50 Cent’s BISD Sells 159K in First Week

50 Cent has officially hit a career low.

The G-Unit General landed on The Billboard 200 this week at the no. 5 spot—his lowest debut since 2007’s Curtis came in at second place below Kanye West’s Graduation. As expected, the disc managed to sell 159,700 units, according to the Nielsen SoundScan, marking the first time that the rap superstar failed to go gold in his first week. This number includes two weeks of digital sales on iTunes.

As previously reported, when 50 first burst onto the scene with Get Rich or Die Tryin’ in 2002 he sold 872,000 units in his first week. In 2004, his sophomore album, The Massacre, rang up over 1.15 million discs and Curtis moved close to 695,000 units.

This go-round, his album leaked almost a month in advance, which undoubtedly affected his sales.

Meanwhile further down the charts at no. 25 is the Black Eyed Peas. The group’s latest disc, The E.N.D., pulled in 31,200 units in sales this week, bringing their 25 week total to 1,387,300.

Jay-Z landed five more spots down at no. 30. Fans rang up 29,100 units of The Blueprint 3 this week, making his 11 week tally stand at 1,300,300.

Rap legend Rakim failed to break into the top 40 this week with his comeback album The Seventh Seal. The independent offering, Ra’s fist disc in 10 years, sold 11,500 units in its debut week on the charts.

Next week look for Birdman to fly onto The Billboard 200. —Max G

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  • ee bubble

    ouch, dats got to hurt

    • DetroitDraper

      I know I’m late but I just wanted to make it clear that Fif had a great album…fuck it really a great year. BISDb was great, and every official mixtape released by the Unit has beeg classic material. That goes to show you artist need to stop doin so many mixtapes and release albums because even though the album was good just imagine how much better it coulda been with all those free mixtape bangers added?

      • http://XXL CALHOUN

        DAMN, DAMN, DAMN!!!!This fool could have used Ricky Ross as a feature or sumpn. This shit didn’t even go neoprene rubber. It might go mattel plastic.HEHEHEHERHAHAHAHAHEHEHEHEHAHAHAHEHELMFAO!

  • arena917

    I dont understand how those hit daily double predictions can be so accurate. anyone?

    • yoprince

      they utilize a (usually) reliable mathematical equation.

      they project your first week sales based on how many albums sold the first day.

      it’s really pretty simple.. like Algebra I maybe, and some simple statistics.

      • Hanch

        They use Algebra and simple Statistics and put that into a math equation…Wow your a genius who would of ever thunk that. Bro your way to smart to be on this board! You need to be over on the Yale website figuring up new nano technology so our computers will get even faster! I am just amazed by that answer and how simple it was for you to figure out that they use Math to get those number and predictions. lmao you fucking clown!! WTF

        • yoprince

          lol, calm down.

          someone asked a question… i answered it. it’s not my fault the answer was simple.

  • rrahha

    Well, i can’t speak on the sales but the album itself is a banger and thats all I care about.

    • tri-YUM-pf

      Totally agree.

  • http://reverbnation.com/ajb4 AJB4

    Still a good album! but he should have put “They Burn Me” on the album and made it his 1st single

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      “but he should have put “They Burn Me” on the album and made it his 1st single”

      ^^^ Yes

    • bullets

      curtis ran out of gas his formula is oversaturated and has worn thin this album is very mediocre…….

  • http://www.film-nyt.dk Bizzle

    Men lie
    Women lie
    Numbers dont.. :)

    Still, the album is much better than Curtis.. is this the end for fiddy?

    • mikel

      “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and STATISTICS.” – Mark Twain


    Glad to hear the God Rakim still doing his Thang, Good on his sells also, we still listening. Keep it coming!

  • KG

    “This go-round, his album leaked almost a month in advance, which undoubtedly affected his sales.”

    Bullshit. Plenty of artists albums leak and sell more than that. Ask Weezy and J.

  • illp65

    danm fif what happen man saling from 691 k to 159k that’s wac as hell man !!!!!!!!!!

  • yoprince

    considering the low-quality product he’s been putting out since 2004…. he should be ecstatic about those numbers.

    vitamin water = the highest quality product 50′s name has been associated with since Beg For Mercy.

    i’m not sure any artist has ever fallen off so hard BOTH critically AND commercially in such a short span.

    rick ross won.

    • Buck

      Didnt 50 just sell more than Rick did on 1st week sales? Im not sure so I am just asking a legit Quesion. If i was being a Dick about it I would of said man 50 just sold almost as much as Rick Ross and Triple C’s sold first week combined Thats 2 albums to 1 so again how did Rick Win if 50 outsold him? Sounds like a catch 22 coming from a Hater to me. Face it ppl Record Sales are back where they should be where going gold OVER A PERIOD OF TIME is considered a quality album again like it use to be. That period of time where ppl were selling a million copies a week is over. The Consumers (us) are not blowing our money anymore like we were 10yrs ago and up until about 2006. That was a fluke and it was The Exception Not The Rule. So quit Judging albums by The First Week Sales fucking retards. So readjust your mind to think about the long term and if the album goes gold in a month then its a quality album. When did we change so much its fucking ridiculous. With that being said Ross sold roughly 350 to 400k which means its a Pretty Decent record Quality Music. If 50 sells roughly the same or at least goes Gold then again Another Quality Album but Triple C’s now thats a flop there not even projected to sell 100thou in a month. So hip hop fans Lower your sales exppectations on these artist. Just because sales went back to normal doesnt mean that all these albums are flops and the artist careers are over.

      • yoprince

        50 Cent can’t blame album sales THAT low on the climate of the record industry…

        he was a megastar at one point. you’re really copping pleas.

        going from selling a million to 150,000 is devastating no matter how you cut it.

  • Detroit Dave

    IF he linked up with Young Buck and Game again maybe people would listen to him.

  • mario

    The Album is Amazing it’s hard to believe cause seriously This shit Blows “Curtis” out the water, I Bought two copies.

  • MC

    Ross won what exactly?

    • yoprince

      deeper than rap sold 158,000 copies its first week.

      rick ross didn’t get on conan o’brien.
      he didn’t release two movies with his project.
      he didn’t whore out Jam Master Jay.
      he didn’t go on tavis smiley show.
      he didn’t have a jimmy kimmel interview.
      he didn’t have a BET special.
      he didn’t beg for beef with people who ignored him.
      he didn’t buy fur coats for someone’s baby mother.

      PLUS, rick ross’s album is actually DOPE… critically acclaimed. just check metacritic.com.

      go ahead and talk about 50′s money.

      • MidWest Grindin

        Actually, Rick Ross did have a BET special. And i’m not even a 50 fan at all, tho i bought the album for the JMJ documentary. Exactly WHAT makes Rick Ross’s album dope? (Not tryin to be funny; havent heard the album besides the singles he has) He has the most BORING voice/cadence i’ve ever heard from a hip-hop artist. Plus, bangin beats/production does not equal a dope album.

        • yoprince


          i’ll agree with you on one point, i think ross would have to diversify his flow within songs more often to be a top-tier rapper.

          on the other hand, i think ross has a great rap voice. it’s distinctive.

          bangin’ production is KEY to a dope album when you’re not a lyrical monster. and ross has a great ear for beats.

          the album is DOPE b/c it fits his persona and where he’s from. the grandness of the records matches the personality of miami. idk if you’ve ever been. it also matches the character (or caricature) that is rick ross the entertainer. that’s the best way i could put it shortly.

        • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

          I didn’t buy Ross’ CD, I’m just not a fan of his. But the production DID grab my attention big time. I am a fan of Justice League, the group who did the bulk of the production on Ross’ CD. They made that album pop, not Ross.

          This is the exact same reason I bought GRODT and The Documentary. I’m a fan of Dre’s and I heard that he was all over those two albums. After awhile, I’d actually listen to what 50 and Game were saying. They both kinda-sorta grew on me. With the exception of Massacre, I didn’t buy anything else from them.

          I guess I’m the type of fan who gets hooked by the beats first. I’m also GREATLY interested in the JMJ movie (I’m a big-time JMJ fan). I haven’t bought BISD yet because I haven’t heard too many reviews about the JMJ movie (again, ‘yet’). That’s all.

        • MidWest Grindin

          I respect your opinion. Production is key for a dope album, ONLY if you’re an average rapper, which Ross is. I have most def been to miami, so maybe i will check it. I dont think his voice is distinctive at all. I can never listen completely to a full song of his, becuase his voice is boring, so i tend to listen more to the beat than his bars.

      • Memphis

        So true! Aside from him denying his C.O. past and taking shots here and there at 50, Rick Ross actually stuck to the music. His album had excellent production and good worldplay. 50′s BISD could’ve been a monster if he didn’t rely so much on tarnishing other people’s name and passing it off as entertainment. BISD is a good album, but he should leave all that other shit alone. Niggas wanna hear some good music. I could give a fuck about what a nigga does with their personal life. To tell the truth, the majority of these rap niggas aint what they say they are in their songs anyway. And besides, he’s killing his own fan base by dissing other rappers. Folks like Ross, Wayne, Jay, Kanye, etc have huge fan bases, and when 50 decides to say something about them, the fans stop fucking with him. You can see that through his sales this time.

        • RWord

          Ross murdered 50. period

        • Mika

          i know you ridin Ross’s MagicStick ….well ….everybody knows that by now …but hey … Ross aint murdered no 50 !!! The ‘R’ in ur name…. whats that for ? STFU WE ALREADY KNOW

      • that nigga

        yoprince, nice analysis. So very true.

      • http://www.bboycult.com www.bboycult.com

        @yo prince

        caricature IS the best way to put it. well said… all of it. and i fucks with 50. not because he’s great at this hip hop. i can tell he REALLY LOVES IT.

      • dipher

        Rick Ross went on Letterman. He performed “Yacht Club”. 50 Flopped. Face it.

      • Hanch

        do you mean Mediacritic? or is it really metacritic? What if 50 Outsells Ross like he already did with these 1st week numbers and what if he outsells him overall and gets Critical Acclaim? Would Ross Still win cause your a Hater? I like both albums they are both dope and I think the war is still waging on with nobody Winning as of yet. Here comes Round 3 is the way i look at it cause Ross didnt kill 50 and 50 hasnt killed Ross Yet. You really are a clown wow u simple fuck. And its easy as 3.14!!

