Eminem sold 32.2 million albums over the past 10 years making him the number one selling artist of the decade, according to the Nielsen SoundScan decades tabulation that was released today (December 9).

Em tops The Beatles who, despite coming in at a close second with 30 million albums sold overall, still claimed the number one spot for best-selling individual album for their hits compilation 1, which sold 11.5 million copies.

The Detroit MC claimed not one, but two spots on the top 10 albums of the decade list for The Marshall Mathers LP which sold 10.2 million and The Eminem Show which sold 9.8 million. Shady's other CDs were also big sellers. Encore sold 5.1 million, Curtain Call: The Hits pulled in 3 million in sales and this year's Relapse already racked up 1.5 million.

Relapse: Refill, a bonus version of Em's comeback CD, will be available in stores December 21Brooklyne Gipson