Gucci Mane Projected to Sell 85-90K in First Week

Incarcerated rapper Gucci Mane is on track to lead the rap pack on The Billboard 200 charts next week, according to’s one-day sales projections.

The industry insider estimates that the ATL trap star’s new LP, The State Vs. Radric Davis, will move around 85,000 to 90,000 units in its first week on shelves. The album, which is Gucci’s first major label effort, features cameos from such big names as Usher, Keyshia Cole, Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy and Rick Ross, among others. The Warner Bros. artist is believed to land one notch below Chris Brown’s new album, Graffiti, which is expected to sell between 120,000 to 130,000.

Other new additions to the charts next week include discs by Snoop Dogg, B.G., Timbaland and Clipse. Snoop is currently on par to scan about 55,000-60,000 of his tenth studio solo album, Malice N Wonderland. B. Gizzle’s Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood is projected to sell around 40-50K, Timbo’s Shock Value II is believed to fall somewhere between 35,000 and 40,000 and the Virgina duo’s Til the Casket Drops is looking to fall at about 30-35K.

Stay tuned to next Wednesday to get the official Nielsen SoundScan sales figures. —Max G

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    Gucci? 85k-95k? first week? i’ll believe it when i see it.

    good to see Chris Breezy back doing his thing, & still got some fans out there.

    looks like Snoop wont be hitting Platinum on this one. arent all of his albums Platinum except that last one? or am i wrong?

    @ Til The Casket Drops 35k. SMH. damn shame.


      But did you catch this interview with Gucci?

    • joe p

      ummm fuck coochi mane … hope he does wayyy under those predictions … and very glad to see chris brown AKA the new ike turner , to be back makin music . til the casket drop is a really good album tho should be selling way more than 35k

      • BIGNAT

        clipse not offering 9.99 on they cd’s and it’s first week. i got it but i felt kinda mad at that because the snoop was only 9.99

  • Joe

    lol X 10

    Basically the rap game is a mask to get chicks and comps at clubs.

    The biggest name in rap for the past 6 months sells 90k. SMH

    Young nggas go produce, do videos, sumthn. Rappin aint what u think it is

    • AZ40

      Cosign…these niggas wit all the promotion in the world barley outsellin’ other rap niggas wit’ no promo…Same thing wit’ Ross his #’s were barely better than Jada’s and he had more hype and promo…

      I just can’t really get down wit’ gucci every time I hear him I think about Rickey Smiley impression of that slow kid Lil Darrel..

    • joe p

      album sales are down because of what you all love and what made gucci and all them dumbass rappers popular . MIXTAPES ! thes people have new fuckin mixtapes almost daily why would anyone buy an album when it more than likely has been on the mixtape you copped last week ? if artist would stop flooding the market with these mixtapes people would patiently wait for the album and buy ! think about the people that sold over a mill in the past year … bet they dont have over 100 mixtapes out

      • Brahsef

        The last person to sell a mill in their opening week was Wayne right? And he’s the mixtape king.

        • Aries Walsh

          I feel as if an artist can make a mixtape, then it should be a nice mixtape. They won’t need to make over 12 or so to be heard. Release one on every coast and be done with it. Too many mixtapes to me equals a mediocre album. They spittin they best on mixtapes, and then they commercial the shit out they album. Wastes of time and money, thats why sales are down. Lil Payne-in-tha-azz oversaturated the mixtape circuit, not because he’s good I mean if you’ve heard punchlines before you’d understand (ashamed of NYers, by the way). Mixtapes that are truly exclusive and great listens are how to advertise for an album. Rappers nowadays just fall into albums, and it always seems “to me” under par. Just my opinion.

        • Aries Walsh

          By the way, I’m from the South and Raekwon gave me exactly what I needed with OBFCL2: Essential hip hop that I know and use to love from an East Coast perspective. Thanks Rae and congrats. Keep it comin cause I don’t think no one else knows or can define hip hop up there anymore. Gucci’s album ain’t hittin like talkin, either. It’ll start off fast, then it’ll slow to a stop. Kinda sleepy. Wish him luck, though, and thats just respect.

  • Enlightened

    Just like they had to invent the term platinum later on for 1,000,000 when albums started selling more…

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see them invent “silver” plaques for selling 250,000.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      “I wouldn’t be surprised to see them invent “silver” plaques for selling 250,000.”

      ^^^ This

    • BIGNAT

      or go by uk standards 250k is gold 500k is plat

  • tommy gunz

    damn them so called “super-stars” are makin fif’s numbers look great

  • yoprince

    some big sales for B.G.

