Ice Cube Lands on Forbes’ “Most Overpaid Actors” List

Forbes magazine has included Ice Cube in their list of “Hollywood’s 10 Most Overpaid Stars.”

The dwindling box office sales of Cube’s movies over the last several years earned him a spot at no. 5 on the list, behind such big screen names as Will Ferrell, Ewan McGregor, Billy Bob Thornton and Eddie Murphy. According to the financial tome, for every dollar that the West Coast rap legend turned actor was paid, his films only make $4.77.

To qualify for the list every actor had to star in at least three movies over the last five years and each flick had to open in 500 theaters or more nationwide. Forbes then took into account the person’s total compensation for their last three roles and divided it by the movies’ total operating income to determine each individual’s return-on-investment figure. —Max G

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  • caino

    1st!!!! All Cubes movies have been poor except, Trespass and Boys in tha Hood!

    Will Ferrell’s movies also suck ass, except Elf and Old School. His comedy show playing George Bush Jnr is hilarious tho!

    • Enlightened

      Damn, homie. You ever heard of Friday? It’s All About The Benjamins?

    • No Name

      On a non-rap tip, Elf is funny, but I wouldn’t put it among Will Ferrell’s best and I’ll just pretend that I didn’t see the words “Old School”. Now as far as the Cube thing, BNDH, Higher Learning, Three Kings and the Fridays are dope. The Barbershops are average. It’s movies like Are We There Yet, Are We Done Yet, Torque and XXX 2 that’ve fucked up his acting career.

      • RDS

        I’ll be honest: XXX 2 is a guilty pleasure flick. I watch that shit when I can’t sleep sometimes, just because it’s entertaining. Supposedly, they’re working on a third.

        On another note, I wasn’t that big a fan of “Next Friday” and I might’ve laughed twice at “Friday After Next”. I know dudes thought it was mad hilarious, but I thought that shit was MAD wack. I felt like the chemistry between Cube and Epps was forced, whereas the chemistry between Cube and Tucker was genuine.

        • Enlightened

          I agree with you on the other two Fridays but what did you think about “All About The Benjamins.”

          I was disappointed in “Next Friday” but “Benjamins” is what made me say…Oh, that’s what he sees in this nigga Mike Epps! The chemistry in their with them was perfect to me.

    • Gerv

      You out of pocket for that lie nigga!!!!

    • blakshon

      Son U trippin

  • HNIC

    Cube is no Will Smith, but, he has his own lane. There’s a market out there for his movies. I liked him in the “Friday” movies. I’ve heard that they’re supposed to make another sequel to the series, starring all of his former cast members. There just waiting for Chris Tucker to sign on. I hope that he does, cause, I’d like to see that.

    • Lowedwn

      Don’t hold your breath, that’s been a rumor for the last 5 years. Smokey’s gone…just Craig, Day-Day, Deebo, Damon & Money Mike left to hold down the block.

  • Lowedwn

    I give Cube props just for taking his career from the streets of South Central to the point where he can even be on a list with the likes of Tom Cruise, Will Ferrell & Ewan McGregor and be considered an “overpaid” actor. With that said, his last couple of flix have been subpar to say the least.

  • yoprince

    damn Forbes is putting ‘em on blast.

  • GregSIDE

    Cube needs to give up the kid/family movies. OK, maybe not give up them, cause I know you can make a lot of paper off family movies, but that seems to be all he’s doing. Cube’s one of those actors that plays the same guy in every movie. He doesn’t do it as bad as say, Vin Diesel does( and he was a better than him in XXX State of the Union), but he needs to get to back to the Barbershop type movies. Or try something new. He shows that he’s got acting chops sometimes(Boyz N the Hood). I just wish Chris Tucker would get off his high horse so they can do the last Friday movie.

  • migs

    theres only one friday movie, cause without chris tucker it aint shit. id love to see them do another friday with him. cubes “family flicks” are terrible though but im not into that shit anyways

  • Bobo D

    Forbes is forgetting the fact that most of Ice Cubes films come from his own production company, so basically he is cutting the red tape where the big studios will pocket. Tom Cruise and Drew Barrymore have done the same.
    It’s similar to how rappers form record labels with the only artists being them and they’re weed carriers.

    @HNIC I don’t think there will be another Friday and if there is Chris Tucker won’t be in it. Ice Cube produced Friday from his own money, and Cube stated that the reason why Chris never appeared in any of the sequels even though there was a part for him is because Chris started demanding big money after Rush Hour. Chris Tucker is apperantly the first actor to start demanding $20 million only after 7 films and he also got 20% of the revenue from rush hour 3.

  • Max Profit

    I love it! Ice Cube’s not even a full time rapper they still wanna hate.

    I hope he Keeps getting over paid to make up for all the great black actors that got sh*t on back in the day.

    Doughboy was one of the best movie gangsters of all time.

  • gift

    I agree about will ferrel and eddie murphy, but cube’s only had maybe 2-3 bad movies out of almost 10. XXX 2 did suck as well as friday after next. Next Friday was funny to me, and playas club was enjoyable as well. Hopefully, his next movie or roll will be one worth fuckin wit.

  • Tony Grands

    Did that movie with Cube as a promoter ever come out? I know Young Jeezy was in it too, but I can’t remember who else co-stars.

    Damn, Forbes is kind of bogus for that.

    • Caine

      Yeah mane. Dat joint is called “Janky Promoters”. I got it on bootleg and it sucks. Seriously. I fux wit Cube hard, and I was waitin for dat joint to drop, but I was disappointed. It was only released at a few theatres nationwide…and Jeezy played himself(of course).

      • Caine

        The only other co-stars names’ you will recognize is Mike Epps, Lil JJ, & Tamala Jones(wit her fine ass).

  • Brooklyn

    “friday” was cube’s best movie, hands down. i liked the other shit that he did too, but “friday” is a classic. “next friday” wasn’t as good, but i still enjoyed it. by the time they got to “friday after next” i didn’t even put up the $5 to get that shit on bootleg, i went to my cousin’s house and watched that shit for free. and “the player’s club” was horrible, the only reason why i watched that movie was because it was about strippers and i was hoping that i’d see some titties. it had potential though, it could have been a good movie if there were some better people in there, but that bitch lisaraye can’t act for shit.

  • mazemayhim

    Cube made LisaRaye get nekkid too soon. She shoulda waited about 10 movie roles in…like Halle Berry! Now she on bunk status. I’d still hit tho

  • ruserious

    cube ain shit actor jus done sum shit films like are the there yet/done yet, 1st sundy & who can fuckni forget GHOST FROM MARS!!!

    but bsides tha others r enjoyable real talk true story word :P

  • Oaklands Own

    DAMN Forbes is puttin niggas on BLAST!!!!!!!!


    So what if Cube put out a couple of duds…its CUBE. One of the best rappers to ever do it. I just give props to the mf for doing his thing in Hollywood.


  • cashvilles don

    man itz all about the benjimans u young kids need to pay attenion and listen what hes telling u he wants to impower black people and teach u how to get your own shit pay attenion