Snoop Dogg Lends Voice to GPS, XXL Has Copy for Giveaway

“Take a lizzeft, biatch!” Snoop Dogg has partnered with to launch his own GPS system today (November 30) and is offering one lucky reader the chance to win one.

The application formats your GPS system to deliver directions in Snoop’s actual voice and slang. Users can also download a “Points of Interest” file which contains the West Coast rappers’ favorite spots in his Los Angeles hometown. will also be giving away one of the GPS systems to the first person who sends the answer to the following question to along with their name, age, location, phone, email and country of residence. Doggystyle made history on The Billboard 200 sales chart. What specific honor is the Doggfather’s 1993 debut credited for?

The Snoop Dogg VoiceSkin is available for download by users of TomTom GPS navigation systems. For more information visit —Brooklyne Gipson

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  • Enlightened

    Niggas like 50 and Jay might have more money than Snoop, but this nigga has to hands down have the most different kind of products attached to his name.

    GPS? Damn. Next, this nigga gon’ have a Snoop Dogg manicure set for pimps to keep they nails right or some shit like that.

  • Tony Grands

    Doggfather Haircare

    Wave caps, knock-knocks, barrets & perm cream with a pimp’s touch & a gangsta twist.

    Comin’ to a liquor sto’ near you.

    • latino heat

      lol @ E and Grands

      have any of you actually had a weed head as a navigator / passenger before though? all they do is pass out in the seat and can’t give directions for shit. Snoop is the last person i want as a navigator. unless i’m looking for a good ass weed spot under “Points Of Interest”.

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  • Lewbear

    GPS= Gangsta Pimpin Styles fo’ all them straight out Gs lookin to get care fo’ they hair…. but remember. Play fair (wink)

  • Dan


  • Koo

    Check out Def Jams newest west coast artists YG:

  • 4mat

    True Story

    Snoop hooked up with cadilac and got his own car line called “Snoop De Ville”
    look it up

  • Ruc

    LMAO! @ da 1st nigga n a few othas…..I can see it now doe…

    Driver: Ay Snoop. I need directions to Boston.

    Snoop: Excuse Me? (In da Snoop Voice)

    Driver: My Bad…I nizeed directions 2 Boston Uncle Snoop.

    Snoop: Dat’s better…U shizit outta lizuck doe nephew. All I kno is da West Side (In da high pitch last words from a nigga dyin from a asthma attack soundin Snoop voice).

    Driver: U kno wat! Man fuck u!

    Snoop: Nah nephew I’ll pass. I’d consider it if ya moms sed dat fishizo doe…….Man I shoulda put dat in a dis song. It woulda been hot as da devil’s straightenin comb (lol).

    Driver: But nigga if I’m ya nephew u fuckin ya sista! Hahahah (Snoop cuts him off)

    Snoop: Shut da fuck up biyitch….I wud take da time ta slap yo ass but I’m too busy gettin my hair permed by ur sista n gattin sum toothless head from ur Granma nigka…Cuz I’m one multi-taskin nigka……..Nigka……

    Driver: She’s dead…….

    Snoop: Nah nephew……She ain dead. Hoes neva die.

    Driver: Fuck dis piece of shit!