Jay-Z Wins Big at American Music Awards

Just days after Jay-Z scored his very first no. 1 single on The Billboard Hot 100 with his hit “Empire State of Mind,” the Brooklyn rap legend got a chance to celebrate by performing the New York anthem at last night’s (November 22) American Music Awards.

Paying homage to Frank Sinatra, Hov showed up onstage donning the late musical icon’s signature white sports coast, bowtie and laid-back demeanor, as Alicia Keys opened their collabo by singing Old Blue Eyes’ 1979 classic “New York, New York.”

Later on in the night Jay accepted the Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Male Artist trophy, beating out T.I. and Eminem.

Em, also graced the AMA stage last night, where he performed “Crack a Bottle” and his verse from the star-studded posse cut “Forever,” backed by a live band. The audience screamed as he brought out labelmate 50 Cent to spit his verse from Relapse’s first single.

The Detroit lyricist, who was up for awards in three categories—Favorite Rap Artist, Artist of the Year and Favorite Pop Male Artist—failed to take home any honors yesterday. Michael Jackson won in the pop category and Taylor Swift was named AMA Artist of the Year.

Other big winners included the Black Eyed Peas for Best Pop Rock Band, Whitney Houston, who took home the trophy for International Artist of the Year, and the deceased King of Pop, who also scored honors as the Favorite Soul/ R&B Artist.

Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez all also had standout performances, most notably J. Lo who took a spill during her set.

For a full list of winners and to watch footage from the show visit the AMA’s official site here. —Max G

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  • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

    I see that Taylor Swift decided to accept her award via satellite tv feed from London instead of showing up in person. Hmmm…

    I cringed at the J-Lo slip. We aren’t getting any younger. Then again, it wasn’t a dive down the stairs like Beyonce a few years back.

    I missed it, but did Jay take subliminal shots at 50 yesterday?

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands


      But did you see how quickly she bounced back up, though?

      “Go-go-gadget-Ass Cheeks!”

      • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

        Haha, ‘wooord’! That million dollar-insured booty got hydraulic pumps installed.

  • TheBlackHughHefner

    Jay-Z:”Men lie,women lie,numbers dont…..”Well it do when most of da ppl who bought BP3 r suburbanites….IMO,BISD>BP3!!!

  • killahkels

    Thats the stupidest shyt I heard in a comment so you can only like hiphop if you from the hood? Em aint from the hood, but yall jump on his dick. I lived in the hood part my life suburbs part. But none of my niggas in either said they was buying that wack ass 50 Cent album. They may have had mixed opinons on Jay but we were all on one accord with not buying 50′s crap.

  • deezy80

    Killakels- Co-sign

  • sealsaa

    “I missed it, but did Jay take subliminal shots at 50 yesterday?”

    At the end of his speech, Jay said: “Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t” and laughed. Some people(i.e. most of the Nah Right comments section) that the laugh was a shot at 50′s lackluster album sales(or possibly at Sigel). Me? I think people are so desperate for Jay response that they’d get whet if Jay dropped two quaters on the ground. Just my opinion…

    And LOL @ Eminem having pitty enough for 50 to let him perform that pitiful “Crack a Bottle” verse. Word to Dionne Warwick, “That’s what friends are for”. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • http://-- gaddic

    Why am i even commenting?

    Jay-z best male rap artist?
    MJ winning an award for an album released years ago?
    This is pathetic!
    AMAs are not sh*t Grammys are better but who cares
    2pac and Biggie never won EITHER of these awards
    Rakim and Nas didn’t….

    “As long as the check comes it’s F*ck the award shows!”-Young Buck

  • TheBlackHughHefner

    BISD Trash?U need 2 tak dat 808′s & Heartbreaks off repeat

  • http://www.film-nyt.dk G-Bear

    What a joke with MJ winning several awards, thats just pathetic and complete bullsh..

  • theredalbum

    I dont understand these award shows. Jayz is not the best rapper in the industry, he sucks, I have never liked his rhythm or beats, or even lyrics, he has always seemed average. He is just the most well known so people are like oh hey lets give him an award. Just wait till a REAL HIP HOP ALBUM comes on on feb 16th, THE RED ALBUM!!!! and LOL when jayz wants to talk about numbers, wait till then. game will show every STAN whats up

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    *sarcastic tone*

    The AMA’s were on last night? Damn I missed it.

    The Cleveland Show was funny as hell though…

    • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile



      • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

        ‘The Cleveland Show’ & ‘Family Guy’ killed it last night. Nothing says LOL like wholesome racial humor.

  • latino heat

    cosign $yk. i honestly had no idea the AMA’s were on last night till someone called and told me. but yeah Cleavland Show was ridiculous last night. fuck EVERY award show.

  • sealsaa

    “The Cleveland Show’ & ‘Family Guy’ killed it last night. Nothing says LOL like wholesome racial humor.”

    They need to cancel American Dad, and put Futurama back on.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

      Futurama >>> American Dad all day! Sadly, I still try & watch…

  • http://blendzmusik.blogspot.com dj blendz

    Did Jigga just repeat himself wit that same line? Wow..

    o yea American Dad >>> Futurama ..ya sleepin

  • Erik

    I’m not a Stan, but can niggas pleases stop hatin on Jay? Hating on Jay-Z is so OLD. Jesus, why not hate on someone terrible lyrically (50 Cent, Soulja Boy, Plies, Gucci and others) or someone who boasts success but isn’t that successful (Cannibus, Soulja Boy, Plies, Gucci and others). Jay left and everybody was mad, he came back and everybody was mad. I doesn’t go platinum and dudes hate, he goes multi-platinum and dudes hate. From the standpoint of record sales, respect from (most)peers, and creativity, Jay-Z may be the best ever. EVER. I don’t think there is a best ever because some are great and the rest are mediocre but Jay can honestly claim that title. Besides Rakim and a few vets, who can say they might be the best ever? Wayne? Please. 50? Never. Gucci? HA!

  • Young 50

    Yall forgetting when 50 was hotting than fish grease he didnt win AMA’s or Grammys. By now people should know they give awards to whoever they want Micheal Jackson dead winning awards. CHILD PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The same goes for Jay no matter who is out he always seem to get an award.

  • http://wtf S on my Chest

    It don’t matter how many awards Jay wins, ain’t nobody ever considered him to be the goat…………………..shit, most don’t even consider him the best alive. Truthfully speaking the acolade belongs to the crazy white boy.

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