Game Speaks on Working Relationship With Dr. Dre

A glimmer of hope is on the horizon for fans still waiting for Dr. Dre’s mythical Detox album to drop. Game recently told that he and Dre are hard at work on both Detox and his own album, The R.E.D.

Giving insight into the production legend’s work ethic, Chuck Taylor said composing with Dre is a slow process. “If you get in the studio with Dre you best be prepared to be there for a long time ’cause he gonna coach you word for word until he gets you to 100 percent where he wants it to be,” he said. “You gonna be in there all night working on one verse. “

The R.E.D., which was originally scheduled for release on December 8, was pushed back to February 16. Although there is still no official release date for Detox, Game hints at an intense recording schedule to complete it.

“We recording every single day working on Detox and working on The R.E.D. album,” he revealed. “It just feels good for me to be back in the studio with the big homie and working on my project.”

Game also shared that Dre will make the ultimate decision on which songs that come out of the simultaneous Detox/R.E.D. recording sessions will go on which project.

In related news today (November 16) marks the 10-year anniversary of Dre’s 2001 LP and XXL is paying homage to the good doc and his decade-old classic with a week of recognition. We caught up with some of the West Coast’s brightest stars to share their thoughts and fond memories of 2001. Read up here to find out Game’s thoughts on Dre’s dominance and check back all week for more tribute interviews. —Brooklyne Gipson with reporting by Anslem Samuel

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  • Caine

    Dre you gone need to hurry up playa…


    10 Rass years later, and still no Detox. Whatever happened to Hitman?

    • ron mexico

      seriously. that nigga held 2001 DOWN and was never heard from again. i thought a star was born like snoop from the chronic.

      • Enlightened

        I remember I was listenin to one of those all Snoop/Dre dis albums that Suge dropped on Death Row and on one of the dis songs, one of the no-name niggas he had rappin’ on there said “Hitman, how do you eye feel?”

        Being that we hadn’t seen him again, I was wonderin’ if Suge ‘nem stomped him out so bad that he wanted to get away from music period.

        I did see an interview with him finally probably 2-3 years ago, on dubcnn site I think, and he was talkin all that stuff about he still cool with them but he gon’ stand on his own and all that.

        Something definitely happened.

  • macdatruest

    Glimmer of hope my black ass. These niggas say they gone do somethin’ but they do whatever they want whenever. Aftermath is the Label That Cried Wolf. Nothing comes out when they say it do. Relapse 2 was sposed to be dropping but instead Before I Explode came out. Who really cares about all the extra controversy and anticipation anymore it’s 2010 that shit is old. Either you rappin or you not. As you see, the artist that are relevent are making music. The irrelevant one stuck in the past, still try to build controversy or anticipation around a release. Niggas knock Gucci, Wayne, and other niggas but they aint playin they fans like hoes. Just RAP!!!!!

    • jbird

      I 2nd macdatruest. Lame ass cake niggaz keep runnin at the trap about WHAT they GON do. Real cats walk wit no talk. If you gon do it do it. Don’t talk bout what you gon do. So, not to say nobody cares, but hell I don’t!!! Make the music and let fans make you what you are. Don’t ride on the past DRE. That was over like 10 years since I last heard a record. I don’t hear anybody talking about when Aftermath Presents came out? Why, cuz that shit SUCKED BALLS. No homo. Give Dre the rep for Aftermath Presents cuz that’s the type of music HE makes.

      • NotoriousAGC

        maybe you southerner’s need to STAY more time on the studio and make a decent album,instead of unleashing the dozens and dozens of mixtapes,and shit sandwich albums that come out of ugly ass south ASS..with the “traptivity” bullshit you guys talkin bout’ i rather wait 10 years than wait 3 mins for 5 gucci mane albums full of southern nonsense…just my thoughts homie.

