Hip-Hop Dominates iTunes 2009 Top Sellers List

Hip-hop showed up in full force on iTunes’s 2009 Top Sellers list released earlier today (December 8).

Coming in at no. 1 for the highest selling song of the year was the Black Eyed Peas’ monster smash “Boom Boom Pow.” Flo Rida earned the no. 2 spit with “Right Round” the lead single from his sophomore project, R.O.O.T.S. T.I.’s hit “Dead and Gone” took the no. 9 seat beating out Soulja Boy’s ode to young love, “Kiss Me Thru the Phone,” at no. 12. Other rappers to make it onto the top songs list include Kanye West (“Heartless”), Pitbull (“I Know You Want Me”) and Kid Cudi (Day ‘N’ Night).

Meanwhile, Jay-Z scored the highest rank for hip-hop on iTunes’ Top Selling Albums list. The Blueprint 3 nabbed the no. 8 slot, with Eminen’s Relapse and B.E.P.’s The E.N.D. following at no. 9 and 10 respectively.

In the hip-hop/rap category, Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…Pt. II was named the best album of the year. Jay’s New York anthem “Empire State of Mind” was picked for best single and the best new artist honors went to Young Money rookie Drake. —Elan Mancini

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  • AZ40

    Yeah that’s b/c hip hop usually have a younger demographic who are somewhat tech savvy…that’s part of why they don’t sell as many physical copies of there products as the other genres…Susan Boyles was only like 30% percent digital sales…What about my dude Wiz Khalifa


    Black Eyed Peas haven’t been Hip Hop for some time now. WTF?

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    “In the hip-hop/rap category, Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…Pt. II was named the best album of the year.”

    *stadium applause*

  • Cousin A.L.E.

    All of this ain’t no hip hop just jay and raekwon

    • ENZO

      Eminem, T.I., Kanye ? Does it get more hip hop than that?

    • matty21

      yea, whoaaaaa Cousin A.L.E., dats not true

      take it ez there mane, ur typin bullshit…. u 4got eminem and t.i., dey are hip-hop….period

  • gkid12345

    If there was ever an artist that is so fake and their career is a facade its Sean Carter, this man is all a facade and it disgusts me

  • casey

    To call the BEPs hip-hop is a lie. They’re pop. Not even hip-pop, or popular rap, just pop.

    To call Pitbull hip-hop is a stretch. He’s a pop artist, and is closer to reggaeton than hip-hop anyway.

    To call “Heartless” hip-hop is a stretch. It’s a pop song.

    To call “Kiss Me Thru the Phone” hip-hop is a stretch. It’s a pop song.

    Don’t play yourself by pretending that because hip-hop-influenced pop is winning that it’s good for hip-hop. I doubt any real rock fans are glad that Nickelback is succesful, or cheer when Angels and Airwaves outsells Bob Dylan, so why would we be glad when the latest autotune hit makes everyone ignore a dope new M.O.P. or Mos Def album?

  • Face Phoenix

    Maybe I need to hear Rae’s Album again because I only heard half of the album and I wasn’t really blown away. After all the hoopla over it, I guess it deserves at least one FULL listen through.

  • Wallman

    When will XXL stop treating BEP like they’re still hiphop?

  • TheGreat2380

    Just Met The God Raekwon Tonite after his show, just a real regular dude! Deserves all his accolades, Wu-Tang Gotta be the realest niggas ever!! Congrats To The Homie!!

  • matty21

    Yo, i feel ya’ll bout da B.E.P. n don’t neccesarily agree wit Casey….N hey:
    I think there was people saying “HIP HOP IS DEAD” not too long ago…..damnnnnnn wtf were they talking about? i been sayin, ever since dat stupid statement was made, dat hip hop is so far from dead and is in one of da best places its ever been….da game’s GONNA keep progressing, gettin better, evolving, n just keep changing like it has been da past 20 years….i started out listenin to BONE like 10 years ago, when i was 12/13, n da game has done nothing but got better n progressed in dat time…of course da games had its SHORT bad times (Like DMX said “When there is a lack of truth, there will be bullshit”), but its always bounced right back n got even better….excited for dat next 20, shit aint gonna stop….n da “HIP HOP IS DEAD” bullshit should be taken back and erased from history?….I know it was ONE mans opinion n dats ok, every1 has one, but I can’t believe cats actually believed, followed, or even listened to dat statement when it was said, what were ya’ll thinking?….funny thing is, i don’t hear dat shit anymore, dats 4sure…..shit ain’t gonna stop