Gucci Mane Sentenced to One Year In Prison for Probation Violation

Gucci Mane is back behind bars. According to MTV, the Atlanta rapper was sentenced to a year in prison for violating the terms of his probation earlier today (November 12).

The popular MC—whose appropriately titled album The State Vs. Radric Davis is set to drop on December 8—was handcuffed and taken into custody following a court appearance this afternoon. He will most likely only have to serve six months of his sentence, if he displays good behavior. As of press time it is unknown what terms Gucci failed to abide by to cause a judge to send him back to jail.

Gucci recently served a similar six-month stint behind bars last September after he failed to perform 600 hours of community service. During that time he earned his buzz in the streets, which led him to score several big name collaborations, including songs with the Black Eyed Peas, Mariah Carey and Mario, among others.

As previously reported, La Flare recently leaked a song off his upcoming disc addressing his beef with fellow Atlanta MC Young Jeezy.

Stay tuned to XXL as this story develops.—Elan Mancini

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  • MTL

    “the beast love to eat black meat
    And got us niggaz from the hood, hangin off his teeth”

    • Deadly MIME

      yup. I think the fact that Lil Boosie, Gucci Mane, and Lil Wayne all going to jail at the same time has to be some kind of new promotional to get people buying they next shit. It has to. Come on now, next were gonna be hearing Oj Da Spermbank going to jail again. Its kinda like ridiculous to hear but its true. watch. When these dudes get out everybody gonna bump they shit and buy they shit. Fuckin stupid!!!

      • jon453

        dumb ass

    • Max Profit

      Is it just me or does every rapper who gets hot lately gotta do a one year bid. T.I, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane.

      Kinda makes you wonder.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine


    This is the 11th dude I’ve known/seen/heard the last 2 months to get sent back in for a P.V.

    Go see your P.O. people. They ain’t playing…

  • heartlandG

    Dayum is it Gucci day!? Should we start tha “Free Gucci” movement now???

  • Hanch

    Hell NAW! Dont start no Free Gucci Campaign all this dude had to do was abide by his stipulations of his plea or whatever the PO asked him to do so I dont feel sorry for him one bit!!

  • Renegade

    Free guchi ! ! !

    free guchi ! ! !

    • Tony Grands

      Come on, juice…

      If you’re riding for him, @ least spell dude’s name correctly.

  • sealsaa

    A victory for heads everywhere. First Boosie now Gucci. If only we could lock up all shitty southern rappers. Plies unfortunately, is too smart to fall into the trap, what with his fancy edumacation and all.

    • REALLY

      hah ahhahah!!!

    • jbird

      Ya speakin of Plies. I heard dude went to school to be a lawyer then a nurse or something like that. At least Gucci wanted to be a Computer Programmer. That’s loot right there. Loot = Gwap for you young thugs. Ha!

    • anutha_level

      that’s easily the most ignorant shit i’ve read all week. congratulations…

      • Rook

        actually gucci did want to become a computer programmer you dumb fuck

    • DownSouth

      When talkin about wack rappers, don’t just mention the South because there are wack rappers in every coast.

      DOWN SOUTH!!!

  • whats CraCCin

    fuCC guCCi


    The south isn’t the only place with shitty rappers.

  • Fon Z

    I think da law is also tired of these wackass garbage rappers on da radio so they’re locking them up!! Wayne… Boosie… Gucci…

    now go arrest Plies, Rick Ross, Soulja Boy, & DJ Khaled!

  • west up

    wut kind of rat ass niggas say send the cops to get anybody. reguardless of their music. u bloggers kill

  • EHO


  • Jamal7Mile

    Probation’s a bitch. I’m worried about shit that hasn’t even happened yet.

  • Jamal7Mile

    “P.P.S.: What the fuck?! Is this incarceration week or some shit?!” – Ron Mexico, 11/10/09.


  • Brooklyn

    does this mean that we won’t have to hear from dude until the fall of 2010?

  • juiicyj

    this is the third time he has went to jail before performing in the D

  • EmCDL

    A damn shame….SMH…

  • sealsaa

    “The south isn’t the only place with shitty rappers.”

    Of course not. There’s just a very high concentration of them.

  • Sleepy Wonder

    Free Gucci? Hell Naw! Keep That Motherfucker In There!

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    B4 I go hang out…

    Beans tore that song up!!!!!!