  • dollaboston

    DAMN!!! “this rap shit done gone a different WAY” man numbers is down for everyone! but the music still out there…. it mite be almost over????

  • Hanch

    So is Gucci a Failure for only selling 85-90K? Just seems right since Fif is a failure for selling almost double that, but who knows maybe Gucci will be considered a success not sure how but who knows

  • latino heat

    B.G. is gonna outsell the Clipse? no diss, i like B.G. but he came out with no real buzz or promo. everyone’s been anticipating this Clipse album for months. i knew Tim , Snoop and Gucci would outsell the Clipse but i though for sure they would outsell B.G.

    lmao at Lil Darrel = Gucci Mane.

  • Broke Iz A Disease

    Now is everyone over 1st week sales yet? Have we all learned?

  • Prophecy_projectz

    Jesus, this is the worst 4th quarter ever.

    50 sells 150k, Rhianna caught a brick, Chris Brown caught a brick, and Gucci too?

    Whats the point of even selling an album?

    • General

      Actually it just shows that consumers are wising up by not spending money on a 50 or Gucci CD…

      I want to know what happened to all the people that were sayin Gucci was gonna do huge numbers, lol

      • Brahsef

        I thought he was gonna at least eclipse the 100k mark. I don’t fuck with Gucci, but his CD ain’t half bad and he’s come on big as of late.

  • 615banga

    well if you think about it this way 6 different cds came out on the same week. if it would have been just gucci comin out then he would be sellin more. or if was just snoop. or just chris breezy

    i guarantee if it was just gucci he would be projected to sell at least 180k

  • MC

    I’m only gonna tell you this one time. If you wanna keep workin here, stay off the drugs.

  • HU

    LMAO @ 615banga. That was some funnily stupid stuff. Consumers are getting smarter it would seem and won’t pay for bullshit like Gucci and Soulja Boy. Relapse and BP3 sold because they’re worth buying. For example, if McDonald’s made the McChicken $8.99 nobody would buy that trash. However, people pay that all the time for a quality burger at a real restaurant. CD’s need to be priced according to their quality. Gucci= .50, Eminem= 11.99, Rick Ross = 4.99, Soulja Boy = -10.00 (money in your pocket)

  • EmCDL

    Eh….I’m copping that new Clipse album but thats about it. I’ll be damned if I get anything from Coochie Mane…

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    “Timbo’s Shock Value II is believed to fall somewhere between 35,000 and 40,000…”

    So basically he kept all of the hot beats for HIMSELF, & not JAY, to do them numbers?

    Whomp, whomp.

    • Enlightened

      Ah ha ha ha. That nigga need to stop droppin solo albums anyway.

      I always wondered why this nigga wouldn’t find one MC, sign em, and produce a whole album on em.

      He messed with Petey Pablo, but he was already signed. I always figured he wanted too much shine on him.

      A cold ass spitter would have been ridiculous on all Timbaland beats when he was in his prime.

      • latino heat

        @ Enlightened

        isn’t that what he did with Bubba Sparxxx and Ms. Jade? and they both flopped. Petey Pablo was hot fuckin trash garbage too.

        i do agree that he needs to stop doing solo albums, hopefully he won’t bring Magoo back either.

      • $ykotic/Don McCaine

        I just did recon. Son had (Mad)Skillz AND The Neptunes on the roster.

        Tim would’ve done himself some justice by linking up with Fab.

        • BIGNAT

          Bubba Sparxxx second album may have flopped but Deliverance is a fucking classic. on the real that shit is slept on.

  • newyawka631

    There’s some funny dudes on here………

  • gkid123455

    Gucci supposedly has 50 cent type buzz yet he bout to sell 80k wow. 50 cent’s project wasn’t a failure after all to all you haters

  • nicholasdelorejo

    You know what’s amazing? I actually bought all 4 albums from the Clipse, Chris Brown, Snoop, and Timbaland. Out of all of them the one I’m liking the most is Brown’s Cd which is a shocker because I never been a fan of his shit before. Clipse was good to me it still doesn’t beat Hell Hath no Fury in terms of that album’s focus. But anyway my advice for anyone is to purchase either one of these albums because they’re at least worth a $10 purchase

  • kevin

    look at all those sad, garbage numbers. Clipse = 30k? Snoop = 40k? Sad. Trash. It’s not their fault as long as they’re producing good music, (snoop has slightly fallen off), but people aren’t buying.

  • cchild

    i got clipses album for 9.99 and snoop should retire thats my opinion it is a damn shame clipse wont break 300,000 thats to lime wire and such. YOU people should buy albums again.

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