Nas & Damian Marley Plan Panel Discussion in D.C.

With their upcoming collaborative album Distant Relatives on the way, Nas and Damian Marley will be hitting Washington D.C. for a panel discussion speaking on hip-hop’s and reggae’s global impact.

MTV News’ Sway Calloway will moderate the debate, which is set to include rap pioneers DJ Kool Herc and DJ Red Alert, as well as Jamaican music legends Daddy U-Roy and King Jammy. The event, which is being presented by National Geographic, will be taped for an upcoming documentary and will also be broadcast live on for those that cannot attend.

The event will take place at the National Geographic Live! building on December 12 at 7 p.m. Fans interested in attending the debate can purchase tickets online or at the venue’s box office for $25. The price of admission also includes entry into the after-party at D.C. nightclub Zanzibar.

As of press time Distant Relatives, does not have a set release date, nor has it been determined what label will distribute the project. Earlier this year the duo headlined the Rock the Bells tour. —Max G

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  • sealsaa

    Don’t know about this one. In addition to being somewhat inarticulate(or as Ron Mex would say, a “smart/dumb nigga”), Nas can be very pretentious at times(see:A letter to young warriors/response to Derrion Albert slaying).

    • stop

      Please Ron Mex is the the one that is dumb and and haters always have someting to criticize Nas about but where the f*ck was their latter or their attempt to bring light to an issue like racism! You haters are the dumb smart niggers who are always trying to degrade Nas but he is more intelligent than you lil losers who try to criticize the man!

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  • dbox

    Daaaamn !! nas/marly album will be the shyt !! stop hating / reggae beats over a nas rap sick !!!! phuckin sick !!

  • sealsaa

    “You haters are the dumb smart niggers who are always trying to degrade Nas but he is more intelligent than you lil losers who try to criticize the man!”

    Yes, if only I could’ve gotten tricked into getting married in California, had my new wife’s name tatted on my neck, and gotten her pregnant, only to have the whole thing end in divorce, be barred from the delivery room during my son’s birth, and get Ethered in family court for child/spousal support. Imagaine all the money I could’ve lost.

    • stop

      You dumb f*ck he did not get tricked into marrying in California…he got married in Atlanta and he ownes a house in California out of the 5 homes that he owns! And the alimony is temporary (Nas was not married for 10 yrs or more for Kelis to recieve long term alimony)…and if you knew California law you would know this…you dumb f*ck! And the fact that you are more worried about the loss of Nas’ money makes you a hater…the fact that he has the money (250k earning per month) to pay 44k a month places him above your dumb ass and ron Mexico anyday! You fools believe any and everything you read! You were probably one of the people saying Nas was broke in the first place…but it is obvious he has plenty of money and I’m quite sure it is not all from his in a touring and production company Guerilla Union Inc. ect! Tatoos can be removed, divorces happen everyday and joint custody means 50/50 finacial support from both parents! Kelis will be paying 50% of their childs care as well( that may explain her new album in 2010)! So before you try to get at Nas about his lack of intelligence why don’t you check your account to see if you could afford to pay half of what he was required to pay! To quote Nas: “Those who talk know NOTHING and those who stay quiet know EVERYTHING!!!” Nas has yet to make a statement about his divorce but yet you fools glorify in the negative TMZ updates! Nas is domestically and internationally touring and making moves in his life while you continue to HATE!

      • indeed

        you are so correct

      • that nigga

        @ stop: Thats called ETHER. Sorry Sealsaa.

  • Ether Sealsaa

    Umm… sealsaa he got her tattooed on his arm not neck.. dumbass.. if u gonna comment make sure ur facts are correct..

  • sealsaa

    *Hums “If I only had a brain*

  • Joshua Taylor

    Finally, OUR culture is being displayed as a viable source of knowledge to those on the outside looking in. I can’t wait to witness, and be a part of history.

    • Marve

      I think it is great that the National Geographic is documenting this. This is absolutely great for HIP HOP! Nas respects the culture that is why he will always be considered one of the ILLEST!

  • http://-- gaddic


    You don’t plan for divorce or spousal feuding
    Shit like that happens to any one it has nothing to do with intelligence

    By the way name one rap album better than Illmatic………


  • sealsaa


    awww dang…

    “You don’t plan for divorce or spousal feuding
    Shit like that happens to any one it has nothing to do with intelligence”

    Oh really? So the pre-nump has been rendered obsolete? Good to know.

    “SHUT THE F*CK UP!!!”

    awww dang….

    • wow

      Your hating is showing your intelligence…because you are now bringing up Nas’ personal life on a topic that has nothing to do with such!!! Grow up and stop hanging on Nas BALLS!!!!

  • AZ40

    Wow you guys are pretty angry about something that the panel discussion has nothing to do with, I’m glad SOMEONE will be talkin’ about the impact hip hop and reggae has around the world

    • lydia

      It is great to have an artist like Nas that stays true to himself and tries to keep the culture alive and true to its art form! No matter what your personal feelings towards Nas you have to respect his love for the music. Nas is truly a hip hop jewel!

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    So since they’re discussing issues, can they discuss releasing that album they were supposed to put out?

    The songs could’ve intertwined with the panel discussion…

  • sealsaa

    LOL, I simply pointed out the fact that Nas isn’t the best public speaker, and apparently, its some of yall’s time of the month, and you didn’t take that criticism too well. Maybe santa will bring you all a pack of Kotex this christmas if you ask real nice.

  • jOE

    1. Yes sealsaa you were ethered.


    2. You are EXACTLY correct (minus the marriage shyt). Nas IS a dumb/smart ngga.

    His explanations may make sense to you if you are a lil younger. But im 27. And if you name your album ‘Nigger’ and where a shirt to the Grammys, be prepared to speak on that as if you are the voice of black people.

    His explanation was pispoor. Dont insult my intelligence.

    Moreover, his ‘leter to young warriors’ is a PERFECT example of this. He means well, but to those who know better, that shyt dont float on a national stage like CNN. GTFOH

  • shone jones

    I do not want to see that album released because it just doesn’t make any sense, for Nas to do a collabo with a 2nd tier dancehall reggae artist such as Damien Marley……it just doesn’t make any sense.

    He’s only known in the American market for the song “WELCOME TO JAMROCK”…He’s not even a big draw when it comes to the soundsystems that run the dancehall venues in his own native Jamaica

    And why the fuck would DEF JAM even want to invest money in such a project?

    I just don’t see it getting released..and it’s probably the reason why crazy ass Kelis divorced him in the first place. He has these eccentric ideas of how to do business and it just isn’t right.