Jay-Z Exits the Top 10, Ryan Leslie Moves 12K in First Week

With no new rap releases this week, hip-hop is hard to find on the The Billboard 200’s top 40. And to add insult to injury for the first time in nine weeks, Jay-Z has finally fallen from grace.

The Brooklyn legend’s latest disc, The Blueprint 3, slid five spots to no. 15 on this week’s charts. BP3 moved 38,000 units this week, bringing its total tally to 1,238,200, according to the Nielsend SoundScan report.

Five spots below is the Black Eyed Peas with their newest album, The E.N.D. In week 22, fans of the group bagged up an additional 28,100 CD, making BEP’s overall sales figures stand at 1,328,00.

R&B crooner Ryan Leslie debuted this week with his sophomore disc Transition. The producer/singer/songwriter/hip-hop hookman landed at the no. 50 position in his first week selling 11,900 units.

Next week look for XXL freshman alum Wale to impact the charts. —Elan Macini

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  • Enlightened

    How much did Triple C’s sell this week?

    I’m sure 50 Cent will pop up somewhere on the net soon to give us the sales figures. Based on their first week sales, I’m guessing 1,800.

  • http://xxlmag.com Blakout615

    Yo Ryan Leslie is a talented dude. He should be wayy more successful than he is now. Especially considering the fact HE GRADUATED FROM HARVARD AT 19!
    I guess smarts don’t necessarily generate sales.

  • Tumi

    Next week it’s 50′s BISD.. Let’s all make a projected sales.

    • SUN

      I cannot for the life of me understand why fucking fans of the music give a shit about record sales. If you love this shit why would it matter how much a record sells. I can make a few guesses;

      1). You are a dick rider that needs to make sure that you are rolling with the winner

      2). You are a record executive that actually makes money from the record sales

      Thats it and I doubt it if you are a record executive. In other words you are a broke ass nigga counting someone else’s money on some straight dick riding shit. Go kill your self.

  • DUDE


    • http://xxlmag jb

      How are Jay’s sells lacking? Him and B.E.P are some of the only Rap acts doing a million. Platinum these days is an accomplishment. No one is selling anything….

  • HollyHood

    50 shit will NOT out sell Jay. Even if his shit didnt leak 50 will do about 300,000. 50 demand isnt like it used to b. 300 is still good n todays hip-hop

  • TheCoolest

    How much did Triple C’s sell this week?

    I’m sure 50 Cent will pop up somewhere on the net soon to give us the sales figures. Based on their first week sales, I’m guessing 1,800.

    Triple C’s did 5,200 this week.(Rawse might have to get back to being a C.O)

    BISD is gonna do 400K first week.
    Attention Deficit is gonna land at #5 on the billboard 200 and sell 75K…

    • Enlightened

      Wow. Almost 3 times more than what I predicted huh?

      As far as him going back to being a C.O. – who the hell gave him the greenlight to put out a group album?

      His album didn’t even go gold as much as they promoted it. What the hell did they think him and two other dudes was gon’ do?

  • texas

    50 will do at least 500,000 first week gauranted

    • Realistic

      That CD won’t even crack 200,000 it is so many people that don’t even know 50 is droppin an album and from the leaked material that I heard I say good riddance the shit is lackluster average at best Attention Deficit>>>>>>>>BISD

  • http://caroltevans@yahoo.com carol

    I’m sorry to tell you, but to me Jay-Z CD is #1 thats all I play. especially that song HATERS. Jay name it self speak money. If Jay want to he dont have to never work another day in his life. we fail to realize we have to work pay check to paycheck not Jay. if I even had 1/3 of his money.

  • thiisme

    lets break it down jay z has a cult following of a lil over 1 million people and 99 percent of that ppl is from new york or east coast. Even if cd are not the business his 1 million fans will buy it and thats all he does 1x. Another example of this is like the game just by dropping a cd 300-400 k ppl from the west coast automatically will go buy his cd. What ppl should be checking is how many downloads and album gets to determine popularity.

    • hustle812

      you know what thiisme you got a good point they need to start measureing how many d/l its gets to determine popularity plus by how much it sales,then they should give them a plaque certification based off that i notice on billboard.com that they dont have those lil shapes that indicate its certifaction anymore.

  • kyall

    1/3!!!!!!! Nigga if i had 1/10th of his money i would be happy and den i would flip it and have double his cash!!!!


  • alderman j

    Fif wont do 100,000 first week, might not clear gold, thats why he is already makin excuses, saying the leak is going to cost him record sales, and that he is really just trying to generate interest in his shows by releasing the album, the nigga is lame, he wont go PLAT this time! Its over for FIF!!

  • latino heat

    well since XXL dosen’t want to give it any promo aside from a banner that he had to pay for himself. i will give it promo here.






    i don’t know how they overlook one of he all time greats dropping his 1st album in 10 years but that’s XXL for you. they sure let us know when Soulja Bitch and Gucci have 10 mixtapes coming out on the same day.

  • Fireforreal

    50 will not do 500,000 the first week. He has lost plenty of steem over the years since his first project. If curtist did 600k the first week when he had I get money which was a smash in the streets and the Kanye competition there’s no way he’s gonna do over 250 the first week.Nobody cares about 50 unless he’s making fun of somebody LOL he’s good at that. But making great songs since 07 ? he hasn’t been able to do it. Who do you know is checking for this album ?………….Exactley lol

  • http://dada CHAcha

    How Much did Hell Rell sell ????

  • gkid12345

    Bisd sales prediction is roughly 355k-415k, wale i see selling 53k first week even though his album is waaaay better than cudi’s and dat cornball did 104k first week

  • fmeezy

    bisd first week sales 600,000-700,00 . crime wave joint is hard!

  • http://twitter.com/itztrizz617 Trizz

    50 is not the same as before but like Jay he has a strong fanbase so that i believe he will put up BP3 #s regardless how good/bad the album is…its not about singles and beef its about fans and whos gonna actually go to best buy

  • http://www.facebook.com Theh Ndlovu

    I can’t wait for this nigga fif poppin’ in on #1 spot next week…50…50…50…50….

  • http://www.freewebs.com/geoffbrennan Gebra

    Break it down nice and gently, no bias:

    50 Cent: 139,000
    Wale: 32,000
    Rakim: 3,500

    As for the others that we love to hate:

    Triple C’s: 1,100
    Fat Joe: 400
    Jay-Z: 29,400
    Black Eyed Peas: 28,500

    For every Rakim fan there will be 55 pu$$ee-lipped, hash-smoking, skinny white guys waiting outside best buy to snap up 50 Cent so they can go back in their mom’s minivan and blow laramie wyoming off the map!!!

    laramie stand up!!!

    p.s. – is rakim’s album coming out on phongraphic 78? just wondering – not for me – for the fans…

  • DownSouth

    Damn, I didn’t even know my boi Ryan Leslie dropped. He just doesn’t get enuff promo. I guess I’ll be picking it up next Monday along with Fiddy.