking generality. There’s a huge difference between “mistakes” & fuck-ups.

      • EmCDL

        Co-Sign engraved in gold

  • von

    man im ready to show dis nigga what time it is got the shower ready wezzy im f ing u baby atl in the buildin baby open yo asshole baby oops i ment young money baby peanut butter jelly time anybody got somthing to say man fuck u to up the cuelo south niggas stand up

  • Joe

    gift says:

    going to jail does not make u a loser. If that were the case, then I’m sure a good number of people who comment would be considered losers.

    ding ding ding Uhh, YEA!

    I mean i dont use the term, but if gettin locked up dont make u a ‘loser’ than wtf does???

    See these are the frist steps people. How can u get beyond something if it doesnt utterly scare u to death/repulse u. I guarantee u that successful/well off/comfrotable people dont have that mind set that jail is a ‘mistake’ smh.

    If u look at going to jail as just making a mistake…id venturre to say ur a little bit more likely to end up in…(u got it) JAIL.


    I have 3 older brothers in jail and they are some hard ass street niggaz. They tell me if they could do it all over again, they wouldve took their asses to college and started a career. FUCK JAIL!!!

  • matty21

    366 days? a year and a day….damn, what a coincidence, same thing as da king crazyy….n whats even more crazy: all da shit t.i. got caught wit (an arsonal of 10 machine guns and silencers) and what weezy got hit wit (a pistol?)….dats crazy, same exact sentence for a convicted felons 10 machine guns and a 1st times pistol….dat just dont sound right and maybe shows how fucked up shit is…new york got sum strict, fucked up laws man…dats a lil’ much to me and i also think they were tryin to make an example of lil wayne, dat shits all fcked up man….

  • Boogie The Don

    Yo that shit is wack son. Hold ya mufuckin’ head dude, I know what thats like man, I’m wit you all the way and my love goes out.


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