A glimmer of hope is on the horizon for fans still waiting for Dr. Dre’s mythical Detox album to drop. Game recently told XXLMag.com that he and Dre are hard at work on both Detox and his own album, The R.E.D.

Giving insight into the production legend's work ethic, Chuck Taylor said composing with Dre is a slow process. “If you get in the studio with Dre you best be prepared to be there for a long time 'cause he gonna coach you word for word until he gets you to 100 percent where he wants it to be,” he said. “You gonna be in there all night working on one verse. “

The R.E.D., which was originally scheduled for release on December 8, was pushed back to February 16. Although there is still no official release date for Detox, Game hints at an intense recording schedule to complete it.

“We recording every single day working on Detox and working on The R.E.D. album,” he revealed. “It just feels good for me to be back in the studio with the big homie and working on my project.”

Game also shared that Dre will make the ultimate decision on which songs that come out of the simultaneous Detox/R.E.D. recording sessions will go on which project.

In related news today (November 16) marks the 10-year anniversary of Dre's 2001 LP and XXL is paying homage to the good doc and his decade-old classic with a week of recognition. We caught up with some of the West Coast’s brightest stars to share their thoughts and fond memories of 2001. Read up here to find out Game's thoughts on Dre’s dominance and check back all week for more tribute interviews. —Brooklyne Gipson with reporting by Anslem Samuel