        • GregSIDE

          Hold up, I live in the south, and I’m tired of this week bullshit we put out. Do you think anybody will give a fuck about Gucci in ten years… Fucc naw. Dre set the backdrop for the west coast. He’s in my opinion the best producer ever. So what he had one shitty album. Dre’s a fuccin Legend. OutKast & Goodie Mob are the only southern albums you can listen to ten year later. They had an effect on the south. You got all these bullshit candy ass rapper’s like Gucci, Shawty Lo, and O.J. the “I don’t know how to make a full sentence so I just sound like a fuccin retard when I talk” Mane. The south’s got so many talented artist that either get slept on(Killa Mike), Don’t know how to move forward(OutKast), or are in jail(T.I. and soon Wanye). What happened to the “New South” movement. We need to get the greats to come together instead of havin all this week ass (instead of Jeezy) I’m in the Trap bullshit.

  • General

    Good to see Dre and Game workin together again along with Stat Quo, D.O.C., and Snoop. Now they just need to make sure Em, Crooked, and Bishop Lamont get on there too…

    • kedordu

      crooked i needs to be on there , they need to get some nate dogg vocals on there too .

  • k-rob

    I guess the red album wont be out no time soon, the last time this guy worked with dre, fifty had to come get him off the he better keep cool and dre number close

  • OD


  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    “the last time this guy worked with dre, fifty had to come get him off the shelf…”

    My point exactly.

    I still can’t believe 10 years later & n*ggas STILL recording Detox…

  • adrian smith

    detox wait wait 2010 the game red sick cant wait sad day 4 uk hip hop derek b r.i.p pas away first english rappin from uk to cross over in the late 80s r.i.p. derek b bullet from a gun album buy it sick shout out to simon harris music of life records back n the day uk hip hop xxlmag do a shout out to derek b

    • NotoriousAGC

      what the fuck is you talkin bout?

  • Ste

    do ya think 50 n Game will ever make another track together

  • Enlightened

    I don’t wish death upon nobody so I don’t even like mentionin it but…

    man, if Dre fucked around and died for some reason and they raided his archives, we might have some of the hardest hip-hop shit ever – enough to last for a few years.

    When Stat Quo left, he said some shit like he had over a hundred something songs of HIS OWN with Dre.

    • nicholasdelorejo

      You might be right about Dre. He might have some of the best body of work in hip hop stock away. But my thing is HE DOESN”T RELEASE IT. I’ve stop believing the idea of him being a professionalist because if that’s the case them the beats on Relapse would have been at least up to par with some of the top beats out today. “Empire State of Mind” was made by a nobody but its much better than “Crack a Bottle”. My point is that I’m tired of people putting out the same excuses like “he made classics from Chronic and 2001″. Either Dre releases the music so he can keep the title of Best Rap Producer or cut this anticipation bullshit. It’s like he’s waiting on a year when rap is going to get shitty so that his album can blow people away. But it won’t. TI will be out next year and might release an album, Drake might make noise as well as Jay, Common, Nas, and possible Wayne. The more dude holds of the album, the more people are going to anticipate an album that might sound past dated.

  • Fireforreal

    The game is funny. One minute he’s like I don’t need Dre,I’ll never work with him again stop asking me about Dre. The next I love Dre now my album is gonna be fire. Niggas don’t want it with me Blah Blah Blah. He reminds you of a bitch who breaks up with there man and says fuck that nigga he ain’t shit I ain’t thinkin about him But mentions him everyday then one day he decides to take her back then she’s telling everybody how much she loves him and there gonna be together forever. LOL just give us a dope album Game. No beef and bullshit needed just dope lyrics and beats.

    • sacdeezy

      see homie(fireforreal) thats the problem, game dont have dope lyrics…. all that nigga do is name drop! he is weak, i dont know how any real rap fans like this dude!!!!(Game) DRE fuck what these niggas sayin you do you, i know this shit will be fire…… aftermath is the illest, even if they do take a min to get shit done, when it comes out its the best shit… look at em!! relapse sold 750k in the first week!! and that was 5 years after encore and it didnt sound dated!!! dre is the sickest producer out and he will prove it once again if it ever comes out

  • G W

    If pac waited 4 dre 2 produce his songs, all eyes on me would never come out. Imagine how long this guy would take 2 produce a double album.

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  • NotoriousAGC

    Game please.from a homie in L.A. PLEASE.look at me. PLEASE dont namedrop or say “64 impala”on this album man…

  • TheListener

    AHhhhh…..Now Game will Officially have ANOTHA CLASSIC. And after Game gets some of his Shine back, 50 will come tryin to dickride and mend the situation. WATCH.

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