        • yoprince

          it’s METAcritic.

          i’m not a hater. if 50 Cent made a good record again, i’d applaud him.

          50 Cent’s latest album isn’t dope… sorry.

        • D-Lloyd

          REPLY TO Hanch


  • Justice4all

    People no longer subscibe to his barbarian antics and he’s getting exactly what he deserves. His style is not exactly something for the ages and he is always trying to pick wars with other artist. We are sincerly tired of that Mr. Curtis, your 1 week totals reflects how the listening and buying public feels….You are horrible. Next!

  • deezy

    It’s over for Curtis. Now he will make a bunch of excuses about how the album leaked and how it affected his sales.Take your Loss like a man. Every hip album over the last 3 years has leaked a few weeks before the actual release date. i.e. weezy, jay, eminem, etc.

  • http://-- gaddic

    R.I.P to 50 Cent’s hype and sound scan killing

    Not hating, BISD is dope and hardcore but face it dick riders his relevance is on the decline

    Leaking a month earlier(no other lp has leaked more than two weeks early)
    Weak commercial singles
    This is just a failure by 50 Cent sales standards pity the actual album material is good and will be blocked by the poor sales shadow

    Beefing with Jay didn’t contribute to this
    This was bound to happen sooner or later
    so for all the jigga stans don’t bother qouting the “Thank You” ‘numbers’ verse-it’s F*CKIN ANNOYING

    • Eric

      you mean like this…

      i was gonna kill a couple rappers/but they did it to themselves/I was gonna do it with the flow/but they did it with they SALES/

      sorry, man, had to do it. The way 50 picks with people, he deserves all the teasing in the world.

      • macdatruest

        you mean like this…

        i was gonna kill a couple rappers/but they did it to themselves/I was gonna do it with the flow/but they did it with they SALES/
        Good Shit!!! LMAO

        So if chess is planning and seeing moves ahead of time, and rap is chess-then who was the more predictable opponent??? Fiddy or Jay???

        Fiddy always said its chess, so I guess tryna use one of Jigga’s pawns as a Bishop was fucked up, and his endgame was fucked up because he was on a time limit like Bobby Fisher. Instead of focusing on the game, Fiddy was focusing on the spectators. And as you see, he lost. BAD!!!

  • reckless tha don

    Death to 50 rick ross killed homies kareer fuck 50 it b.w.s maybach musik forever gggunot I hope 50 dies today that would be a good day in hip hop and for me I would piss in his kasket he’s a straight bitch and snitch please somebody whack this whorre r.e.d album kummin soon rick ross ne album kumminj soon death to 50 forever

    • Capital G

      Snitch? The man you’re exalting was a fuckin’ CORRECTIONAL OFFICER!!! Ross “raps” about selling weight, why no songs about cavity searches and handing out lunch trays? You want the man to die but then turn around to suck off a rent-a-pig. Reckless indeed.

      • Eric

        being a correctional officer doesn’t make you a snitch. it makes you a correctional officer.

        got mouths to feed, you take the available job. fuck the dumb shit.

        • 619

          A police officer is a job too, so is a P.O., so is a D.A. Would you listen to any of those if they came out rappin’ about movin’ dope? No. Think of those cats at the end of ‘Hustle and Flow’ that hand homeboy their demo tape then take him to his cell. Hahahaha, what was their name, C Block or some shit? Hahaha, that’s Ross right there.

        • Chilly Willy

          @ mac

          One of them was named Big 5-0 ! And the fucked up shit is he reminded me of Ross when I first saw the movie….the irony…

        • http://www.fatalhooks.com Vega Diamond

          the crazy thing is that people hat on ross like there’s not a such thing as a DIRTY COP…lol you gotta do what you gotta do to feed your fam and yourself… thats the way I look at it.

        • Capital G

          So what you’re saying is: You would take money to snitch on someone as long as you feed your family, “doing what you gotta do” as you so look at it. At the end of the day, Officer Ricky was a C.O. He didn’t have a wife or kids at the time, only mouth to feed was his, throw the “family excuse” out the window. Then he LIED through his teeth about the job, suggested photo-shop was involved, THEN switched it up and said he needed to do the “job” to play his part. This dude is fraudulent across the board. I love how people will call 50 a snitch with absolute zero to back it up, then ride or die for the long arm of the law. GTFOH, deep throat a night-stick. NWA gonna have to remix “Fuck the Police” to include C.O.’s, prosecutors, DA’s, sherrif’s department, probation and parole officers, judges, etc… Just so everyone knows who to “fuck”. Long story short: If you have/had a badge, or worked for someone with a badge…FUCK YOU!

  • http://xxlmag.com Blakout615

    “This go-round, his album leaked almost a month in advance, which undoubtedly affected his sales.”

    Ppl have been saying that 50 himself is the 1 that leaked the album. If u recall back before the Curtis album came out, the vid with him and Robin Thicke leaked. 50 found out and threw a 3 yr older temper tandrum in the g unit offices. Sooo this time around,his whole album leaks and he doesn’t have a problem with it? Hmmmmm. Pretty messed up for 50 considering it can only go downhill from here.

    O well.

    Good to see Rakim still doing his thing. Alot of ppl on the internet talk down on the elders in hip hop. Im a young dude but I feel if u can still spit,why stop? Wish he got more promo tho.

  • Tezzy

    i’m not sure any artist has ever fallen off so hard BOTH critically AND commercially in such a short span.

    Are you serious how is 6 years a short span.

    On another note 159k dammmmm
    He better hope “think about me” and “hold me down” connects cause if not this shit probably wont even go gold in the U.S. (but im pretty sure internationally he’s doing pretty good

    A artist that fell off hard both critically and commercially in a short span hmm idk maybe NELLY

    • yoprince

      you’re right. Nelly is right there too.

      6 years really isn’t that long tho. i guess for me i just still remember when Get Rich… dropped like yesterday and that shit was so ill.

      but it’s all relative.. 6 yrs may feel long to some.

  • TheCoolest

    Ross did 158,000 in his first week earlier this year and landed at no.1 on the Billboard 200. then fiddy made fun off him

    7 months later….

    Fiddy sells 159,000 and lands at no.5. hahahahah I guess Karma is a real bitch.I predict BISD will do about 70K next week and never ever go gold….

    Kanye>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>50 Cent

    • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

      Actually, 50 had major competition this week. John Mayer and (I think) Taylor Swift are on a major run with their albums. When Ross dropped, no one else was popping that week.

      • Corbin

        ummm im not too sure these artists have the same fan base, i don’t think this would make a sales difference all that much

        • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

          What’s up Corbin?

          You’re right about the sales results not changing. However, when 50 ended up #5 instead of #1 (like Ross did) it was because of those non Hip-Hop artists who sold more that week.

          If it’s true that 50 sold 1,000 more than Ross the first week, then 50 would be #1 IF THEY BOTH CAME OUT THE SAME WEEK and there was no Taylor Swift or John Mayer albums coming out THAT WEEK to out-sell both of them.

  • General

    I bought the CD and wasn’t nearly as impressed as all the hype surrounding it. Everyone claimed it was a raw street CD, but there was a lot of hook singin, soft bullshit on there as well…

    Only difference is he didn’t have the pop collaborations on this CD as opposed to Curtis. His raps are still elementary at best and in my opinion his hook writing has severly declined since he first came out. 50 doesn’t know how to make a big single anymore and I’m not talking about a pop/club single, I’m just talkin about a record that really grabs your attention…

    Production was subpar on the CD as well, I’m not suprised it did the numbers it did…

    • http://thisismarlow.blogspot.com MarloW.

      CO-SIGN if that’s what yall call real street music then yall niggas haven’t listened to real mufuckas like WU, NWA, SCARFACE, AND BIG cause this shit was average at best the sales reflect the material but what can I say yall niggas save gas all day ridin this nigga dick

    • yoprince


      ppl like the “aggressive” content. but i listened and it’s still a bad record. a lot of uninspired tough talk over sub-par production.

      i honestly had trouble making it thru most of the songs.

      • General

        For a major release, it was very sub par on the production side…

        A few bright spots, but not enough to carry the CD and with 50, you know the rhymes are going to do it

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    I suspect he’s on to bigger & better regardless, but that has to sting his ego, although he’ll never let it show. Rick Ross is probably in the backseat of a Maybach somewhere, eating hot wings off his silk Louis Vuitton shirt, laughing like a motherfucker.

    • yoprince

      idk man..

      not to pile on 50 Cent..

      but he’s doing a movie starring val kilmer… with the guy who directed soul plane.

      honestly, i don’t see too many returns on ventures like this.

      val kilmer’s last decent starring role was HEAT… in 1995! he has a STRAIGHT TO DVD feature with cuba gooding jr. being advertised on THIS SITE! that’s not exactly hollywood money… certainly not hollywood respect.

      the director is jesse terrero. a music video director. Soul Plane?? really?

      if 50 is investing too much of his money in these type of ventures, he could see some real losses coming real soon.

      a remake of jekyll & hyde?? with him and forrest whittaker?? that’s a razzie award waiting to happen.

      all of his other ventures.. books, colognes, dildos, are all predicated on him being a commercial success as an entertainer. that’s gone.

      i really think the 50 Cent persona is a wrap.

      • macdatruest


        haha this just about sums up what I’ve been telling people. Nobody really looks into detail at these “genius” ventures Fiddy is pulling. Like for example his remix app on ipod. Niggas hopped on Fiddy dick like that shit was some smart ass expansion of his empire. Man, that aint shit but a watered down Snoop Dogg iFizzle app.