    “You let the money change you Jay…you used to be from Marcy n*gga…now you a pass the Grey Poupon ass n*gga! You don”t want the shooter?…I’ll take him…lol”-50 Cent

  • Fireforreal

    Mannnnnn fuck this bitch. He stays getting locked up.If he doesn’t care about his family or career enough to stop doing the dumb shit he used to do before the money and fame fuck him. Let a talented mc take his spot. First Wayne,then lil boosie. Now gucci mane ? who’s next ?

  • Teddy

    why are they locking up all the rappers conspiracy!

    • CLEVER

      Nope, just they got into some shit before they got kinda popular, Now they think well, I’m a somewhat famous Rapper. I can pass on some shit, they ain’t gon fuck with me. Yeah right! They will lock your Ignorant ass up! I do agree these are Rappers, who don’t amuse me at all. I’m more interested in Emcees message, rather than this Particular Selected Group. Lil Boose, Lil Wayne, Gucci, Keep ya head up, oh…what a bunch of Idiots. Some people would kill for your position to shine.

      • CLEVER

        Oh I forgot the Infamous wanna be badass, 90lbs. wet “T.I.” Real Dumb, real Super Idiot!!!!

  • Phlip

    Now normally I am not the one to cheer one for going to the pokey…


    This IS Gucci Mane we’re talking about here and without him, we may not have the OJ Da Ju-Mane problem.
    FUCK Gucci Mane, put that ignorant motherfucker UNDER the jail. He looks like he stings.

  • Phlip

    Now normally I am not the one to cheer one for going to the pokey…


    This IS Gucci Mane we’re talking about here and without him, we may not have the OJ Da Ju-Mane problem.
    FUCK Gucci Mane, put that ignorant motherfucker UNDER the jail. He looks like he stinks.


    daaaamn. thats fucked up Gucci. he must have failed a piss test? & didnt he do a sobriety P.S.A. on the BET Hip Hop awards?

    C’mon Son!

  • Semaj Raff

    free gucci why!?!? one good reason why he’s needed, not wishing a prison sentence on him, but ignorant niggas gonna be holding hands singing “kumbaya” for this dude…smh

  • jaymc1988

    teddy says:

    why are they locking up all the rappers conspiracy!

    no not a conspiracy because there all fuckin retarded and do dumb ass shit.. ppl wonder why mad black dudes get locked up.. not conspiracy because half of the black race is retarded as fuck n do dumb ass shit..stop bein fuckin retarded n actin
    “hood” n u wont get locked up..plain and simple

  • gUCCI

    @ jaymc1988 this is a conspiracy niggaz gettin lock up for lil shit now

  • awesome arsenal

    dumb shit!
    dumber shit!!
    dumbest shit!!!

  • The Last Hope

    Jail isn’t what dude needs….its a jaw wired shut so we dont have to hear his elementary ass rhymes anymore. naw that’s cold. brr

  • The Man

    The Mans Wack Rapper Checklist

    Gucci Mane X
    Lil Wayne X
    Lil boosie X
    Jim Jones
    Oj Da Juice Man
    Shawty Lo

  • L.a Vet

    Rick Ross is lockin cats up…

    all of theses cats got one thing in common a Rick Ross feature…

    • matty21

      LOL haaaa……damn man, where ho niggaz be snitchin at n often come up missin at! fuck boyz…….real boyz stay up! :)

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  • matty21

    FUCK! DAMN, wtf…..although this is gonna blow him up even more AGAIN (negative into a positive), but damn man i’m bout sick of it…every time we turn around dey lockin our artists up, t.i., boosie, gucci…..stay up mane, DA STATE VS. RADRIC DAVIS….can’t keep a real nigga down u fuckin state boys….b4 i self destruct comin too n DA KING OUT SOON BOYS!

  • DaChao

    MANNN This shit is stupid as hell man…But alot of talented niggas is finna come out now that they are locked up…Free EVERYONE Thas going down behind 5’0…Period…I hate to see anyone go to jail…But GUCCI I REALLY HOPE THAT YOU WANTED TO PULL THIS SHIT OFF JUST 4 THE HYPE!!! You spending alot of time locked away…DAMNITTT

  • matt swagg

    I swear this nigga do this on purpose jus b4 his albums come out. he thinks this makes him hard.. fuck him lol. i think dude has sum sick songs but shiiitttt stay out da pen mo fucks

  • anthony

    Gucci Sucks..Wayne Sucks..PERIOD

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