Black Eyed Peas & Gucci Mane Only Rap Acts in the Top 40

Looks like rap albums aren’t on anyone’s Christmas list this year. Hip-hop is hard to find on this week’s Billboard 200 sales chart, with only the Black Eyed Peas and Gucci Mane reppin’ for the genre.

The Peas, who have miraculously been able to stay in the top 20 since entering the charts 28 weeks ago, are staying tight at no. 18 this go-round. According to the Nielsen SoundScan, the group’s latest disc, The E.N.D., sold 81,900 units this week, a 30 percent increase from last week’s sales. Overall, the group, has moved 1,635,600 CDs to date.

Falling 27 spots to no. 37 is Gucci Mane. The ATLien’s major label debut, The State vs. Radric Davis, was purchased by 41,200 fans this week—a 54 percent drop from last Wednesday’s report. Guch has a two week total of 131,200 units sold.

Meanwhile, on the R&B side, Alicia Keys failed to topple British sensation Susan Boyle. The Element of Freedom debuted in the second seat with 417,300 sold. Robin Thicke came in seven spots down at no. 9. Fans bagged up 122,900 copies of the singer’s latest Sex Therapy: The Experience.

Next week look for new releases by Young Money, Eminem, Mary J. Blige and Hurricane Chris to impact the charts. —Elan Mancini

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  • nike Addict 707

    damn, BEP sold more in it’s 28th week than most of these rappers do in a month.

  • norcal

    damn where SNOOP

    • Kid Pistol

      AMEN, I agree, where’s Snoopy dub. PS DVS, shut up ho, youre wick wack.

  • DVS

    Fuck da white man’s standards plus what hip hop acts dropped last week

  • Federal Ranga

    DAMN!!! BEP doing niggaz first weeks EVERY WEEK. You know there album had to undershipped. Its obvious that the labels are rushing out more copies late which explains the increase in sale. With that being said, The Peas will go 3x plat by summer next year if this keeps up.


    • sb

      you are right..if theey perform at the ama’s or grammy’s that should be another surge in sales..but bep have always sold like this.never superhuge numbers but strong and steady numbers for a long time.

  • Q! tha Great!

    The Peas are cool with me, but there still some really good albums out there that need support ya’ll! Clipse, Snoop, Slaughterhouse, Kid Cudi, 50 Cent, Juvenile,


    man is that b.e.p. album that good shit selling like ready rock

  • Teddy

    BEP are pop

  • Tony Grands

    That dude who BEP who looks like a witch doctor must be hypnotizing people. Y’all niggas should check around your houses, because you may have fucked around in a sleepwalking trance & bought that shit, & don’t even know it.

    • DV8


      but witch (see what I did there) one WillIam or Taboo?

      • Tony Grands


        ^^That’s the perfect “street” name for a warlock. So obvious, yet hella inconspicuous…like “Tiny”, “Skinny” or “Lil Man”.

  • Caino

    Hats off to BEP, them dudes are killing it!

    went into HMV the other day and the Slaughterhouse album was like £15 …no wonder it aint selling!!!

  • TheCoolest

    Please stop saying black eyed peas is Rap!


    The Black Eye Peas early in there ventures in rap did keep it real and keep it rap! but keeping it rap didnt pay the fucken bills!! you could be like CANIBITCH! and be the lyrical monster but guess what? you broke!!
    I love it when a rap act crosses over and everybody loves they shit!! your lady fucken loves the black eye peas!! they good!!

    Look they left rap to rappers!! so fucken what? why is it black eye peas fault cause the rap they left to rappers aint selling?
    Hell yeah I love me some underground and lyrical shit that I could tell my friends “hey did you hear what he said? damm rewind that”

    but those guys Im sayint to rewind are not making any didvidens!! yo will keep doing your thing baby!! fergy I love that sweet face! and taboo and appple enjoy the ride!!! now thats real talk!!

    • nicholasdelorejo

      I gotta agree. lyrically BEP are mediocre but guess what: so are a shit load of rappers like Gucci, OJ, Hurricane chris, Ross, ect. But people here seem to give them some positive comments. At least the BEP rap and present themselves accordingly to the popish-party music they make. They aren’t shitty trapper rappers that can’t make anyone listen to their songs without having their lyrics hiddens behind a catchy (pop) instrumental.



  • listen

    @ Tony Grands: ha ah hah ahah aha ha ha ha h ah ah ah ah ah a haah a h!!!!!!!!

    @ TheCoolest: yeah they are NOT rap. i dont know anyone who would dare say that is rap.


    No surprise here.It is a testament to how bad music sucks these days. Gucci man gimme a break dude is sad,Black Eyed Peas same goes for them. Fergie might as well just stay solo she did better that way.she is a pop princess in the making any way. I cant wait till most of this talentless garbage they call current rap goes by the way side. The real mc’s are on their way back it is just a matter of time before real music dominates once again, we are starting to see more and more of them trickle back into the music scene.

  • Darth H8ter

    Gucci Mane and BEP…Nas was right! BEP, Fergie is talentless and useless..the only one with marketable talent is Will.I.Am (arguably).

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