Kid Cudi’s Debut Named Best Hip-Hop Album of ’09 by Entertainment Weekly

Weeks after being nominated for three Grammy Awards, Entertainment Weekly has named The Man on the Moon: The End of Day, Kid Cudi’s concept-driven Universal debut, the best Hip-Hop Album of 2009.

Led by the breakout hit, “Day ’N’ Night,” the dark, concept album sold an impressive 103,900 copies in its first week on shelves.

EW also named the G.O.O.D. music artist as one of the five “Breakout Stars”of the year. Songstress Keri Hilson and fellow Universal rapper Drake were also among the acts named on the list.

Meanwhile, Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ chart-topping New York anthem “Empire State of Mind” was named Best Single of ’09.

The Year-End Double Issue of Entertainment Weekly is currently in stores now. —Max G

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  • jim

    wtf?!?! it was OK that’s it. nothing more nothing less.

  • that nigga

    Nice. Have to check out his album. All the joints I heard from dude were hot. That Poker Face shit is hot.

  • Dark Man X

    Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Pt. 2 Of course Kudi would get the nod cause he COMMERCIAL.



  • King Don II

    Nothing for BISD, Deeper Than Snacks? Not even a nomination for the Clipse?

  • General

    He had a good debut Cd, but album of the year??? I don’t know about that…

  • Mr. North

    This is a joke. BP3 was the best of the year. Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Pt. 2 was better than cudi as well.

  • Muhammad

    The album was kinda ok, but Album of the Year is a big, big, big stretch. Come on now EW

  • rrahha

    white people….doesn’t surprise me

    • GregSIDE

      Shit they probably pick the token black guy assuming he listened to nothing but Hip-Hop.

    • DVS

      this is why hip hop has to take there shit back from people who aren’t really down w/ the culture…not to say all white people aren’t but hip hop has to stop tryin’ to impress these types of mainstream entities who don’t really know and listen with a fleeting ear

    • J smeezy

      Dumb Racist comment! Ignorant A$$ muh-fa

  • http://-- gaddic

    That album wasn’t actual rap music just an experimental type music. It’s good but to say it’s better than Relapse CUban links Pt2 Slaughterhouse and Brother Ali’s Us

    E Weekely has proven they are not credible rap music critics as with so many white mainstream magazines pretending like they know anything about hiphop

  • GregSIDE

    How can you give best Hip-Hop album to somebody that sings more on the album than he raps. There’s no hate there, it’s just doesn’t make sense. I know it Entertainment weekly and not a Hip-Hop mag but damn who’d they get to pick A.O.T.Y.? My picks; BP3, Relapse, OB4CL2, B.O.2, Last Kiss, Slaughterhouse, Fab’s joint. I’d say Till the Casket Drops but it just came out. Hell Drake would have been a better pick. If you don’t know the music don’t put yourself in a place to judge it.

  • Dave

    CLEVELAND!!! Congrats Cudi!

  • frow

    Kill yourself if you think BP3 was the best of the year OBFCL2 shit all over jay’s album. The clipse had a better album and gucci mane damn near had a better album then jay. Cudi’s shit was dope as hell bet def not album of the year. The best debut album of the year though.

  • j

    Hip Hop just died a little bit more on the inside.

  • ceezy4sheezy

    kid cudi had the best debut of the year but definetely not the best album ob4cl2 and slaughterhouse was wayyy better hell even bp3 was better than cudi’s joint clipse just came out so that really doesn’t count and relapse blew balls despite the fact that i am an eminem fan

  • Gkid12345

    The last kiss is way better than man on the moon

  • Victor

    Best debut? Not even. Fashawn’s Boy Meets World>>>>Man On the Moon in every fuckin way. OB4CL2, Born Like This, Brooklynati, The Salvation, Radio these and many more were better records this year. Cudi’s joint was interesting but was certainly not dope like that. It should not be topping any album of the year lists.

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  • Azrael

    Finally, my favourite album of the year gets some recognition. I loved OBFCL2 as well, but Cudi totally dominated in creativity, in my opinion.

  • Tony Grands

    Entertainment Weekly crowned Kanye West’s ‘College Dropout’ album of the decade, now Kid Cudi’s ‘Man On The Moon’ album of the year. Hmmmmm…

    Douche nozzles are surely taking over the industry, one pair of skinny jeans @ a time. EW must have Dane Cook working for them.

  • verses

    Entertainment weekly can go fuck a goat (c) pakistani guy form the 40 year old virgin

  • js416

    i dont know about you guys but that empire state of mind song is so fuckin overplayed its annoying…

  • yoprince

    i aint mad at it. kid cudi’s debut is VERY dope… very creative

    brother ali’s US is nice but idk, it gets a tad repetitive to me, maybe too lengthy, whatever it is i get bored in the middle.. but it’s nice.

    i actually surprisingly kinda like jada’s album.. but no way it’s AOTY. and is it just me… or did wayne have the illest verse on kiss’s entire joint?? still bumping letter to B.I.G. tho.

    DOOM’s Born like this is flames all-around… love the features

    OB4CL2 is a serious contender for rap AOTY.

    Em’s Relapse is dope…

    Rick Ross’s Deeper than Rap is my mainstream rap AOTY… perfected the miami sound

    kill yourself if you brought up BP3 or whatever fabolous’s joint was called… both wack

    I couldn’t bring myself to listen to BO2 more than like twice… thought it was good, but it def didn’t stick with me.

    was late on that DJ Quik and Kurupt joint, but it’s pretty crazy… 9xs outta 10 is my shit.

