DJ Drama Says New Fabolous Mixtape, “Blows the First One Out of the Water”

Earlier today (November 5) Fabolous took to his Twitter account to say that a freestyle by none other than Trey Songz has inspired him to finish his upcoming mixtape with DJ Drama. recently caught up with Mr. Thanksgiving to get details on the tape, a sequel to their first offering, 2008’s There is No Competition.

“I think There is No Competition, Pt. 1 was almost like a cult classic Gangsta Grillz,” Drama said. “I think at the time it came out it was when the mixtape game wasn’t at a high point… but I think it was a fan favorite. If you search on Twitter, people ride to it still to this day. “

According to Drama, the new tape is sure to blow the first one “out of the water.” While he couldn’t reveal any more details just yet, the Atlanta-based DJ expects to put out the disc before the end of the year.

The Grand Hustle rep has a lot of respect for Fab, who, like him, first came on the scene on underground mixtapes. “Fab is a beast in the mixtape game,” Drama said. “He’s one of the [inspiring forces] in a lot of ways. He worked with DJ Clue, came up though the mixtapes, got a deal, put out platinum albums and is still relevant.”

In addition to Loso’s project, Drama revealed that he’s working on “something special” with Common. —Jesse Gissen

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  • Federal Ranga


    Damn, Fab… is it me, or are you saying more on your Twitter account than your records? I’m not hating, just saying…

    Drama & Common… I’m scratching my head on this one.


    • ee bubble

      PREACH, this dude stay on twitter

  • Mika

    i expected a lot from Fab on Loso’s way but it was far less than what i expected ….hope this time i get that F-A-B slick talk !

  • capcobra

    fab a smart artist because he never overstays his welcome..mixtape or 2.street song.chick song.couple features and he’s he salute the street niguz and avoid the rap beefs…that’s a winning formula.

    • Mobuck$

      how is it that a hip hop fan can understand this formula but a hip hop maker is clueless. its called saturation .. fab is very aware of this ..although he do need to re-consider that twitter shit. till this day I cant understand the fascination with that site. I dont wany muthafuckas know what im doing all the time. it’s too many jealous niggaz in the world , open lips sink ships..

  • latino heat

    good point Cap. i wish all artists used that formula instead of beating us in the head with “hot new mixtapes” every other day.

  • Federal Ranga

    Cap, I feel, you my nigga, but tha’s also Loso’s problem… I consider his career in the game like an open relationship… Like you got this fine ass girl who does good things for you, but you’re only together “when you’re together”…

    Fab only manages to stay relevant when he is around, when he ain’t droppin music, you don’t hear shit about him… but I guess he’s tryna change that via Twitter. Like a quiet kid on a sport team who is talented, but doesn’t talk… then once he does, you can’t shut him the fuck up.


    • nicholasdelorejo

      I know its the same shit that holds ludacris from being considered goat. I hear more dudes actually claiming 50 to be one of the goats simply due to how he handles his beefs. Fab is a few notches in talent from Jay yet dudes like Gucci or Drake are hyped up. So Cap I recommend the 50 cent strategy: Beef with those who are well known, with a good amount of shit to be hated on and are at their weakest. It worked for Fif when he battled the Ja Rule when he was popular for his croaky RnB songs.

  • AZ40

    I think niggas slept on tha first mixtape but that joint was better than most his albums so I’m hopeful about this one

    • GregSIDE

      The first mixtape was crazy. Hopefully Drama won’t fucc up his relationship with Fab like he did with Jeezy. And I think a Common Gangsta Grill is a good idea, cause it seems he’s been quiet lately with all the movies and shit. Just Please don’t put Common and Gucci 2gether.

  • ChRi$



    i enjoy a rap beef every once in a while though lol,..just for laughs, kuz all it is is entertainment anyways lol



    Loso’s Way was a decent album, mostly collabos & club songs,..but its all good, Fab done put enough albums and mixtapes to solidify that he can make some hot street shit, but i hope he deff brings it back


    there definitely wasn’t any competition once Fab dropped There Is No Competition. he smashed the mixtape game w/ that one. i can’t even stress how much fire he spit on that shit. IMO, it was 2-3 songs short of a fuckin masterpiece.

    According to Drama, the new tape is sure to blow the first one “out of the water.”
    ^^you better not be bullshitting Drama. your musical credibility is coming into question.

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  • Rex Banner

    I’m excited!

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