Cam’ron On Dipset: “It’s Over… Get Over It” [Video]

In a recent interview with, Cam’ron laughed after being asked who the owner of Dipset was, before asserting that Dipset as we knew it is no more.

After brandishing a Dipset tattoo on his hand to visualize his allegiance to the brand, the Harlem MC continued: “The only thing that bothers me is when niggas be like, ‘Oh, so you could be down with Dipset, they gone put you back down? How can you put somebody back down with something that they are? Keep it a hundred, Dipset is Dipset but it’s over. Niggas gotta get over it.”

The statement completely contradicts reports from Diplomat A&R Duke Da God, who recently told that there were plans for a new Dipset compilation set for an early 2010 release, while on the set of the Clipse and Cam’ron’s “Popular Demand” video.

As of now there is no further word on the status of the alleged album. Stay tuned to as more develops. —Brooklyne Gipson

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  • Mika

    sad thing cuz i was hoping for them to get back together…. i liked Juelz as well as Jim when they were Dipset …. individually, they just not good ’nuff…. i just dont feel ‘em (no homo) …. and that goes for Cam too !!!!

    And Cam,just do it big homie, at the end of the day (your line) its all bussiness !!!!

  • TP

    the album that duke da god was talking about is called D.I.P Agenda and it featuring hell rell, jr writer, 40 cal, camron, dblock etc…. notice how i did not say jim jones or juelz santana

  • ee bubble

    cam was fresh off a 20 or even a 50 sack shopping for the munchies in that interview LOL

    about dipset, word, just get over it, even if they got back together, jimmy isnt doing anything musically hot right now, juelz is here and there

    • AZ40

      Exactly it seems like these niggas just got content wit’ where they at and don’t wanna make music no more or at least any good music any more they got fat lazy and too big for their skinny ass britches…they never be as good individually as they are collecttively


    WOW! i literally just came from wshh 2 seconds ago watching this shit. but, there’s really nothing new here.

  • worth the Read

    Glad he Said it!… but CAM was Cooked in the Grocery Store.. LMAO!… did this nigga just Get IN the Carriage!… LOL! Dis Nig CAM!

  • IndyKid

    This dudes an idiot. He just came out w a new video where he’s rockin the dipset chain and a couple days later and he suddenly forgets who dipset is. I’ll have everybody know that I thought he was a douche from the start.


  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    ^^^He is Dipset. I think you missed that part.

    LOL @ Cam shopping for munchies in Walgreen’s…

  • jbird

    Dipset could never be over as long as we got Cam. He’s all Dipset needs!! Plus, how could it be over when Cam’s got my heart. No homo! (HA) Cam will never be finished in my book. Praise to Cam, he’s the man. If he can’t do it no one can. Come on Cam with that new cd. I’m waitin on you to drop some new sh1T.

  • Capt. Obvious

    Fuck Dipset….Time 2 move on….

  • jsilva

    co sign capt…

  • CLJ

    that is Walgreens…. evey one is made the same across the country…

    • CLJ

      every…. i forgot the r… LOL

  • js416

    LOL this dude was so clearly high…jumpin in the shopping car n shit haha

  • NotoriousAGC

    man..i miss 2003 when diplomatic immunity came out and it was OK…jimmy and juelz are HORRIBLE without that dipset chain LOL, and Cam much of a glory and attention HOG he is he was avoidin the camera NON STOP on this video..

  • BluBlack

    LOYALTLY IS EVERYTHING, AND MONEY SHOWS WHO WE REALLY cant hear Jim or jewels without CAM,its always bin like that,Jim got gases after Ballin, Cam got Jelly, But JIM should of not bin on stage with 50,CAM took you out of 5H, That alone should have bin Enuff, LOYALTY IS EVERYTHING. MYSPACE.COM/BLUBLACK

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