When news broke this past August that founding Slum Village member Baatin had passed away, the hip-hop community took the Detroit MC's death hard. Such was the case for Miami-based rapper/producer/singer Jack Splash, who recently leaked a tribute record entitled, "Baatin (Missing U...)." [Listen here].

The record will be featured on Jack's upcoming DJ Skee-hosted mixtape, Heir To The Throne, Vol 1, which drops next Wednesday (November 11). It's one of three mixtapes to promote his upcoming Jive debut, Technology & Love Will Save Us All, which is scheduled for a March release.

According to the rap rookie—who just completed production work on Cee-Lo's next LP—Baatin was a very close friend and mentor to him and actually saved his life when he was going through a tough time. Jack raps, "When I lost my hope and I could not do it/It was you, Baatin, that got me through it/And you told me if I fight for love they gon' fight this/Teardrops on the paper as I write this."

Baatin has had such a great impact on Jack's life that he used the fallen MC as inspiration for the main character—which will be voiced by Lupe Fiasco—in his animated film scheduled to come out next year. "You never knew I was making a movie for you," Jack rhymes. "When they thought you were crazy I still adored you/It ain't over, you ain't done yet/You the only real superhero that I ever met/So I'm getting a tattoo to remind me daily/That if love's insane they can call me crazy... I swear to God you were the robot with the heart of gold/Don't worry Baatin this is just the first episode/And it was fun while it lasted/So I hope you back with Dilla making something fantastic." —Anslem Samuel