Kid Cudi Leaves Lady Gaga Tour

After less than a month on the road, Kid Cudi has announced his departure from Lady Gaga’s Monster’s Ball tour yesterday (December 16).

In a formal statement to MTV News, the XXL Freshman alum cites scheduling conflicts with acting commitments and an inability to focus on recording his upcoming Cudder album while touring as the reasons for his hasty departure. However, it’s being widely speculated that Cudi was actually asked to leave the tour because of an incident at a Vancouver show in which he punched a fan in the face.

This past weekend, a YouTube video surfaced of the Man on the Moon responding violently to a wallet being thrown on stage. Cudi allegedly tossed it back to the fan whom he thought was the owner, who in turn immediately tossed it back on stage. The video then shows Cudi, dropping the mic and jumping offstage and leaning over a barricade to punch him in the face. On the following day the supposed victim, Michael Sharpe, told  gossip site  that he wouldn’t press charges. He explained that the entire thing had been a miscommunication and that someone other than himself had thrown the wallet on stage initially and that he threw it the second time because it didn’t belong to him.

Cudi, who joined the tour after Kanye West bowed out, will be replaced by Jason Derulo. —Brooklyne Gipson

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  • DetroitDraper

    Who’s feelin that Man on the Moon? Just asking cus it seems like he MAY be someone I could fux wit but idk Im not the skinny jean type usually but yea just any feedback regarding his album


  • empire

    that album is dope.. cop that

  • Caino

    Asked to leave due to his violent tendancies!! WTF.

    Album l thought was alright, not a favourite, but when in the mood, its good to vibe to.

  • HU

    Damn, Gaga’s guest goes from Kanye to Kid Cudi to some random guy named Jason Derulo. Ouch.


    Ouch indeed, his pockets are gonna hurt b/c of this

    • CLARK

      No, they won’t be.

  • Face Phoenix

    As Damon Wayans once said “Stay your ass on stage”. Maybe he will next time.

  • K0ld

    @DetroitDr***r: The Kid Cudi album to me is sick. But, it’s ’cause of the beat selection, production, and his delivery. His lyrics aren’t of a classic level but they definitely hit home if you’re going thru some shit. He’s got the deeper, darker songs as nightmares and the more upbeat, live songs as Dreams.

    It’s worth checking out.

    • DetroitDraper

      Good lookin’ because I saw the album and had been hearing about it(through blogs of course) lol. But thanks Im a definitely check it out. Oh yea I really recommend you check out some Z-Ro, he really make some emotional good music especially if you goin through some things…I recommend you check out Crack as a starter.


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  • El Guapo Gordo

    I saw the first of the three Cudi/Gaga shows in Vancouver. I got the MotM album that afternoon and I gave it a listen before going to the show. The album is a bore, his set was worse and clearly, he has no class. I hope this is the last we hear of him. Kid Cudi is a fvcking clown in way over his depth. I’m glad Gaga fired him.

  • Diggum smacks

    HHKDotCom ApolloSmith Pardon Me The Mixtape [Free Download] check it yall itz fire!!

  • zyaddd

    i dnt kno bout yall but, if sum1 threw a wallet at me i wudve kept it,l i jst dnt give a fukkk