  • http://federalranga.blogspot.com Federal Ranga

    I can’t even say anything I didn’t already say on my show today. For my take, peep OYA!!! E-13: Before I Give Two Shits


  • http://federalranga.blogspot.com Federal Ranga

    I can’t even say anything I didn’t already say on my show today. For my take, peep On Yo Ass!!! E-13: Before I Give Two Shits


  • tommy gunz

    sales focus of BISD was digital downloads and those figures aren’t included in these numbers

    album was available on Itunes on NOV 9

    hardcopy on NOV 17 and these figures only include hardcopy sales of those of the week from nov 17-24

    so there is no accurate first week sales for BISD

    although if you combine numbers of both its around 300,000 sold

    • General

      For the one millionth time, the digital sales going back from Nov 9 were included in 50′s numbers. If they had reported his numbers like they do everyone elses without those, his actual physical copy numbers that everyone elses numbers are based on was close to 113k, so there is no 300k. They really do need an on line math course at thisis50.com…

    • http://www.ronmexicocity.com Ron Mexico

      soundscan tracks digital retailers.

  • killa don


  • fireforreal

    It wasn’t me it was the lable LOL if i didn’t leak I would have sold alot more LOL get the fuck outta here 50. Your no longer an anticipated artist. You started alot of beef,talked alot of shit over the last 6 years. Made more and more sing a long radio pop songs(The same type you clowned Ja for) The fans got tired. You tried to cmeback hard(Just like Ja did with Blood in my eye) And it’s too late homie the damage is done LOL Now blame the economy LOL

    • lucifa

      50 made fun of ja hitting notes when he was singing dumazz

  • LOON





  • themovingsidewalk

    dude didn’t name the album ‘Before I self destruct’ for nothing…he been seen the writing on the wall

  • ballinjoe

    It’s the fans to me 50′s real ya’ll let a correctial officer sale more then fifty what does that say about the fans we like fake rappers now dam.

  • El Tico Loco

    I think rappers all of them should base their careers on a 5 year plan sorta like a running back, anything past 5 years is pure luck and/or consistency, that’s why the average record deal is 5 albums.

  • alderman j

    For all you clowns that acted like sales were the end all be all until FIF flopped, to hell wit ya, you niggas aint got no “morales values or principals” (shouts to vado) all you niggas is lame as hell!! The same niggas i was telling SALES DONT MATTER IT TOOK ILLMATIC 10 YEARS TO GO PLAT! Now they saying sales dont matter its a banger, yall need to take back all the bullshit you said about, CAM, JIMMY, SLAUGHTERHOUSE, AND anybody else that didnt do alot of units, dont change up now niggas, yall are wack as hell. FRONT RUNNIN ASS NIGGAS, What yall gone do when DRAKE COME OUT AINT NO ROOM LEFT ON HIS DICK, ITS OVER FOR YOU FRONT RUNNIN ASS NIGGAS!!

    • nellz

      but 50′s whole thing has been about numbers…he got on Ross for selling 158K…now look at him. You can’t compare Cam and slaughterhouse, because they aren’t on a major, and didn’t have all of this promotion. So sir, calm down. Fif brought this onto himself always talking about numbers.

      • yoprince

        it was a tad confusing, but he agrees with you.

  • romil

    HipHop is falling off, the top sellers are, Eminem, Jay Z, and Kanye West…people arent buying they are downloading. You gotta be a mega star to sell nowadays. Rakim’s album is Hot, and this is 50′s best album since GRODT… Follow the signs they had a good run but all things come to an end.

  • alderman j

    All you niggas defending his lack of sales by making up shit, aint nobody buying that shit! Yall so desperate to defend another nigga that dont know you, you come on here and make shit up, BE YOUR OWN MAN, get off his dick, he dont care about you AT ALL!!!The nigga aint what none of you think he is, he is on his way out, enjoy it while you can, DRE BACK FUCKING WITH GAME, INTERSCOPE BACK FUCKING WITH GAME, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A COINCIDENCE, EVEN THE PEOPLE BEHIND FIFS CAREER KNOW ITS OVER!! Yall are pathetic, just keep it real!!! And the album is average, FABOLOUS LOSOS WAY IS BETTER THAN BISD, HE SHOULD HAVE NAMED IT “AS I SELF DESTRUCT BEFORE YOUR EYES”!!ill say it!!PREACH!!!!

  • Big Dox

    I personally didn’t like his last album, so for me the poor sales are justified

  • cli-city

    I was gonna kill a couple rappers but they did it to themselves, i was gonna do it with the flow but they did it with their sales”-Jay Z

  • jonny bizness

    Well well! i guess u reap what u sew i knew this would happen around the time grodt soundtrack came out when he started running out of hooks this would have happened 2 the curtis album if they switched up the release date with kanye maybe not 159k tho but around 300k cos rap fans was buying both on the same day and i don’t think they would have ran 2 the store just to get curtis

  • RWord

    LOL!!!!……what now 50cent dick riders?!!?!?



    50 is done since Ross killed him. Whoever say Ross lost the beef when Ross had BETTER SALES that 50cent first week is just 50 dick riders. Ross damgae 50 brand. How the hell you doing 159K first week sales with ALL THE PROMOTE and MARKETING money…?!?!

    50 is OVER. RIP!

    • Ayre

      So that makes you a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ dick rider.

  • Escobar9300

    Ouch, thats gotta sting. 50 promised to outsell Depper Than Raps first week sales, but I’m sure he didnt think he would only outsell it by 1000 records lol

  • Yessir


    I think he already did!!!!!!!

  • Ayre

    With all the cake this dude has I would give a shit about sales. There’s no money in this anyway right? The sales are more about egos and saving face, the real money is in touring, 50 is an international artist he’ll be alright.

    • Rword

      stop dick riding

      • Ayre

        You went through all the comments to reply to me. Who’s really dick riding?

        • macdatruest

          @ Ayre

          You are haha We not talkin about if Fiddy will be alright, we talkin about him not selling. If Fat Joe, Cam, or Jay sold 159,000 Fiddy would consider it a flop. He would celebrate and probably say it points to their lack of relevance. So now that he drops a sewage ball of doo doo, we supposed towait and believe he’s gonna sell out international arenas and look the other way??

          Ride’em Cowboy!!!! YA! YA!

        • Ayre

          @ everyday poster

          I could give two shits. My point is why worry about album sales when the bottom line is making money? I would’nt give a fuck what anybody thinks. We’re talking about rappers here. Mind your business bitch nigga.

        • macdatruest

          @everyday reader

          If somebody post a public blog, and I comment-at that point Im making it my business BITCH,NIGGA

          and if you talkin bout your lil shitty ass post as far as me commenting, you just was riding international dick, so I pulled yo skirt up.

          “There’s no money in this anyway right?”

          LMAO!-If that dont sound like a desperate attempt at a leading question I don’t know what is. And why? you just riding dick, cowboy.

          “The sales are more about egos and saving face,”

          get the fuck outta here you sound like a straight bitch. How you know what each individual artist deal is regarding the money he recieves per album??? You just tryna play clean up. Fuck that shit. Niggas want to sell records, especially the nigga wit his dick in yo jaw, Fiddy. But keep ridin’ cowboy

          “50 is an international artist he’ll be alright.”

          Are you a fuckin retard??? An artist is only as good as their last project, so with a flop no he won’t be alright. What he gonna do GRODT Pt. 2 Tour and do his old shit??? Until he “internationally tour” for this shitty ass album, your point is just kore hopes and dreams. YOU won’t even drop money to see that nigga.

          So, “everyday reader” what you can do for me is suck a pair of international balls. Only a bitch nigga say “he’ll be alright” about a bully when he’s down. PUSSY ASS NIGGA!!!!!!

        • Ayre

          Lol at you writing a book about this shit, everyday poster. Calling a rapper a bully says a lot about you faggot. What 50 hurt one of your favorite rappers feelings? Trick ass, emotional ass poster.

        • macdatruest

          LOL look at you trying to knock me, but knocking the nigga who dick you suckin for free!!! Fiddy called himself a bully, so Im just quoting your boyfriend. Emotional?? I write 20 page papers, so pullin’ a bitch nigga skirt like yours is commonplace. Everyday bitch

          Im a faggot?? You the one who wanna canoodle fiddy’s balls for falling off. You a international lying cocksucker. “He’ll be alright” yea after you finish wit him right?? Everyday fuckboy??

          look at what you wrote, man you a dick riding brokeback cowboy let these rappers speak for themselves. They not payin you to downplay they losses. You must aint had no daddy huh??? You a groupie bro.

        • Ayre

          Get off my nuts everyday poster. 20 page papers? Really? You come on XXL to “Real Talk” us to death in your spare time huh? Like I said you’re bitch made.

        • http://thisismarlow.blogspot.com FLU GAME


          You lost homie just end it here

        • macdatruest

          Why you quoting “real talk” like I called my shit that? Those are your words and I’m glad you acknowledge my shit is real talk. I base my shit on facts, you talking about an international tour that aint never gonna happen. thats the difference between us. You get periods every month, I get money period.
          So take yo lil wack ass hopes and dreams and go wait on the international tour for Before I Blow Up. Meanwhile, stay the fuck off my nuts super fag ass nigga

        • Ayre

          What I get a threesome on Thanksgiving? one on my dick and another HBCU ho on my balls?

        • macdatruest

          Just like the nigga you fuckin, Fiddy. Can’t just take that L like a man. LMAO

          You get to shut the fuck up and stop lookin silly on Thanksgiving, thats what you get. But you don’t want that, cause then you wouldn’t be being yourself. A pure straight unfiltered bitch ass nigga.

          Yo first statement revealed the bitch in you way early, now Im just havin fun watchin you try to assert ya lil womanhood.



          There’s no money in this anyway right? “The sales are more about egos and saving face,” the real money is in touring, 50 is an international artist he’ll be alright.

  • Rockcity

    I havent seen this many comments n a minute but yeah “Get rich but dies rhyming” lol i dont give a fuck how good the album is he so fuckin annoying i can’t listen to shit he says! As far as album sales go o well he should be happy to sell that much.

  • king equality

    Its only funny cause 50 done had mock funerals for niggas who’s sells were low. This guys talk numbers all the time. The content of the cd was kinda weak and rap fans are letting him know. The people have spoken you cant force that on people. The stuff thats been on all those mixtapes is way better than the stuff thats on bisd. I guess ross hit him with the death blow, what did he really think he was gonna get from all that hate.

  • DUDE


    • Justice4all

      USA numbers do count for the bottom line, and when compared to other artist-his numbers are subpar at best.

  • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

    I don’t think Ross delivered the ‘death blow’ like a lot of folks are saying. For me, all of the beefing was getting old. Like someone said above, 50 turned off a lot of fans who like Jay-Z, Game, Buck and Ross. Nobody wants to hear another rapper shit on their favorite rapper. I didn’t like it when Royce and Eminem were beefing because I was/am a hometown fan of both.

  • El Tico Loco

    Is bad when you get mainstream promotion and get underground numbers, that’s why is not a good look for him. Maybe it will all go back to rhymin about what’s real to you and not what’s hot out there because obviously is not working anymore.

  • Hanch

    159k is pretty good in this sales market!! When Rawse sold that Many YALL jumped up Like He accomplished something and was bigtime now! But 50 sales that many and he is a Failure. Please explain to me how that works. Sounds like yall are some huge HATERS, So just so I am Clear Rawso Sells 160k first week and he is The Man! 50 sells that many and he is a Failure hmmmmm sounds prtty supid to me!!

    • General

      159k is pretty good these days, but its just a backlash against 50 who has spent his entire career shittin on every artist for not sellin as many CD’s as him and continually go at other artists sales. When Ross dropped 50 said 159k showed that Ross wasn’t as relevant as the top artists in rap, well I guess 50 just found out that neither is he…

    • DownSouth

      I feel you on that. It’s just like when MJ’s last album sold over 9 milli and people called it a failure. Only because they’re used to him selling 20 mill and more. It’s weird but that’s how it is.

      DOWN SOUTH!!!

  • agk190

    The Blueprint 3 leaked 2 and still sold more than BISD. So 50 has no excuses people are just tired of him. With the promo behind this album It should have sold at least 300,000 copies. (Since the album leaked and all). This wouldn’t happen if people weren’t tired of him.

  • capcobra

    159k is definitely a flop by 50 standards but certain rappers would still love to have those numbers…period..word to rakim..i’m bugging niguz acting like 50 and ross dropped the same week and ross won..just look around…miami rap is now xxl milk box material…50 ain’t going nowhere…they said LL fell off 20 yrs ago but he still around…stay tuned…and on some other shit..i think interscope tired of 50 anyhow..the business shit he doing doesn’t benefit jimmy iovine at all..only his music does..and 90% of the time he putting mixtape music up on his website for free..so jimmy missing money and material…50 knows this too..he’s probably the reason they offering those 360 deals…they trying to be a part of every dollar a nigga make so it won’t be another street nigga to do what 50 did….get the investment.bring it all back asap.branch off.make good investments and don’t need rap or interscope no more..all off 1-2 albums…50 that dude.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      “the business shit he doing doesn’t benefit jimmy iovine at all..only his music does..and 90% of the time he putting mixtape music up on his website for free..so jimmy missing money and material…50 knows this too..”

      ^^^ This

      Anyway I lost a Grant. I said 180K.

  • Wu Clanman

    Actually thats an impressive number considering the entire album is straight garbage. I don’t get it. This dude rich as hell, why he want to make himself look and sound stupid. Fiddy, go buy an island or something and disappear. You got no good music in you no more, and your too rich and refined to be gutter. About the only thing you can rap about is how you look in the mirror at the gym. Fuckin poser………

  • Joe

    I aint gon lie Ross’ album was nice. He got what i call ‘Mianmi beats’

    Rich off Cocaine is sooooo soulful. Valley of Death is crazy.

    But damn. I NEVER pay attention to sales, but for a ngga like 50 who puts his career based on it…he Lost.

    Period. Not bein funny, not mocking, nothing..but thats a brick.

    F’ the album leaking. Am i in the twilight zone? Am i the only one who realizes VERYBODY’S album is available almost exactly 2 weeks before release EVERY time. Limewire? Rapidshare? Hello!!! Its no point in mentionign it anymore. It happens accross the board.

    I say that to say this: Kanye West, Jay Z, Eminem, Wayne, etc. will not sell less than 300k leak or no leak.

    Its a brick. He gon have to wear that.

  • Joe

    cli-city says:

    I was gonna kill a couple rappers but they did it to themselves, i was gonna do it with the flow but they did it with their sales”-Jay Z

    And nggas wonder i fuk wit that Jay…LOL his acceptance speech said it all. That lil chuckle at the end was worth 3 diss records.

  • http://wtf S on my Chest

    Gents, whilst the album sales are poor, in reality these are ONLY first week sales. It doesn’t detail the overall sales figures for the album. It’ll only be worth saying his career is over in a few month if his album fails to shift any more copies. It could continue to sell and he could end up with reasonable numbers. That’s what happened with Curtis which has actually outsold Graduation worldwide on overall sales figures.

    Problem is y’all are too narrow minded to think long term………………

    • General

      True, it is only the first week numbers, but I’m willing to gamble that his 2nd week numbers will be a sharp decline and 3rd week even worse…

      What is going to make any great number of people go out and buy this CD. He doesn’t have any records on here that can make that kind of impact. Where as Jay had New York State of Mind to drop as his 3rd single and keep CD’s movin, 50 doesn’t even have a good 2nd single let alone 3rd…

  • killa don


  • killahkeel

    men lie, woman lie, numbers don’t!!!!! lol hot damn i been waiting to see his numbers!!!! the crazy part is i read somewhere this will be including the itune sales as well!!!!!! damn homie, in high school you was the man, homie what the f**k happened to you!? damn first game dug in his ass hurt his crew numbers, then kanye outsold him first week sales, and now……..rick ross aka the bawse aka officer ricky out sold you by 2,000 copies and his record was number 1 and yo s**tnumber 4!!!!! lmfao damn lets see how many “loose change” stans got to say about this cause a n***a who wanna include numbers ain’t do good numbers and i don’t wanna hear s**tabout his album be leaked cause his boss album was leaked too and still sold 608,000 matter a fact he out sold my favorite rapper album blueprint 3 that sold 476,000!!!!! make things worst my favorite rapper hanging the jimmy the boss of interscope so 50 watch yo ass cause jay-z might be your boss remember there was a time he thought about buying koch lol man let me get off this s**ti know i might hear some s**tabout what i posted but remember who said it was about numbers, 50! who agreed by saying men lie, women lie, numbers don’t, jigga my n***a! killah 1luv

  • Fon Z

    damn that sux for 50…

    BISD is one SICK album! The sales didnt do justice to the work he put in on his rhymez…

    I mean lets keep it real, the album is his best after Get Rich Or Die Tryin’!!!

    n its still fuck RICK ROSS!!!

  • A.W.

    159,000 in a recesion isn’t a bad number. Under a better economic climate, those numbers could have peaked at 400,000. He’s still on a
    pace to sell 1,200,000 in the next 10 weeks.

  • norcal

    who reads all this crap on hear GET A LIFE

  • Master CHeef
  • macdatruest

    I actually bought Before I Self Destruct. My copy came with:

    -Before I Self Destruct: (The Movie, Fragrance and Book.) I think the album is better when you read the book, watch the movie and drown yourself in the cologne. Then you get a better feel of Fiddy’s self destruction.

    • Ayre

      That was absolutely the gayest post of the day, everyday poster.

      • macdatruest

        Nah “he’ll be alright” was the fuckin gayest shit I ever heard. Nigga wanna hold the bully’s wounded balls in his mouth. You wanna have Fiddy baby don’t you? Be a millionaire?? You a ho.

  • brand-new

    damn homie, in 03 you were the man homie, the fuck happened to you?! just kiddin…it was a decent album…i think all the album delays played a part of the sales…and it was missing a good first single…he needed something hard like “i get money” from the curtis album

    • Black Rick

      I Get Money was my shit!!I’m a Jay fan but i like 50 too.I really can’t pinpoint why he the album aint sell.Too much beefing?People tired of him?Many reasons you could point to.I agree tho,he should’ve came out wit a hard track as the lead single.I wouldn’t say his career is over tho.Only time will tell.

  • jay

    omfg i think im really goin kill myself how can dis happen b1tch azz gay-z had sumthin to do wit it fuk dat…

  • Someone Who Knows

    There’s NO WAY Jay-Z Ja Ruled 50….

    50 has sold as many records (total career sales) as Jay & has as much money as Jay in less than half the time.

    Jay-Z just got his 1st #1 single in his whole career doing a duet with Alicia Keys not to mention Jay never drops his albums when any1 who’s hot drops theirs(therefore there’s no competition) , that’s why he has 11 #1 albums in a row.

    Every artist hits a rough patch excluding no one, but only the greats bounce back. Let’s see what 50 does with this adversity.

    I’m no 50 cent fan but all this Jay-Z jockin is sickening….

  • vonnievonn65

    his actual number was lower I dont know why they included the sales from Tuesday in that number! LOL

    CHART DATE: 11/23/2009
    LAST UPDATE: 11/24/2009 14:24:09

    LW TW artist / album label power index % change
    – 1 JOHN MAYER COLUMBIA 301,204 –
    2 2 ANDREA BOCELLI DECCA 192,190 +39%
    – 3 NORAH JONES BLUE NOTE 177,382 –
    – 4 50 CENT SHADY/AFTERMATH/INT 156,863 –

  • north memphis

    everybody know fif last good album was beg for mercy and he needed lloyd banks and buck to help that 1 so does that really count so he last good album was get rich or die tryin… point blank period

  • Rob

    i like 50, but how come you think u can rap about the same shits for years without evolving and thinking u still be successful? all the artist who last evolve over their career but when i listen to bisd i don’t see no evolution. i found the album boring exept 5-6 tracks.
    ross album has dope songs, even if he’s a fake dude, i only care about the music and most of all rappers who claim to be real are fake.
    I also don’t understand how u got someone like dre with you and putting out such a weak album.
    I wonder if dre still got it, look at grodt, all the songs were like singles and look at the latest projects he worked on :s. Maybe that’s why detox will never come out

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    it ain’t the sales. its the fact that his fans have grown and he still on the same bs. 50 uses gimics to sell. 50 has the same forumla. now i will say fourmal 50 and revive are great viatimin waters. that was the best thing he could have possiblly down. however, he is a rapper first. once he looses that all the other buisness ventures will disapear. ie ja rule. lol. karma is a mug. his only hope is too, no he has no hope. can’t wait to his “loyal” following turns on him because they will.

