Ghostface Hits Times Square, Ultramagnetic MCs Diss Joe Budden [With Photos]

Currently on his Ghostdini: Wizard of Poetry tour, Ghostface finally touched down on home turf last night (November 11) at B.B. Kings in Times Square.

With hardcore Wu heads filling the venue to capacity, opener Skyzoo won them over with Nas’ “NY State of Mind.” It marked an otherwise easier transition into his unfamiliar solo material from his latest release, The Salvation.

After Sky’s half-hour set, the Wallabee Champ, flanked by Trife Da God, finally walked out triumphantly and launched into select cuts off Supreme Clientele, including “We Made It.” Covering every corner of his extensive catalog, Ghost also spanned every landmark Clan release from 36 Chambers (“C.R.E.A.M.”) to Cuban Linx… (Nas’ verse on “Verbal Intercourse”) to Return To The 36 Chambers (“Shimmy Shimmy Ya”) and Liquid Swords (“4th Chamber”) over the course of his 75-minute set.

Ultramagnetic MCs, minus a conspicuously absent Kool Keith, also hit the stage towards the show’s end. After giving Starks props, the hip-hop icons fired off a diss aimed Joe Budden to the surprise of everyone—seemingly Ghost, too. “Fuck Joe Budden!” yelled Ced Gee. “Tell that nigga Joe Budden come see me. I’m in Jersey City all day!”

Ghost continued on for a short while afterwards, before closing out the show with “All That I Got Is You,” and announcing his upcoming collaborative album with Raekwon and Method Man, Wu-Massacre, which is due out next month. —Devin Chanda

Photos courtesy of Jesse Hagen. Click image to enlarge.

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  • Sir Orange

    Emcee’s gotta stop dissing Joe Budden. It’s like a trend that’s getting old. I’m not a Joe Budden stan or anything, but obviously dude is very outspoken…get over it. Why are rappers so sensitive?

  • http://xxlmag jb

    Budden deserves it. He doesnt know how to shut up. Especially when it comes to other rappers.

  • General

    Would have liked to been there at Ghost’s show…

    Having said that, this shit is getting retarded. Does Buddens run his mouth too much??? Yes, but when did all these rappers get to be a bunch of sensitive feminine cats…

    Fuck it, this whole shit has turned into Pro Wrestling

  • Enok

    Its CED GEE you hack writer.

  • Yo Momma’s Sex Toy

    I feel the same way as yall. Wack shit to keep going at Joe. He’s like a Conservative Politician who won’t give up on the “Birther” craze. Kill yourself.

  • Fon Z

    Joey disses cuz thats da only way he’s getting noticed… lets keep it real! He knowz wussup!
    So all these disses to Budden is helping his career cuz his solo albums for damn sure weren’t!

  • buddenSTAN

    niggas is lame still sayn fuk joe buddens … but what are they really saying? that they wont take shots at him in a track? that fuck joe buddens is the new “fuck fat joe”? its corny get a new rap career joey got goes harder than 95 percent of the rap game ..


  • ceebol

    Thirsty to get attention sorry buddy it wont happen ….

  • YOM

    You right about that budden statement.
    But anyway, I’m mad I missed Ghost live and he should be the topic not some cat who will never reach his status or anyone from the WU Clan!!

    This hip-hop shit still means something to some folk so that’s why they get heated when dudes don’t show it the respect it deserves.
    It’s wrestling to some and thats the problem.They need a Drop kick or something!!!

    • dj blendz

      no disrespect my dude but u should go & check out Ultra’s history in the game,i’m pretty sure if u ask any Wu member they’d b very appreciative of sharing that stage with them just for the impact they had on the game


    Sounds like someone is begging for attention… This shit got old when Royce told Rae’s people that Joey getting hit wouldn’t have happened if he was there. I fucking love both cuban linx’s but Rae needs to control his people and get over the shit.

    • west’d up

      is it joe who needs attention or these old ass rappers who live on wut they did. mike jordan was the greatest in ball but that didn’t stop all the young ballers from going at his head when they played him. say shit wit rap.

  • grand

    guess what?..fuck joe budden and thats how they feel about him.Its the same thing he did right?..or is it diffrent cuz you people dont know them icons?He just ranted on some other shit and his niggas had to check him.

    The nigga keeps talkin so what do you expect.

  • 713-24/7

    I’m in the hood all day, I get it poppin’. You wack muthafucka! you ain’t got anotha option!

    (c) Joe Budden

  • Swayz

    Fuck all that, most of the time the shit Joe Budden be saying is true, these rap niggas just too worried with they image to admit it



  • lol

    Another no-name going at Joey. Joe would slaughter any of these dudes on the mic.

  • RicksDaRuler

    learn ya rap history before dissing legends. Ultra magnetic got classics. Critical Beat down, look it up. The rap game existed before Little Wayne.

  • Manamongst Hussein

    Ultra were fuckin weirdos back in the day, they hated on Stetsasonic back in the days. Let’s be real, at best they were considered rap alternative, with very little considered “single amterial”. At worst they were hustlers that put out incoherrent bullshit. They have nothing to do with the beef…if it can be considered that. It was a whole bunch of marginal ass has-beens that were dying to read an honest question/opinion the wrong way. And at the end of the day, that shit was his opinion. If the parties in question stayed on they B-I and put out relavant tracks and not temporarily fall off for months and years…this wouldn’t be an issue. Evolution is upsetting to some.

  • joe farver

    wu massacre will be a album worth copping. Every rapper is sensitive, cats be forgetting that this thing called hip hop is built on competition. So what Joe is outspoken who isn’t. Niggas lying in they raps lying bout cars, hoes, and who be writing they flows. Buddens is a beast, didn’t have the right marketing. A lot of rappers fear the dude a lot of those rappers won’t battle him. Cuz they know he will roast that ass. they fake like they tuff 85% of these rappers is fraudlent 40% make good music and bout 8% spit real life shit. I don’t hate on nobody making money to feed your seed or take care of whatever you got to do. This thing called rap is entertainment. Let buddens live, they must be mad he didn’t mention they name on his website.

  • BluBlack

    Eveybody wants to diss someone so they can pop off from it, when are dudes gonna stop that corney shit, keep it to the MUSIC, AND jOE stop talking shit about dudes, dont even get online of a minute, get low, cause your nick name MOUSE, in Jersey City, you get smashed and you run every summer, if you was trash, you’d be like Young Berg, so get low and keep it too the music, my god, you cornry dudes kill me.