Eminem Tops The Beatles for Best-Selling Act of the Decade


Eminem sold 32.2 million albums over the past 10 years making him the number one selling artist of the decade, according to the Nielsen SoundScan decades tabulation that was released today (December 9).

Em tops The Beatles who, despite coming in at a close second with 30 million albums sold overall, still claimed the number one spot for best-selling individual album for their hits compilation 1, which sold 11.5 million copies.

The Detroit MC claimed not one, but two spots on the top 10 albums of the decade list for The Marshall Mathers LP which sold 10.2 million and The Eminem Show which sold 9.8 million. Shady’s other CDs were also big sellers. Encore sold 5.1 million, Curtain Call: The Hits pulled in 3 million in sales and this year’s Relapse already racked up 1.5 million.

Relapse: Refill, a bonus version of Em’s comeback CD, will be available in stores December 21Brooklyne Gipson

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    damn. thats a lot of records sold. props to Em, do your thing. who still buys The Beatles?

    • Hanch

      Well with 30million copies lets say thats 25million ppl!! You act like The Beatles are some no name Group that is no longer relevant. The Beatles are by Far in the Top 3 on The Most Popular Groups of ALL TIME list their records will always continue to sell, maybe you should expand your mind a lil bit an try listening to different music. Your statement may be the dumbest statement I have ever heard

    • Vic De Zen

      That’s exactly what I thought when I read that! I didn’t even know they had a compilation album out this decade! In any event, respect to Em for doing his thing in the 2000′s.


        i get you. i kinda tried to be sarcastic but, (as you can see) that went terribly wrong.

        i never heard a Beatles song before.


          yeah Im sure you probably have but just never realized it. there music has been it countless commercials. A good one is the old nike commercials “you say you want a revolution”

  • J.Rock

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!Album after album he did what they won’t/Men lie women lie numbers don’t/

    Ha Ha Ha!!! LOL!

  • allhiphop>xxlmag

    Thats a lot of money em made
    they should also count the 8 mile soundtrack and both of d12s albums since he produced a majority of each album and both were released on shady

  • spencer

    the most impressive thing about this is the fact that a band that broke up in 1970 was the 2nd best selling musical act of this decade!!

  • AZ40

    Where’s Jay-Z he put out some albums this decade didn’t he


      Jay Z never had an album that sold 10.2 million. Not to mention a back up album of 9.8 million. That’s 20 million records on two albums for Eminem.

      Jay can’t even compare. All of his album sales probably total just over 20 million. The Blueprint went double platinum. Vol. 3 went triple platinum.

      Jay did have 10 number 1 albums though…”maybe now 11″.

  • Kermitt387

    Now thats whats up, R>I>P Proof

  • DUDE


  • latino heat

    Jay-Z released multiple albums this decade but i don’t think he sold more then 3 million copies of any one album. his highest seller ever was 1998′s Hard Knock Life which sold 5 million, he never came close to that number again. correct me if i’m wrong on that.

    i agree about the Beatles comments. a group that broke up before most of us were born and is still selling so many records is an unbelievable accomplishment.

  • Tumi

    The white boy does it again!

    Jay can’t be near top cos none of his albums move too much units. Hard knock life his best seller has moved 5.3 milli and dt was in 98.

    Turns CRIMINAL way way up lol
    next on de list is jay killin t i on WATCH WAT YOU SAY TO ME!

  • RapMusic

    Keep going Em,fuck tha haters=)

  • http://xxlmag.com Cal

    Crazy how the biggest selling rapper of all time is also the most humble when it comes to flaunting or let alone spending. Must be what his white genes are for. I remember reading somewhere about how right after MMLP came out and went quadruple platinum or whatever he went to a jewelery store and saw a watch he liked. The price was something around the 5-10k range. He was so nervous that he called Paul Rosenberg to ask if he could afford the watch to which Paul scoffed “dude your a fucking a millionaire already buy that shit!”

    • Wallman


  • Oaklands Own

    So Em is the Greatest because he sold the most?…

    …I dont think so (and this is coming from a huge Emeniem fan, I thought Relapse was dope and better than Blueprint3). I would have to look at the WHOLE body of work as far as sales, the Trends the rapper sets/destroyed, the impact of there lyrics, the battles that they have won or lost, As well as the impact that they have had on the coulture.

    Now Emeniem fans can make a good case for him on all of these fronts. As Em made it that much more acceptable for White kids and hiphop. And he was really the 1st white rapper to REALLY have SKILLZ (shot out to 3rd base…who were tight back in the day) to compete with the best of the best. In addition to that he has represented a whole movement of people (popr White kids) who before didnt have a voice in hiphop….so big ups to him.

    But Jay-Z has done so much. The 11 #1 albums, The battle with Nas, He made Jerseys uncool while making buttonups fashionable, He makes an ‘event’ out of his album releases, He killed autotune (or tried to), and he is still rapping (and very successfull at it) at 40. Redefining the retirement age for the genre….and he married Beyonce (thats the cherry on top)

    Jay had the Greatest Rap Career of all time.

    Much Props to Emeniem tho


      buzzz wrong.Tupac had the best career of all time as a rapper, then Eminem.jay-z somewhere in the top ten

      • CrunchyBlack187

        NAPTOWNNUISANCE got it right, at least the Tupac part

  • Lewbear

    no one is thinkin of old christopher wallace ay, wot bout that king of the east coast.

  • http://-- gaddic

    What’s up with these Jay-z Eminem comparisons?

    Selling more records doesn’t automatically make you a better rapper
    The quality of your music and your lyrical skills make you a better MC

    2pac has sold gazillion records that biggie ain’t even sold half of

    And who’s the better rapper?
    Ready to die is better than Any 2Pac lp!!!

    base you opnions on fundamental shit that matters NOT f*ckin record sales and hype!!!

    50 cent has sold over 30+ million records

    Is his entire catalogue anywhere close to the quality of music on Nas’ Illmatic?


    by the way I give all you haters apologizes for outselling your favorite rapper in 5 years!!!

  • Gloveson

    He says it himself “if i was black, i would’ve sold half”

  • Oaklands Own


    How can 2pac have the best rap career when he died at 25?!?

    Pac was the BEST ALL AROUND RAPPER ever IMO….He would have had the best rap career if he would have lived to see half of his albums in stores (He died when his 3rd album was in stores).

    I was talking about the best RAP CAREERS. Jay got Pac beat in that regard (and IM A HUGE PAC FAN). Jay-Z has been the president of Def Jam, 11 number one albums, and sits at the top of the rap game right now, at the age of 40.

    I dont see how people can argue with this…

    …but its all good.

  • ASID

    haters cant digest this..haha..i cant stop laughing at u guys..after renegade and forever…is there nythin left to prove

  • Eminem fan

    If we count that beatles ended 40 years ago and still in 2000′s sold 30millions albuns, i don’t think that is a bad number