  • Larry

    Whaddup all the way over here from SOUTH AFRICA!

    “Jay-Z just got his 1st #1 single in his whole career doing a duet with Alicia Keys not to mention Jay never drops his albums when any1 who’s hot drops theirs(therefore there’s no competition) , that’s why he has 11 #1 albums in a row.”

    The original Blueprint dropped on the same day as the 9/11 tragedy. It sold over 400k. I think it’s fair to say that having sold huge in a week like THAT, he could pretty much outsell most artists. As for the #1 single bit, I seem to remember that bullshit Soulja boy song going #1 over there. In other words, #1 doesn’t always = good music.

    The reason why Jigga is the best IMO is cause he’s consistent. 11 #1 albums out of 14 (collabos included) is straight up consistency. That’s like 80%. 50 has 3 out of 5 (don’t know if Beg For Mercy went #1). Pretty good but Jigga wins.

    And lastly, it might’ve been a good idea for 50 to retire after Kanye beat him in that sales showdown…

  • Brooklyn

    the reason why 50 did such low numbers is because people are sick of dude. all the beefing and thug posturing has become redundant, quite frankly niggas is tired of him starting shit for no other reason than because he’s bored. and for those saying that “bisd” is his best since “grodt”, y’all are buggin. “bisd” was straight garbage. and no matter what, jay still outsold him his first day, so whatever bullshit 50 has to say about jay, the fact remains that he couldn’t even move half of jay’s numbers.


    damn fiddy im a fan of hip hop period and those numbers are dismal but ross didnt win u guys forgot the 12,000 triple c’s blunder i think he needs to humble himself and go back to the drawing board.

    • zayzkidd

      Yeah, but that wasn’t a solo album by Ross. Nice try though.

  • macdatruest

    Quote DJ NITTI:

    50 fucked up his image. Rapper have to be very careful with their image, they are their brand and you have remain consistent or fans get confused. 50 was suppose to be a hardcore dude, strong, menacing, someone you wouldn’t want to fuck with but then he started to act like a clown with the Curly skits and all that nonsense and it changed people’s perception of him. It confused many of the fans, was he a scary dude or a funny dude? It totally ruined his image and the brand.

    The smartest (and highest selling) artists are the ones that don’t do many internet video interviews, or skits, or beef videos, etc. They just let the music do the talking. If you look at Jay Z, Eminem, Kanye, Lil Wayne, etc. they don’t put out internet videos because it’s always better to establish your image and let the fans build you up in their minds. For example, Jay’s image is that of a no nonsense businessman/hustler but if he started putting out comedy videos even if it was actually funny it wouldn’t fit the image and would ruin his brand. Same with Em, Eminem’s image is that of a dark, social misfit, misunderstood, the outcast that can’t even get along with his own Mother, if he started to put out happy videos with him clowning around, smiling, enjoying himself he’d ruin that image and his brand. Bottomline is that you can’t over saturate the market especially with videos that are contrary to your brand and 50 Cent did that, over and over again.

    • Ayre

      Faggot poster,

      Not only do you post your gay shit but you post other people shit too? Did DJ Nitti squirt this in your mouth for you to spit back out? Prolly.

      • macdatruest

        Pro Dick Rider,

        Hop off, damn. I quoted the nigga. Because unlike you I felt he had a good post. So when men are talking, or relaying points, it aint time for a bitch nigga like yourself to dislodge Fiddy out your throat and speak up. If DJ Nitti got a problem being quoted let that man speak for himself. Thats that faggot fiddy shit.

        What type of nigga are you man???? You like tryna rescue niggas and shit, you a straight pure bitch. If you would stop hoppin on niggas dicks on the post, you will be aware that this is an open conversation with a topic. You came on here wit Fiddy nuts stuck in ya grill, now you wanna hop on Mac??? You shoulda ordered a fuckin dildo, aint no hoes over here.

        LOL @ callin me everyday poster. Mostly all the posters post here daily. You like to “bounce around” huh?? You gay as hell go wash ya lil man pussy up, Yayo called.

        • Ayre

          Everyday, 20 page paper a day writing poster,

          Your punk ass responded to my post first talking about how ass hurt you are about 50 being a bully, and how happy you are that he sold only 1000 more albums than your favorite rapper. I already know what type of nigga you are no need to address that one. Fake ass blogger wannabe as English student bitch.

        • macdatruest

          “wannabe as English student bitch”

          Yea I wish I could teach your ass that “ass” has more than one S and there’s no fuckin point in capitalizing “english” but I see you were more focused when you wrote the phrase “ass hurt” which really shows what type of nigga you are.

          You a ignorant pussy, plus a gay ass nigga in general. Hopped on the post tryna rescue Fiddy balls like his lil frisco dike. And as far as him being a bully and me caring…nigga you gay. I aint never said I gave a fuck. I just said who tells a self proclaimed bully “he’ll be alright?” only a mog ass nigga.

          You tryna get at me for being college educated? You a mog. You think visualizing sucking Fiddy off while Ayo Technology is playin in the background constitutes a plan for the future???? You a professional dickrider

          So what Im tryna say pro dick rider, is hop off. I post everyday right?? So I assume you suck balls the long way everyday based on how much effort you put in today

        • Ayre

          Everyday 20 page paper posting, HBCU ho,

          I’m not knocking your education poser, I have what you trying to get. You’re writing dissertations to my replies like a girl, so I sized your bitch ass up to be just what I said you were. You said get money which I also said should be the bottom line instead of record sales. With that, I’m done with you, I’ll catch you when you post on every blog on here sucking every other poster dick. Try not to choke somebody’s Turkey neck today.

        • macdatruest

          @dumb ass frisco dike pro dick rider

          You aint got shit I’m tryna get, Mr. “He’ll Be Alright” I dont want another nigga nuts on my tonsils. You got that lane all to yourself ho style ass nigga

          Yea money is the bottom line but if you makin music, good music is the bottom line to make that money fuckboy retard. PLUS if money is the bottom line, and don’t nobody fuck wit you why drop an album??? Aint that a waste of money? You a fuckin idiot….

          Yea you think only girls write papers, but just cause yo life fucked up like a male Precious dont mean literacy make you weak. I aint tryna have to be a non-profit pro dick rider.

          Imma say it one more time, if you wanna suck Fiddy off, fine but dont be mad the next nigga is holding A GROWN MAN to his own words about sales. I’m done, just wipe yo fuckin chin off and get back to work, non-profit pro dick rider.

  • El Tico Loco

    50 would make platinum if Soundscan counted XXL comments about him. 100+ comments? Geez lol

  • Viski

    Shit was a flop which unfortunate cause it was actually a dope album. anyone who says 50 is for real a hater though…other artists do less and its okay, their okay (Wale, Cudi,etc) (Im not being a stan, im just saying honest stuff). 50 does need to switch soem shit up and make good music cuase this beefin with people bullshit is not working. I think this is a much needed ego check to 50 and he needs to come back strong. If he can do it, he will be in the game for awhile if not then he is dead. As for the GUnit label that might be dead. I dont think they can handle this blow.

  • ste

    as gd as 50 is i think he’s annoyed to many ppl gettin involved in beefs with other artists tht dnt involve him… he’s a gd rapper but he’s everywhere n ithink eveyrone is gettin sick of him

  • Chilly Willy

    “if he started to put out happy videos with him clowning around, smiling, enjoying himself he’d ruin that image and his brand.”
    Actually, that’s one side of his schizophrenic persona, but I catch your drift.

    I think the real problems for 50 didn’t happen only in ’09. On top of Pimpin Curly and E.R. bullshit, there’s something else.

    What we see is an aftermath of that Kanye sales battle. 50 believers put stock in his words when he said if I lose, I’ll get the fuck out. I know, we got the Jay case, but heads were rooting for Black Album Jigga to get back, which explains why Kingdom Come was a great disappointment (though I still think it’s a good record).

    Plus that highly mediatized Curtis-Graduation battle led most of the suburbs white kids (don’t front, they’re the core of rap sales) to think that if you want to be with the cool kids, rooting for the guy who lost ain’t a good look. So this year, no 50 in their Xmas wishes. Many of those kids probably traded their G-Unit gear for a skinny jean and a keffieh, but that’s another story.

    Fickle fans, they killed 50. Not that I don’t agree with the results, I’m just saying…

  • zayzkidd

    I guess he probably needs to sign under Trill Ent. and it might get better for him next time. Seriously, he might need to sign to Young Money. Ouch.

  • Mutada/Mullah Atari

    Album was ass. I mean really ya’ll, the thug angel or what ever the fuck that mix tape was called was better than this. And why are niggaz acting like this is his first flop? Does anyone remember the second G-Unit album? Did not think so. Good for him. Maybe he’ll humble up a bit. I doubt it.

  • ShowTime

    yoprince says:

    ppl like the “aggressive” content. but i listened and it’s still a bad record. a lot of uninspired tough talk over sub-par production.

    i honestly had trouble making it thru most of the songs.

    Couldnt of said it better!

    PPL act like act like tough talk + grimey beats = Dope album.

    Nothing creative.
    Elementary Bars.
    Even his Hook game was down.


    i agree with mac he did alot of tht to himself wth those curley vdeos entertaining yes but not good for his image i remember when he first blew up and his status was almost mythical in a sense in 03 but u can factor in alot of things in how he hung himself but imma say this 8000 and 12000 dont equal 160000 all im gnna say.

  • Teddy

    the public has spoken and loudly get this clown out the game, 50 just caught an actual agrresive brick from the public

  • LA Pharaoh

    I am a fifty cent fan.
    The funny thing I see going on is that people are saying that fifty is not relevant. But its obvious that his name pops up on this site, and the comments section goes crazy. There is a lot of interest going on with Fifty.
    Sadly for Fif, he no longer knows how to turn that into record sales.
    One valid excuse, Fifty does have. I am a Fifty Cent Fan, who supports him in most ventures, and I didnt know when TOS came out, nor was I sure when BISD was coming out, maybe its time for him to leave interscope, because he could have sold that much on his own

  • Nate

    What did Rick Ross “win”- a ticket to a 50 Cent concert???

