Gucci Mane Debuts in the Top 10, Clipse Beat out B.G. on the Charts

Atlanta’s own Gucci Mane proved to live up to the hype as his major label debut, The State Vs. Radric Davis lead the rap pack on The Billboard 200 this week, zipping past the other new releases by Snoop Dogg, Timbaland, Clipse and B.G.

Despite the incarcerated rapper’s accomplishment, he barely made it into the top 10. As projected by last week, the disc sold 89,900 units in its first week on the shelves according to Nieslen SoundScan, landing him at No. 10 exactly on the charts.

The next closest hip-hop release is the Black Eyed Peas, who are holding it down at no. 20. Surprisingly, none of the other new LPs were able to top the hip-pop group, who have been on the charts for 27 weeks now. The E.N.D. moved 63,300 this sales cycle, making its overall stats stand at 1,553,700.

Snoop landed one spot down at no. 21 with his 10th studio album Maclice N Wonderland. The West Coast legend sold 59,100 copies of his latest opus in his introductory week.

Superproducer Timbaland scored the no. 32 seat. The Virginia native’s new LP Shock Value II racked up 39,411 in sales after seven days in stores.

Fellow Virginians Clipse failed to make it into the top 40. The duo’s third studio effort, Til The Casket Drops, just missed the mark, landing at no. 41. The disc scanned a total of 31,400 CDs in week one.

Selling significantly less than estimated last week is New Orleans rapper B.G. The former Hot Boy’s Atlantic LP, Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood, debuted at no. 65, selling 18,600 as opposed to the 40-50K he was projected.

Check back next week to see if Alicia Keys’s new album, The Element of Freedom, knocks Guch out of the top 10. —Elan Mancini

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  • caino

    wow, they all sold way less than what l thought they would!

  • El Tico Loco

    I said 250k combined together but I didn’t think it was gonna be an overestimate by roughly 11,000.

  • Ant

    Has anyone notice normally when a big name frops a cd they report da sells at least three weeks why havent they spoke on 50 shit since week 1


    Gucci!!! lol. props to that man, idk how he did it… production, maybe. its “Industry Rule #0001″ according to the boy Combat Jack. i just read this over on his site, y’all should check it out:

    & im going to cop that TTCD as soon as i leave work (they better have that shit). i cannot wait to blow some herb & indulge myself in their masterpiece.

  • Yungest In Charge

    Damn gucci had da biggest buzz dis year an look wa he does wit it 90k olololololol damn chris beat rhinnas ass an still manage too do 100k, na wat da fuck is up wit dat??? lol bg an juvey jus give it up an form da old cash money plss cus dat yung money click is a bunch a fags in tight clothes….an who da fuck keep buyin BEP cd???????????? cus dat clipse cd was firrre an as for snoop….dnt put bullshit as rappers like soda boy on ya cd cus ur destine to flop

  • jT

    Gucci!! Clipse on of the best albums of the year

  • SuperstarExtraordinaire

    its cuz that nigga keep sayin BURRRRRRRR! HAHAHA

    Clipse are dope…to bad most ppl nowadays just listen to bullshit

  • doubleclutch95

    The 31,000 (including myself) who bought the clipse’s album are true hip hop fans. Gucci hype makes no damn sense at all. Who in the hell bought that garbage???

    • BIGNAT

      that snoop joint was 9.99 i got that and i bought the clipse. the clipse joint was full price no sale first week going make some niggas back up.

  • esco

    thats not a good look for snoop

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  • latino heat

    damn i can’t believe Snoop sold so low. this has to be a new record for him.

    the album did leak a couple weeks before it dropped and everyone was saying that it was terrible. that’s never good promotion.

    don’t we all wish he would go back to that old classic Snoop?

    oh yeah, fuck Timbaland and Gucci and whatever they sold.

  • paychexx

    what i dont get is how can someone laugh at someone sellin 90thous? it like nartin said in runteldat…fuck a critic, a critic is someone who cant do what you do, so they critize(sp) what you do.

    man people aint got 10 dollars like they use too, plus the never report itunes sells, why?

    thank god i dont wanna be a rapper…whew

  • HU

    What is fuck Timbaland? Respect a legend. Who the hell buys Gucci? Also, it’s funny how BG’s sale were overestimated. I know for a fact that Atlantic buys its own albums on day 1. I was part of the Atlantic buy for Lil Kim’s La Bella Mafia.

  • sb

    susan boyle sells 582,000 units….and this is her 3rd week..she’s almost 2x plat in the U.S. alone..She sould make it next week if she stay on track..I want to know who’s buying her music. Is the music industry really dead or are artists limiting their fan base by catering to a certain age group..This doesn’t apply really to hip hop but pop/r aand b acts. hmmmmmm

    • Hanch

      NO This Applies Totally TO HIP HOP dumbass!! Susan Boyles makes great music and she can Sing so PPL are going to buy it. Hip Hop is the only Culture that says after you turn 35 you can no longer make an album and be on Top look at all the hate Jigga gets and ITS FUCKING STUPID. Great Music is Great Music and should have nothing to do with Race Color or Creed(not the band either although I wish they would put out another album)!

      • sb

        @hanch:come from behind that computer so i could slap this shit out of you. don’t you know sarcasm when you see it. At the end of the day if you make good music people will buy it. i never wrote if it had anything to do with race or creed( why would you even bring that up?) i was just curious to see who boyle’s cd it..did you buy it? cornball….

  • big d

    fuck all you haters and just listen to the cds they all good in there own dam right fucking computer gangstas

  • weapon

    Everybody talks about album sales. If people actually start buying cds then the quality music will come back (you can’t get something for nothing).

    • sb


  • El Tico Loco

    @ Weapon

    Is more the other way around because the people that actually buy albums have a very superficial view of rappers and one bad apple spoils the whole bunch and since Gucci is the current “in your face everyday” rapper (and can’t spit for shit) an uneducated in hip hop majority of people with dispensible income is not gonna spend their money assuming every rapper that’s out now is probably following the same trend of burrs and ayes and whatever else and they’re obviously not feeling that.

    Maybe the labels need to really put promo on their signed rappers that can actually flow the same way they do the singers that can Sang

    • sb

      they crazy thing is that singers sound like’s a fine used to be an distinction…i.e. chris brown-transform ya…

  • Stylistic

    I don’t know why a lot of people are hatin on the snoop album. It’s far better than the last album he put out, which in my opinion beat out doggfather as being his worst album and out of 14 songs more than half of them are good…

  • Stylistic

    I’m sorry, I said 14 songs when I meant to say 12 my bad.

  • romil

    Hiphop is Officially Dead!!

    • sb


  • Ben

    I got my copy of ttcd a day early from amazon, no lie.

  • Caine

    Kush is my cologne BITCHES!!!

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