XXcLusive Video: B.G. on Atlantic, Newfound Relationship With Baby

In a recent interview on All Hip Hop Radio, Cash Money CEO Bryan “Baby” Williams revealed that he was pleading with Atlantic Records to release former Hot Boy B.G. from the label. XXLMag.com caught up with the New Orleans rapper earlier this week to get an update on his label situation and find out about his rekindled relationship with Birdman.

B.G. has confirmed with XXL that he has been consulting with Baby in terms of his career as of late. Unhappy with his Atlantic deal—B.G.’s upcoming disc, Too Hood 2 be Hollywood, has been pushed back four times—he turned to his ex-Cash Money boss.

According to B. Gizzle his label problems started back in 2007 when T.I. got arrested on gun charges, and his project has been in limbo ever since. “When T.I. got caught up in that situation at the [BET] Hip Hop Awards, they kinda froze up on me,” he admitted. “They didn’t know what to do with me. I got a lot of respect for T.I., T.I. my partner but he told them, B.G. is his own man, he can carry his own weight. I don’t have to hold his hand.” [Watch below]

B.G. inked a deal with Atlantic fir his Chopper City label about two-and-a-half-years ago, not to T.I.’s label Grand Hustle as many speculated, but Tip signed on as an executive producer of the album. According to B.G., Baby tried to fill in for Tip when he got locked up, but due to politics that didn’t pan out.

Around the same time B.G.’s former home, E1 Music, FKA Koch Records, reached out to Atlantic in an effort to co-release the album in a joint venture. Atlantic warned the rap vet if E1 was involved, that they would drop him. Seeing the opportunity, Gizzle took it.

“Baby told me to make this move and become a free agent,” he shared. “So I made this move and after December 8 I’m a free agent… Baby told me he want me to come back home.”

Only time will tell if B.G. will re-sign with Cash Money, but one thing is for certain, Gizzle and Baby have definitely put all their past differences aside for the sake of making great music.

“Even though I lashed out and I said a lot of things, as I got older, I felt like I cant just hate this man forever,” he said. “It wasn’t that I hated him, I just was more hurt behind the situation more than anything, once we had our one-on-one with no cameras, no mics, no nothing… in so many words he said I’m sorry and in so many words I said I’m sorry and we brushed it under the rug and kept it moving.” [Watch below]

Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood hits stores on December 8 on Atlantic/E1/Chopper City Records. —Elan Mancini with reporting by Vanessa Satten

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  • http://xxlmag.com Blakout615

    Soooo B.G. is releasing this album on the 8th just so he can be dropped from Atlantic? Wow,never heard anything like that before.
    But I HOPE dude does not go back to cash money. He still hasn’t figured out Baby only cares about making money for himself? Go back to being independent mane, fuck these major labels. I know he wants to be on a higher platform (especially considering hes 15 yrs deep in the game), but nowadays unless ur jay z,kanye,tip,eminem……being on a major imo is bad business.

  • DetroitDraper

    The only problem I have with B.G signing back to Cash Money Records is that I dont know if I trust the New Cash Money sound with B.G. Dude has puttin out one classic and about three great albums since he’s left and I just dont want dude to go back pop and start making songs wit bitchassness like Drizzy or some dude named Gutta gutta. Now if they get Mannie back on the roster I might would feel different.


  • ridda

    re-signing with cash money would be a good move for him.. even though i prefered CM back then, i think they on the rise again

  • Hussle’s Way

    I know B.G is cashmoney, but he wont fit with the “new cash money”. Wayne and Drake make music for girls now. With their simple metaphors..ugh

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  • L.a Vet

    B.G will get robbed again… it’s sad…

    when they fool you twice it will be shame on you…

    SMH nigga i knew B.G wasn’t coming out when T.I went in….

    Gucci is getting all them marketing dollars….

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  • hollygrove all day

    this is just setting up the hot boys reunion, everybody coming home.
    manny will be here soon, turk get out of jail. juvenile can come back at anytime. remember the last time he needed to get his money up, he came back to cash money.

    • DV8

      that was just too fulfill his contract and get some money he was owed. He never spoke to Baby throught that whole process. He said the only time he actually spoke to Baby was during that “Slow Motion” video shoot.

  • Mr. North

    I’m not f*&king with Cash Money until Manny Fresh comes back. BG album in ’96 was the SHIT! Chopper City. Put that in the deck right now. You aint got that, you dont know anything about Cash Money. He was 16yrs old.

    • DetroitDraper

      He was 16 and that was a straight New Orleans classic…Do you remember that song he had to his dad…got me through alotta days.


      • Mr. North

        Yessir! “Just live and try to learn ’til its my time to disappear.”

        All the songs were good. It should be re-re-released. Wheel Chairs was my joint. The song with MAC…etc

        • DetroitDraper

          Lmao wheelchairs was tha ish..What most people dont understand is that for whatever B.G. lacks in raw lyrical ability he make up for in raw emotion. I loved that song playn and laughn and doin bad.

          MAYN HOL’UP

  • Vic De Zen

    Well I don’t really know why all of those guys left in the first place. Lil Wayne was the only smart one out of the whole group. In any event, I hope he fairs better this go around.
    -Vic De Zen

    • DownSouth

      There was speculation that Baby was not paying them all the money they were supposed to get. There was even a rumor that he was cheating Lil Wayne but Wayne was scared to leave.

      DOWN SOUTH!!!

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  • stuckfresh

    Baby the realest nigga in the game. If you want make money stay with cash money! wtf? Cash money or nothing!

  • gift

    RIght now w/the climate of the game being the way it is, B.G. should start with a “one-album deal” and do it as a test run. If the business pans out after that first release, then he could either resign for more albums, or he could get a better deal with another label, if his shit does strong numbers. Drake may be considered popcorn by some, but dude did the shit right when he negotiated his deal. Dude gets basically all his publishing, and worked this deal with no label and shit really behind him. B.G. got good business since, so I think he’ll bounce back regardless.

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  • Mr. Gitmoney

    that nigga shouldnt go back to no cash money dem niggas makin music for lil white girls rite now he talkin gangsta he need to go somewhere else but not cash money they terrible dat shit not even his style not unless they gettin mannie fresh n goin back to gangsta( which aint gonna happen)

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