    Rick Ross “won” a total sales of his newest album after 6 months exceeds 50′s first week sales???? What the fuck did he win?? 50 has a million bootlegged copies and Rick Ross can’t sell Triple C’s albums even at his concerts….

  • that nigga

    Im reading a lot of excuses why this nigga aint sellin and they all sound suspect. Its over Curtis! Sorry.

    • that nigga

      AND, they included the Digital sales in the first weeks numbers. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!



  • yaboyd101

    damn homie in 2002 you was the man homie wtf happen to you haha!

    • Mutada/Mullah Atari

      ^ Ha Ha Funy as hell

      Teddy you killed it too with the “actual agressive brick” Ha Ha

  • Da Sigel

    What goes around comes around, 50 is a joke, iz funny how now he wanna get at Jay for slammin his sales. I can remember so many rappers 50 done dissed for their poor sales Fat Joe, Rick Ross, Camron, Khaled… Iz ur turn bro, i am even amazed many people aint laughin at his ccky ass. It is funny how when u on top, u look down on everybody else. Nigga u by urself now…the honeymoon is OVER.

  • Apollo 13

    is 50 pulling a ” New coke ” ? making some shitty product and then comin hard with it ? hahaha that would be a funny ass strategy! but it wouldnt work in the rap industry, once u got a tarnished rep its hard ta come back with it, 50 should say fuck music, fuck movies ( unless he does em for the passion) fuck making dildos and cologne ( at macy;s LOL) and invest in some stocks and chill, maybe spit a little here and there as a feature. but i do like the old 50 shit it was classic,ALSO, Rword, you are a fucking annoying ass dude! i dont give a shit how much you love rick ross, what did he give you an extra cookie in the penn ? he give the jail bully a pink slip so you wouldnt be scared to shower anymore ? 50 need to quite while hes ahead, or really come back, rick ross needs to shut up about sellin crack, talk some real talk people!

  • http://www.thisizgame.com brennanquintin

    do I love the smell of defeat. Now I know why interscope is not trying to resign this knucklehead. I think the steroids are getting to 50 head. Game must be sitting in the blackwall studio/headquarters just laughing hysterically. 50 don’t want to do a record with Game? mabe if he did a record with Game his record would of had a decent track but other than that this bisd is straight garbage…like baby by me wtf is that is his single like comeon. song dont get any gayer than that. and for all you hov dik riders….he may of had some decents track on this record but wut about his last two albums…..straight garbage…..i can tell someone be ghost writing for this guy…straight up..like game said i would trade my place on the forbes for that big nose and them big lips hahahahahhahahhaha i cant wait for the red album to drop..actually get some real hip hop…..same with juice, clyde, menace and the rest of bws…wait for the album to drop to be amazed of what real lyrical content is to come.

  • Beave

    everyone dissing curtis but isn’t 159k right now good numbers????

  • Teddy

    kill yo self Beave

  • TC

    LMAO, this is funny, But yeah 50 did take a Big L, is it over for him, nah I don’t think so, this was a WAKE UP call for him. As for Jay-Z, come on, Jigga is the best. Bottom Line Both Albums are good, I enjoy them. I think we should start being thankful for what we have, instead of talking about Album sales, Whether its 159 K or 1 Million, 50 has success, U can’t win all the time. Lets focus on ourselves on how to become successful in our lives.

  • gkid12345

    Men lie, Women lie, Jay-z buys his own albums

  • Real Talk but not NY

    All the the CO talk Niggaz never watched OZ?????? If a rapper worked at Burger King but was selling dope on the side & he was a DOPE RAPPER i would bump his shit.

    50 loss Rick Ross won GET OVER IT

  • nicholasdelorejo

    First off I highly doubt that 50 low sales are due to people not liking him. I know people who actually hate Black Eye Peas yet they still sel a lot of records. Why because like Will.i.am said before, people don’t buy albums anymore, just singles. If you have an album that has one single worthy song and the rest of the album is nothing like that then your bound to flop. Lady Gaga, Jay, & T.I. have sold well because they created albums that are packed with likely singles. BISD is a good album but honestly all of the songs seemed to mesh together. Why buy an album for 2 or 3 songs that you like? And why spent the time and risk of a virus for downloading an album that might be poor quality in sound compared to the actual CD? The day a rap album can be composed of some singles and fillers are gone. If 50 does make another album he needs to make sure that any song can hit the billboard chart and not just one that doesn’t represent the entire CD.

  • DoubleClutch95

    Is this the end of 50 as we know it? 159k means he is no longer top-teer rapper wit Kanye, Wayne, T.I., Jay & Em. Album wont go Platinum unless he has a crazy single coming soon.

    I know Ross, Rule, Joe and others are laughing at 50 real hard right now.




    haters must have no life soo they take out there anger or they shit talk cause of a week sales lmao think bout what u say its stupid u show that u have nothin but hey lets come on here and shit talk lmao it show alot all over one week sales lol if that was the case then lets say 2pac when he got locked up and went thru troubles he went thru it would of been over and many other rappers problems they ran into so many other things thats happen to other rappers and you no what they pick there selfs up and move on what u think 50 is jus gonna say (in a dork depressed voice) i should jus give up lmao

  • http://n/a mann jojo

    nas killed 50 cent new album when nas made the album hiphop is death… hiphop is death sold 365.000k in the frist week and by th end of that month hophip is death sold almust 1,121000 copyz…

    in dis rap game now their olny rapperz that can actually sell cd’s are jay’z, kanye west, TI, lil mayn, the game, nas and nobody else..
    50cent don’t have lyrice, all he dose to sell album is to beef and be dissrepectful toward other rapperz hustle…

    if there is no body to beef with, 50cent can’t sell no album..156.000k in the frist week that is wack 50cent.. you no longer on top.. is ova..

    is time for other rapper like ross, fat joe and cam’ron to get at you..

    what gose around, comez around my 50cent…

  • http://www.justice.gov.za GO-Getta’

    Damn homie u used 2 b the man what the hell happened 2 u.

    Imagine how much Yayo & Banks will sell nowdays lol.









    hope 50 cent sees this reply jus tryin to help sell records 50 but when i went to target well not long ago i went to buy eminem cd in woodhaven michigan outside detroit and i remeber eminem relapse cd had his own isle right up front own section and it was so easy to find but when i went to find 50 cent bisd i couldnt find it and had to look look hard and it was in the back very back and finallly found it but it was by its self and barely none tucked away so jus leetin u no 50 they aint helpin support to sell ur cd u need to get on top of the promtion cause i had har time on the net and stores to find it and what i wanted so jus lettin u no they promotion wasnt good but i did buy it and love ur cd/dvd so next time or now make sure u get better people too help promote ur music cause its beautiful and great!!! but target didnt show asmuch love as eminem which is bs!!!

    • This is 50

      Hey jason t,

      Thanks man. I really needed that support right now. And that’s some good advice too.

      Make sure you upload your remix to Baby by Me with the Iphone vitamin water app. I’ma make sure you win, and we get to hang out in the studio with Yayo and the rest of the crew. Mayweather might even come thru, toss some cash around.


      • The Real Fiddy Scent

        @Jason T

        Yea man thanks. I read your post…I got issues man. It was hard because I had tears in my eyes, I can’t get a refund on Tia’s shopping spree. I told Interscope and Em and Dre it was for promo, but they wont let me write it off to Shady/Aftermath.

        Dre stopped fuckin wit me, he wanted to focus on music, he wouldn’t touch me when I was doin Curly. I came through with Spidern Loc, Dre laughed, said something about “real talent” and wouldn’t even let us in the studio…(sniff) I told him, Spider’s a shooter man. I don’t know why he don’t like me no more man (sniff)

        Nobody wants to do business with me because they’re scared I’ll manipulate a lawsuit(sniff sniff) Jay wont even say my name. My soldiers dont even respect me man (sniff sniff) I aint even do Yayo numbers man. Yayo’s the boss now (sniff) Im not even Capo, Banks is. Im just the sponsor man. I just hope Dre and Game don’t son me on the R.E.D.

        Thanks Jason T, I’ll tell Yayo we still got some g-unit soldiers out here GGHGHGGGGGGGGHGGGGGHGGGV(sniff) GG_UNIT!!

      • Fiddy Scent

        Hey Jason T, thanks!!!!!

        I got this guy named Ayre, he’s my little frisco dike. He walks around my mansion butt ass naked popping fire crackers, then I ass rape him like a fool. So I’ll be okay, thanks buddy.

  • martino smith

    haha check rick ross comments aint a quarter of this,u gay fuckers need to work on ur own life instead of worrying about some next man’s shit.especially when a nigga got 400 million who already knew this day would come,lack of motivation and hunger have struck every rapper jus sit there beind ur PC and wait till its happens to ur favourite rapper.but then again a correctional officer can only wank over 400 million so he mite be hungry till he dies of obesity, u jobless geekass motherfuckers

  • http://-- gaddic

    FIFTY’s rich ass don’t even need them sales
    Touring will fatten that nigga’s pocket
    I could see why in 08 he claimed he would be finishing up his solo career
    He knows he’s losing relevance he knew BISD would tank

    Karma’s bitch
    RIP 50 CENT
    Rick Ross and jay-z probably toasting some cristal right now (On jay-z’s tab of course!)

  • vonnievonn65

    this is a good article…part of the reason why i cant stand this dude…he borderline divided himself right out of the industry..we are sick of his bullshet….was this part of his 51 laws of power? lmaooooo

    Curtis Jackson: The Border In Hip-Hop?
    Posted: Tuesday – November 10, 2009 | Comments (1)

    50 Cent

    When the recent issues between Beanie Sigel and Jay-Z started to surface, I was extremely disappointed about watching one of the last rap families I saw growing up finish falling apart, but couldn’t say I was too surprised it happened. As both parties’ grievances were coming to light, the one thing I remained confused about was where the hell 50 Cent got involved in this whole mess. Amongst rumors of Beans signing to G-Unit, and Curtis’ album date creeping closer and closer, it became clear to me that there was something else going on. 50 never seems to stray too far from any beefs going on, whether or not they involve him. This same factor seems to contribute to the music we listen to, whether they affect the actual content, the collaborations or in the case of Rocafella, Dipset, Terror Squad, etc., the future existence of record labels and crews.

