Kanye West & Jay-Z Lead Rap Grammy Noms

Kanye West might have to add Jay-Z to the Grammy Family. Both artists lead the rap pack with the most Grammy nominations for the upcoming 52nd annual music gala.

Kanye picked up six nods in total in the nomination ceremony that aired earlier tonight (December 2) . The Chicago rapper/producer got two noms for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group (“Make Her Say,” alongside Kid Cudi and Common, and “Amazing” with Young Jeezy), three for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration (Beyonce’s “Ego,” Keri Hilson’s “Knock You Down” and Jay’s “Run This Town”) and Best Rap Song (also for “Run This Town”).

Jigga scored five nominations of his own. “D.O.A.” is in the running for Best Rap Song and Best Rap Solo Performance; “Run This Town” is also competing for Best Rap Song, as well as Best Rap/Sung Collabo and Best Rap Performance for a Duo or Group. Jay’s track with Fabolous, “Money Goes, Honey Stay,” was also given the green light for a Best Performance by a Duo nomination.

Eminem and Kid Cudi earned three noms each, while Drake, T.I. and Mos Def all share two.

For a full list of the nominations visit the official Grammy Web site here.

The 52nd Annual Grammy Awards are scheduled to air on Jan. 31, 2010 on CBS. —Max G

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  • Rez

    KANYE does it again.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFefQ2weZbM Black

    They all part of the illuminati!
    check this song out!!


  • Eazy E

    EAZY E RIP 11523

  • black

    How ironic

  • AZ40

    Just checked that shit out, somewhat bogus…You’re only eligble from Oct. ’08-Aug.09, so no jay-z for album of the year or rae,or 50 not that he mattered, I was also surprised to see no Rick Ross I mean c’mon w/ all the publicity Def Jam threw behind him. Damn even Flo-rida got nominated. These artist don’t even get 12 months, that’s why the grammy’s confuse me why not make eligibility months from Jan.- to at least Oct. or November that’s why we got all these somewhat old songs all in the mix and shit

    Glad to see maxwell nominated and the girl Jazmine Sullivan

    • jburg

      Its always been set up like that. And they do get a year, just not the traditional jan to dec

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  • Key

    More songs from 808′s and heartbreaks should have been nominated: Say You Will, Street Lights, See you in my Nightmares, Heartless, Robocop, Pinochio Story. All these are great and innovative tracks. Anyone agree?

    • jburg

      Possibly, I loved that CD, but you have to remember it was considered an R&B album, not rap.

  • http://www.facebook.com Theh Ndlovu

    nigga f*** illuminati!

  • http://-- gaddic

    Glad to see Q_Tip nominated either him or Em are gonna win for bets rap album and if Em loses can’t complain Renaissance i hear is a dope as* album

    ‘Beautiful’ should win it’s nom since it’s a good inspirational song with more substance and lyrical adeptness than ‘Run this town’ and the other nominees (RthisTown will probably win!)

    that’s the problem with the Grammys they always view rap like other genres and base quality rap music on beats and melodies

    Hardcore street lyricists hardly get their props

  • Donknottz

    Everyone want to no why the grammys are a bunch of crapola. THE BLACK EYED SELLOUTS are nominated multiple times for their kindergarden pop trash. If someone actually thinks the peas have any sort of musical merrit at this point than the whole thing is a ffn joke. They are AWFUL. Trust me I know I interviewed them numerous times before they sold out and added the meth queen back when they were actually a hip hop group as oppose to a halftime special. They should just make commercials for 7/11 at this point or maybe shoot for the stars and battle the free credit report.com acehole.

    • jburg

      You sound like a hater! Dude get over it. Why is someone a “sellout” because they want to branch out to more than just underground. Shit, they making money! No matter what anyone says, artist are in it to make money. And they bringing in big bucks. They switched the style up and mixed rap with “pop” and cashed in. Don’t hate the playa hate the game.

      • donknottz

        They are the definition of sellout which is to betray one’s cause for personal gain. They did two or three albums of extremely credible hip hop in which they would make fun of artists who bragged about clothing labels and being too cool and how they could make it without doing that and then they went and did exactly the opposite. Lumps??? Really. Boom Pow Pow?? Garbage my friend any way you look at it. Apple, Taboo, And Will are extremely talented yet they water down all their music and let that ugly being put her garbage nursery rhymes all over it. If they would put out anything remotely close to intelligent I may not be so hard on them. I hate on the fact they compromised their integrity and artistic merit to sell records. Sy it with ME Sell the Mutha F ck Out!

      • NYknowsBEST

        I hear your point bro but you gotta understand these types of artists are taking over the radio making half retarded songs that jus appeal to not the real fans out there that want good lyrics with good beats (which has become very hard to find)… BEP had a good start and they pointed out to fans their purpose and what they could bring to the table… alas, a few years later they flip the table and make retarded songs. How can real good music advance when the artists like these make it real hard for others to advance (and those that advance have got to go along the same route set by others and make other retarded songs)
        All in all, I have lost any kind of respect for The Grammy a long time agooooooo

  • Joe


    At around the time BEP dropped the single ‘tonite’s gonna be a good night’, 50 had his single ‘I’ll still kill’

    Just makes u think…as i get older i look diffrntly at this rap shyt. Which one is really the sellout? I say its tha nggas that influence the kids who beat Derion Albert. I guarantee they werent listenin to ‘Tonite’s gonna b a good nite’ lol

    Just makes me wonder if all them old folk were right all these years. Whether we like to admit it or not, the violence and negativity in rap is NOT just a mirror of whats goin on, in many cases it is an influence on it.

    • drox

      @ Joe
      what in the world are you talkin about???? I’ll still Kill was off Curtis (2007) and Tonight is a good night came out in 2009… get off the crack you’re on and stop making up shit… there’s no way what you said could have happened. I’ll still kill was released as a single round the time ye put Welcome to the good life… again, that was in 2007!

  • Mr. North

    Anyone think Kanye will get shut out and not win any because of the TS incedent?

  • Mr. North

    Soon as I wrote that I realized he did the bulk of BP3 so hes going to win one by default anyways even if he does not get one as a solo artist. He’ll leave with at least one.


      ^^co-sign. no way in hell is he gon leave empty handed. Ego, Knock You Down, & Run This Town. WHAT!… my prediction is the Keri Hilson joint. oh yea, & D.O.A. should win Best Rap Song, IMO. unless, of course, T.I. is in that category. then he’s gonna take it.

  • Trizz

    Thats crazy how Ye got the most Grammy nods just off features…thats how features sposeda be like you ADD to the track don’t just hop on (coughcoughGucciWayneDrakecoughcough)

  • http://myspace.com/blublack bLUblack

    YE will always get the NOD cause he has GAy AND STRAIGHT STANS, SO he will stay getting the NOD over alot of rappers.I think that R&B 808 heart shit was for his moms, getting his feelings out, but this next album am really lookin froward to seein what hes talking about, it might be a classic, I GOT A CLASSIC, MYSPACE.COM/BLUBLACK

  • balaramesh

    i doubt kayne win this year. especially after the taylor swift incident. the grammys have already hooked him up. props to mos def. not many non commercial rap artist get nominated. its just one makes dents on the billboard charts. rakim, nas or scarface never won a grammy so…………….

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