    TTCD is super ill halfway through.. then it gets spotty.

    Cam’s Crime Pays is good, but not great like say purple haze or come home with me.

    if I had to pick it would prolly be OB4CL2, but let’s be real, that’s an album for hip-hop heads who wouldn’t mind rap if rap stood still in the 90′s… i’m not mad at the forward-thinking, future-leaning, genre-bending Cudi pick… both are good music.

  • Grand Prixx

    Wale-Attention Deficit is easily debut of da year,if u didnt know by now…”shades” “mamma told me” “diary” “beautiful bliss” “prescription”..need i say more?…as 4 album of da year,if were talking mainstream media i would expect them 2 say jay or em..but da real heads know OB4CL pt2′s the winner…

  • JooseCastone

    The albums ok. I just would of preferred more lyricism on it. Other than that I can still listen to it front to back and enjoy it

  • nicholasdelorejo

    I think people need to understand that these lists are not based on who or what possessed the most talent, but whick album can be the most profitable. Tony Grands touched on the idea that the douche nozzels are runing the music industry. I don’t think that’s true. The artists that are runing the industry are the sonically pop and slightly wierd artists like Rhianna, Jay, Gaga, Kanye, and the like. Take a look at the fact that these lists now do not even mention Eminem at all or put him in the lowest spot even when he had the highest selling album this year. Relapse does not sound like anything being played on the radio. It sounds similar to OBCL2 and we know how much that sold. Man on the Moon in terms of production and direction sounds similar to the music in BP3 and 808′s and heartbreak and those albums sold a lot. My point is that if good albums like Blackout2 and OBCL2 are being released and no one is purchasing that music, why would you expect the people who compose these lists to put in work to promote those albums if the masses chose to support other music? You don’t see Metal music much in any of these lists mainly because it doesn’t sell well comercially. Why should there be any difference with rap?

    • Tony Grands


      “The artists that are running the industry are the sonically pop and slightly weird artists like Rhianna, Jay, Gaga, Kanye, and the like…”

      ^^Dude, you proved my point with that statement. All those folks you named are nozzles, plain & simple. Add Cudi, especially after his “fight”. Throw Wayne on there, because however greasy he may be, he is indeed a douche. A dirty douche, but douche nonetheless.

      I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but that’s where the industry is. & that’s not to say that’s where the music is, because we have many artists who won’t let their integrity be pissed away for mainstream pandering. For every Drake, we have a DOOM. For every Kanye, we have a Raekwon. But the music & “the industry” are like cousins. Same blood lines, different branches of the tree.

      I agree that the lists are toilet paper, which is why the “average” fan shits on them. But it’s still indicative of some sort of acknowledgment from the powers that be. The T.I.’s, if you will. While it may not count to us, believe that it counts. Cudi got nominated for a Grammy(s). Did Rae?




    Fuck entertainment weakly…..What do they know about real Hip-Hop anyway, they probably think lil wayne is a lyrical beast and fiddy has the best flow in the business……once again, fuck entertainment WEAKly

  • kedordu

    TOP 5
    1 OB4CL2

  • The1987Kid

    I like Kid Cudi he did have one of the best albums of this year but best hip-hop album i have 2 past on that, I will have 2 give that 2 either Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Pt 2, Skyzoo’s The Salvation, Royce Da 5’9′s Street Hop, Sha Stimuli’s My Soul To Keep or Mos Def’s The Ectsatic, People have 2 remember Entertainment Weekly knows nothing about Hip-Hop they are a white magazine with white crtics who im pretty sure dnt know a lyrical mc from a commercial rapper, this magazine is not 4 Hip-Hop its 4 the white audience who listens 2 mainstream radio, i like Cudi he is a real artist but he is not a mc he is artist of mutiple genres, i think this is the reason why we need 2 take OUR music back cause alot of these people dnt care about the music they only push simple minded rappers, Kid Cudi is safe 2 white folks no disrespect to Cudi, we as Hip-Hop heads need 2 take our music back from the mainstream of america…

  • ceezy4sheezy

    ew also said that rihanna had the best album of the year and that shit was traaaaaaaaaaaaaashhhhhhhh. EVEN DEFJAM AND RIRI THEMSELVES KNOW THAT ALBUM WAS WACK. DIDN’T THEY SELL IT FOR .99 CENTS.


  • Vic De Zen

    Wow… Don’t get me wrong, I liked that album, but number 1??? No way. OB4CL II was ten times better than that album and any hip hop album this year. But then again we can’t expect a pop mag like Entertainment Weekly understand that.

  • Q! the Great!

    hhhmmmmmmm ….. not sure I agree with this one? close but no cigar. here are my picks for AOTY:(not really anyparticular order)

    Slaughterhouse – Slaughterhouse
    Drake – So Far Gone (full version)
    Clipse – Till the Casket Drops
    Royce da 5’9″ – Street Hop
    Jadakiss – The Last Kiss
    Kid Cudi – Man in the Moon
    Rick Ross – Deeper than Rap

    anything else I listened to like once and put back on the collection shelf

  • Moses

    This is a joke right, there is no way this is the best hip hop album of 09. Someone is on drugs. Am sorry but did you not listen to Mos def Estatic or Relapse. Please change this A.S.A.P, its an insult to me as a Hip hop follower.