    A few years ago, 50 Cent tried to shoot a couple shots the way of Lil Wayne’s camp, right in the mist of Weezy’s reign at the top of the mixtape game and right before the release of Curtis. When asked why he would go after Wayne at this point of their careers, 50 responded that Weezy started their war by continuingly collaborating with artists that he had issues with, such as Ja Rule on the single off of Ja’s The Mirror ["Uh Oh"] or DJ Khaled and Fat Joe from the Terror Squad camp ["We Taking Over", "I'm So Hood"]. Ironically, that same logic is what 50 says started the beef between himself and Fat Joe and Jadakiss, the two collaborators on Ja Rule’s popular anthem New York. The same could be about shots has taken at R. Kelly and Nas. This strategy further contributes to dividing hip hop from getting together from potentially working with each other.

    In early October, 50 Cent put together a whole day of performances at New York’s Governor’s Island featuring a lot of artists he had taken issue with such as Jadakiss’ The LOX, Joe Budden’s Slaughterhouse and The Diplomats, amongst others. This day, called the ThisIs50 Music Festival, was put together under the premise of unifying hip hop. 50 Cent will never be confused with being a moniker of peace and such was the issue that fellow New York rapper Fabolous took issue with on Twitter. Fabolous brought up the issue by saying, “It’s interesting to see 50 Cent unite with NY artists when he’s one of the reasons NY hip hop became so isolated & crumbled…Do u agree NY??”

    Such sentiment resides amongst fellow rappers, and further pushes the idea that 50 Cent has become the border and division within hip hop. So when you look see 50 Cent become involved in what appears to be the finishing touches of the crumbling of the Rocafella dynasty, you should no longer be confused. 50 Cent is well aware of where he stands, and it just appears to be part of the plan.

    - By Ivan Lora

  • http://forbezdvd Killuminati

    It’s a loss but not in the normal sence of the word ‘loss’. I think this is a chin check for 50 gettin to big for his bridges. Everybody know Gay Z is illuminati and dioesnt even pretend that he isnt and if u wanna know why hova wins alot its white friends in high places plane and simple. Also 50 album sales are also due too alot of reasons when i went to go buy the album i didnt want just the album i wanted the super delux with all the xrta shit but they only had the album…wtf.
    In some stores the album only just come out, no adverts in store no promo = loss, 50 being tought a lesson.

    • wowzers

      so your saying that 50 cent is being shown that he is “too big for his BRITCHES” and this is being purported by the “powers that be” who favor the “illuminous” Jay-Z? You sir are a perfect example that knowledge is powerful BUT if obtained by the wrong intellect it can be DEADLY (and your perception of what DEADLY IS).
      First off…it’s not rocket science. When you make business moves with BIG MAN MONEY..then you become part of circles where those with LOW MAN MONEY are not (you and myself included). We are not discussing BOSS TALK because we are not the BOSSES in those cirlces (i’m sure your a boss in your family as I am in mine)…To say Jay-Z is ILLUMINATI sir is to say that Jay-Z has a part/is a puppet/is financially binded to the destruction of the world/implementation of the NWO/etc…YOU SIR ARE A FUCKING IDIOT.
      He’s a businessman…who deals with business. You can associate his “Dynasty Sign” as the “symbolic association of illuminati/mason/skull n bones” or whatever nonsense if you like. That’s like crips and bloods trying to justify their shit in a “black power movement” sense or African-american greek letter organizations tying various “rituals” to emulate that of African struggles and perils on their treacherous journey/era to/within the New World…(i’m a member of the divine 9 Pan-Hell (Pan hellenic just so you don’t think i’m from HELL lol..) by the way so I feel authority to speak on that matter)…none-the-less you cannot attribute his HIGH level of success to that of secret organizations who’s “premise” is to preserve that which is of the financial banking institutions and their longing for world uniformity/control as THEY SEE FIT…that is PURE bullshit. I tell you this….for you to come to that assertions shows HOW MUCH RESPECT (and an intelligent brother such as yourself would know respect can be associated with FEAR …ie…Respect/Fear for God/Hov) you have for Jay-Z. I respect what Jay-Z does and I love his music because as a fellow Brooklyn born cat I enjoy watching progression….(i’m 26 with a masters degree/teacher/father/husband and born and raised in the PROJECTS IN BROOKLYN)…but to give him such POWER AND CREDIT shows that his IMAGE has succumbed you. And i’m not going to think that you or others who believe in the JAY-Z ILLUMINATI shit are possibly defending the point that the POWERS THAT BE are trying to TAILOR THE IMAGE OF RAP…because well…let’s make it simple…you’d rather your children watch a phony who talks about killing dudes, cookin crack and stickin’ niggas up when in REALITY he lives in a mansion in Hollywood…or a dude who has MOVED ON and is talkin about HUSTLING the music industry to become a GLOBAL ICON/BUSINESSMAN/CELEBRITY/BOSS…your answer to that reflects your level of standard…i’m sure i’ll see one of you with KUFI on ya head in the staircase of my projects burning an el wit other niggas looking at you like you SPITTIN KNOWLEDGE…go head with that bullshit…fin

      • Black Rick

        Well said.

  • ceezy4sheezy

    Reasons why BISD BRICKED







    • js416

      actually i disagree with you

      he sold poorly because he DOESNT stick with what made get rich or die tryin good

      anyone else confused at the fact the B.E.P. sold more than jay z? i mean come on that i gotta feeling songs is absolutely TERRIBLE!

  • Young 50

    I must admit his first week numbers is low for 50 but i coped the album and its good.It reminds me of Curtis it got a couple bangers like “Pschyo” “So disrespectful” “Strong Enough”. To be honest nobody likes 50 cent anymore, the numbers have spoken and people are tired of 50 being succesful in music so they dont support him.Look at the rap game now everybody is on Jay,Wayne, Gucci, and Drake dick and eventually the public will stop fucking with them too.For some reason though people act like everything Jay drop is hot. I heard some joints off the BP3 and the only songs that were hot is “Run this town” and “Empire State of Mind”. That song Haters with Kanye is trash they should kill themselves. Who granted Jay immunity in the rap game?

    Why and the hell people saying Rick Ross won the beef? 50 on the cover of a mag with his baby mama on lingerie. His son in Mayweather house with 50.
    I thought Rick Ross sold a little over 100,000 copies in his first week, can we get a accurate number. What is Ross first week sale? Yall talkin numbers Triple C’s sold 12,000 and change they first week with a video on MTV and BET radio play and they second single got Jeezy on it. Whats the reason for it?

  • macdatruest

    Yayo is the biggest artist on G-Unit now. And Banks is Capo. So Fiddy is just the Mascot. Dre said fuck all them niggas last time Fiddy brung Spider Loc to his studio to get Dre’s autograph. Dre told Fiddy he tryna do good music, fuck the dumb shit. Then Fiddy wanted to write off Tia’s shopping spree to Shady/Aftermath as promotion for his album, they said fuck that. Em, Game and Dre decided to work on music and let Fiddy dig his own hole. How you gonna go at JAY-Z he wrote Dre’s verse for “Still D.R.E.” off 2001. Niggas talk that Laws of Power shit, but you can give a idiot a thinking cap, and he will just think harder about dumb shit. R.I.P. G-Unit 2005-2009

  • m

    theres 175 comments on this shit..and every1 actin like they hate 50 and dnt give a shit..cmon now

    ofcoarse he fell off..he started out and was top of the game..u will pry see the same thing happen to drake in his career..starts out and is on top of the game..give him half a decade and his sales will gradually fall..its jus the cycle of the business..rap is way to competitive

    i look at like this

    ross: 158k
    50: 159.7k

    what is a cd like 12 bucks?

    ross makes $1,896,000
    50 makes $1,916,400

    50 makes +$20,400..id rather have mo money than less money..


    fif wins

    • This is 50

      Hey M,

      Hey is this M as in Marshall Mathers? or even more clever, like ‘Em’?? Haha.

      See, my fave white boy is smart like that. Haha.

      I doubt its him though, cause Em always telling me I should spend less time on the net, and more time on my hooks. Or more time trying to patch things up with Dre. Or more time with my son. He’s always got little Hailie around. Something about her keeping him grounded. But I dunno, I’m just focused on getting rich and my little nigga don’t do nothing but cost money. Haha.

      Plus, why chill with my son when I can chill with Officer Rickyyyy’s son. See, that generates publicity. Haha, hit him where it hurts. Yo Robert Greene, which law of power is that?

      Add Ross to the list. Ja, Cam, Fat Joe (he’s fat, ewww), Budden, Game (I wrote his songs), Buck (he owes me money)


      P.S. Go cop ‘Before I Self Destruct’… my hottest album AND movie since Get Rich or Die Tryin’.

  • jim

    nas never sold 350k since the 90s….50 is the secons richest black entertainer besised oprah sceen in on abc news…grodt was a classic massacare was real good to,,,u jay dickriders listen to kingdone come and vol1 bisd sucked iam a jay and 50fan…it was justa bad album ….nas dont sell no more who ever made that comment..bisd sucked bad and iam a 50fan…saying ross had anything to do with it is reallly really crazy miami rap is plbisdayed outbisd did the numbers it did cuz the album was trash he will come back he needed aego check..beefing with jay nas kanye wayne game is going to aliante alot of fans he needs to fire his manager not evreyone is fat joe and ja rule

  • abdul shire

    at the end of the day
    50 is done
    he fucked himself over
    soooo many good points here, but it is true singles do matter. DMX’S ” Flesh of my flesh , blood of my blood” went triple plat of love 4 me, and slippin, which fuckin’ had no airplay but still cracked top 50 i guess. But That was 98′ when X was building a legacy, times changed yo sales ain’t relevant. I wish 50 would sell GRODT #’s but it dont matter. In 03′ dude was about the music and it shows because he got ill reviews and massacre to me was sick too, some weak tracks. 50 Had no singls at all just ok your right and baby by me. He learned a lesson i hope and all we do is enjoy this shit man .

