Busta Rhymes Bails Out on South African Bay Summer Concert

Busta Rhymes angered fans over the weekend, by skipping out on a performance at the Bay Summer Concert in South Africa’s newly completed Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium.

According to Port Elizabeth’s Weekend Post, Busta was scheduled to headline the event last Sunday morning (November 30) but instead showed up hours late to announce that he would be playing at another club.

“We’re getting ready to go to La Dee Da’s,” he said. “That’s where we’re gonna have the show at. So, all of you people up there, go to La Dee Da’s, that’s where we’re gonna perform at.” [Watch video here].

Although concertgoers were allowed entrance into the new venue in Bethelsdorp for free, only 500 showed up as opposed to the 2,300 seats reserved at the stadium.

Despite the meager turnout, the smaller venue was reportedly filled to capacity. Bussa Buss hit up his twitter account to give his reaction to the show. “Now that we officially smashed club La Dee Da’s in Port Elizabeth, S. Africa now we r off 2 Uzbekistan 2 tear that down 2…Let’s get it!!!”

The Dungeon Dragon is currently working on his next album The Chemo. —Max G

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  • Vhingrhamesonyo’momma


  • H-DUB

    Busta Rhymes is on some weird Drugs, believe me ! His last Album was wack, and what does he think he is by touring Uzbekistan? I know, them Russians pay Big Bucks, but come on……drop some Hot Shit and we can talk again!



  • gift

    both of yall niccas is smoken crack. How the fuck can you call Busta Whack? I don’t even have to state the reasons why he wouldn’t be, but for yall to say that shit is beyond me. No hate at all. Jus sayin.


      Ha!^^ Busta said: “…my fans’ll leave ya fuckin ass leaking, for saying you nicer than me hypothetically speaking…”

  • Federal Ranga

    Yeah, that was pretty fucked up of him. But fuck it. I’M STILL bumping Extinction Level Event EVERYDAY.

    Shouts to C75B for the gem.

  • kevin

    busta’s style is fucking weird. he cannot hold a flow or a tempo whatsoever. i think he’s one of the most overrated mc’s in the game. period. don’t come at me with all this bullshit about how he’s so good. it’s not true. i know good music. granted, he does have a lot more talent than a lot of other people, but his shit is overall whack. his has ZERO flow. he gets this off-beat momentum going and just drools all over the place.

  • Fireforreal

    Fuck Busta’s old ass tryin to be gard since he became 35 LOL allt these cancellations,bullshit arrests and constant shit talking proves his career is almost over but I still knock his good shit from 96-2001. Now he’s like a woman on her period. Moody and always blaiming somebody else for shit.

  • http://www.ventilation.co.za Yanga

    Well i’m from South Africa and the event was just poorly marketed. We have too many international artists here back to back aint nobody gonna go see that old ass nigga. Bow Wow here too, but nobody’s interested in his ass either.
    The hype of international artists is buried down here, even Bow Wow can only pull off a club performance. Last month Keri Hilson and John Legend failed to fill a venue too… Let’s take it back to the club please…

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  • http://www.google.com Stimoroller

    Extintion level event is one of Busta’s all time best albums, but currently he’s not the ish anymore. This tendency of touring African countries by American artists when they albums are’nt hot sucks. They shud rather stay in the states until they have something worthwhile to offer. We might be third world and whatever but that dont mean we cant differentiate between what’s dope and what’s not.