  • low

    damn man. ra should of been up there. it just goes to show you that todays generation listens to crap

  • balaramesh

    everyone albums leaks: unless you are bow wow, soulja boy or nelly. i cannot recall the first album that i did not have at least two weeks in advance. its been like that since maybe stankonia.

    fiddy’s career is based on excellent record sales. selling 159k for him is a HUGE LOSS. we can give him credit that the bar was set pretty high. but for a guy that aims solely for the pops charts, it sucks.

    fiddy been making the same music for like 9 years now. which is cool for his fan base. but he might be done in regards to meeting that crossover audience.

    in regards to “critical acclaim”, i doubt anyone would put ANY fiddy or officer rick ross album in the same category as say, the purple tape. both of those guys live off production. get it correct

  • guttaman


    how can yall call 159,000 in the first week a FLOP???

  • megulito

    no comment on this really i think the world has spoken i really u to like his music but that was way back in problem child era. yo this has be the best comments section ive ready shouts to mac for being hilarious whole making decent points, yoprince for some good poignant analysis and TC for just say screw the bs and get back to music in like the most laid back way xxl funny as hell thnx

  • hahahahahaha


    It’s only now the stans are seeing it.150k??LOOOOOOOOL even Ross sold more than 50.Sorry Curtis but your done..the streets been laughing at ya funky ass.

    • G G G G G-UNIT!!!!!!!!!

      wtf is this??….da official numbers are 161,200 smh!!!!..even though da sales r fukin low…Rihanna’s album flopped too wit only 195K…and her cd’s were on Amazon for only $3.99 to spped up he sales!!!….and considering the fact that after Chris beat her up she was da celebrity that got the most publicity this year..her album sales were a huuuge flop…shakira flopped too..many artists flopped…da simple fact is that no1 is buyin cd’s like they used to…50′s numbers are excellent considering his album leaked a month ago…and his second week sales should be even better!

  • http://youtube.com/federalranga Federal Ranga

    Figured, I’d plug it again…

    On Yo Ass!!! E-13: Before I Give Two Shits is up!!! The real reason why 50 won’t trip on these numbers…


  • The Real Fiddy Scent

    Hey, you guys are killin me…..

    I actually tried man. I did what I actually thought was actually gonna get people to actually like me man. I’m a businessman, which is is direct conflict with trying to actually be an “artist”

    You say you want me to actually make good music, but creativity is too risky. I couldn’t risk straying from the formula that actually got me where I am. I have to make the same album over and over. I just have to convince the public it’s actually different.

    If your looking for someone who’s actually not afraid of creativity, try Wayne or Kanye. I actually couldn’t even compete with Ross’s ability to make solid tracks. Im actually a failure.

    Im just glad people don’t realize that actually by me saying this is my best work since Get Rich, I’m actually admitting that the difference in sales was actually the hype surrounding the album. The album actually was mediocre. If it was actually great, and this album is just as good, then I’m admitting I’m actually just not relevent. But I actually have a solution:

    Keep Saying “ACTUALLY” while I make excuses!!!

    type in Jay-Z Ends 50 Cent Career on Youtube and you’ll actually see what I actually mean!!!!

  • Cherone

    You lost your spot when you went pop, cd flopped, you ain’t hot! The game been good to me! You lost your cars and your house, now you sleep on your mamas couch! The game been good to me! Got caught with the shit, 20 years, your a snitch, you turned bitch! The game been good to me! I took your hoe, she’s a pro, brought me all of your dope! The games been good to me!!!! Enough Said!! R.I.P. Pimp C

  • J.Scott

    anyone know where to get the actual ready for war song? all i get is bullshit versions

  • http://kingeljay.tumblr.com K1ng Eljay

    And this was the album that actually NEEDED to sell. This album was fire. dang.

  • jermaine

    I hate all these websites that started making a trend to follow record sales. In the early 90′s nobody new any record sales. Now fans think they work at the record company because they check on record sales. The south didnt kill hip hop. Its the internet!!!Nobody even cares about buying cd’s just to check out the credits and the art work. Imagine if xxl posted how good 50 album was. Niggas might go out and buy it. By posting record sales you make the average fan say “well since he had low record sales then the album must be wack” so im just going to bootleg it. Trust me thats what the average fan says!!!The reason i say that is because this guy at my job asked me how much did he sell. When i told him 50 numbers he said”it must be wack” without even hearing the record. I told him to form your own opinion. Then he says somebody told him that it was wack. Niggas dont even have they own ear anymore.Then he says he wants 50 to be grimey but he will never know because he didnt even listen to the record. Sad!!Sad!!Stop posting record sales. I beg you!!!If you stop posting record sales fans have no choice but to talk about the music. I went to a million sights and the headline is 50 only sold a 150,000 copies.Thats alot of records sold consider his shit leaked.Not even mentioning that the album was quality. I think if he would have dropped in feb it would have did numbers. At the same time labels need to understand that the more you push back dates it hurts the sells, especially in the 4th quarter. The reason i say that is because if you throw a date out there he might have the money to buy the cd on that date. If you push the album back 3 months he not going to have the same 10 bucks. For example he may have gotten fired from his job and dont have money to buy your shit 3 months later. gone!!!

  • kedordu



  • Authentic

    The album is fuckin’ Wicked….Its soo fuckin’ raw compared 2 Curtis …. The low album sales was prolly due 2 his increase in mixtapes dropped ….. 2 much 50 in 1 year…. (mixtape wise?) but fuck i have 2 admit the DVD was kinda wack ! that came along with it …

  • jay

    ^^^^^ co sign if fif stick 2 being on dat smooth real shit not all da shoot em up shit he would still b on top all he need is that epic production an dat power of a dollar flow

    He need more shit like they burn me dat shit is fireeeee

  • listen

    those sales are from 2 weeks !!!!

    those are not 1st week numbers !!!!!!!

  • k.ing

    Sad thing is it still the 2nd highest selling CD out of NY…

    only to Jay…

    niggaz just clownin cuzz 50 always talked sales…. he is still yop tier look at the comments…

    no rappers will sell like that come 2010 real shit more IPODS less CD’s…

  • yay

    all diz shit dat goin on is only gon make diz nigga more stronger…

  • poetic1

    men lie, women lie, numbers don’t! lol i seen this coming 2yrs. ago g-unit was dead & the streetz wasn’t feelin 50′s music anymore.(should of retired when kanye shitted on’em!!


    I could give a damn about his sales.If you like the cd buy it if you dont don,t im not makin money off this dude either are any of you.So far the the only song that I have heard off the cd is Psycho featuring Eminem the song is hard as hell and 50 does his thing on that song not necessarily keepin up with Em but never the less does a decent job.So fuck Ross and Ja rule and fuck all this talk about sales really who gives a shit.So 50 is eating his own words who cares he is getting a tase of his own medicine.Why bitch and moan and fight about it like some fan girls?Use your time defending some better artists like em big pac nas or jay-z.50 is all about drama and yall are just justifying that.


    An for the record I DONT LIKE ROSS OR JA RULE FOR MY OWN REASONS NOT BECAUSE OF 5O CENTS REASONS.Ja rule is a 2pac wanna be and always has been.Ross is as fake as they come.Even when every day im hustlin came out I didnt care for it.His skills are weak.

  • macdatruest

    Man yall niggas must be brainwashed or somethin’. I guess since Fiddy didnt sell he got yall convinced records aint selling this year?????

    Lil Wayne
    Kanye West

    All went platinum +

    Now think had Fiddy been on that list, and any of the artist on the list did Yayo numbers like Fiddy, imagine how different the tone of the conversation would be…

    • nicholasdelorejo

      Me personally I don’t hate 50. I even purshased BISD and while I didn’t like it, I don’t dislike him. My problem with him is that he spent so much time, energy, and money on the pimpin curly vids, dissing the hottest artists, and trying to sign the forgotten artists who were affiliated with his rivals. 50 had the resources to make a good album but somehow allowed Wayne, Ross, and Jay to do it.

      But its the same way with Dre. Right now Timbaland is a hotter hip hop producer than Dre and he did it by working and releasing music. Not telling folks about some hype or title of their music and expect people to uphold it when their shit finally releases. My point is that if you tell people that some dude’s music is shit or that your music is hot prove it and don’t bullshit people into thinking otherwise. All I know is that from what I’ve heard of Shock value 2 is enough for me to anticipate and what I heard from 50 or Dre didn’t or doesn’t give me much to anticipate.

  • http://www.myspace.com/seansimplydevine PittsburghGFX

    Damn, I had higher hopes for dude…I was thinking about 300-325+ing.very dissapointing numbers.

    Need Graphics? $100 GFX Packages including 2-sided cd cover, 2-sided promo flyer, Poster design and original Myspace page.
    412.708.9129 – PittsburghGFX@gmail.com

  • Fireforreal

    Macdatruest don’t forget Jay-z is also platinum and still moving units. LOL just not 50 because of all the shit he starts and the wack music he has that goes along with it. It’s waaaaaaaaaaaaay too late to try to be hard. He should have called it blood in my eye because that’s the same shit Ja did. Go singy songy for years than all of a sudden go totally hardcore ? Not happening Curtist.

  • Jermaine

    Its funny because they say 50 started all his so called beefs. The Ja Rule shit was mutual!!That beef was some real street shit. The Camron beef he didnt even start. The nigga clearly stated that he had no beef with Cam. Then Cam gets on the phone and started talking reckless.The Game just started dissing out of nowhere!! The D-Block beef he didnt start either. Now if you from Ny and you listen to mixtapes you would know that the minute Styles P got out of jail he went at 50 low key. You niggas go back and listen to the Big Mike Styles P mixtapes. Styles was talking about niggas singing on the hooks. Even J-Hood was dissing!! Thats why 50 shot at Jada because he was like the head of the camp as far as popularity to the public. At the end of the Piggy Bank track 50 says”everybody is listening”,”nigga everybody listening”. He said that because 50 was hearing them dissing on the mixtapes.Why you think 50 used to say that D-Block was their competition on the mixtape circuit at that time. D-Block never graduated from that mixtape shit. They never had no hits!! 50 always fucked with D-Block!!The hardest niggas come from yonkerS!!Rick Ross just came out of nowhere on that Mafia Music. He needed to go at 50 to sell Deeper Than Rap after niggas found out he was a C.0. Rick Ross would rather answer question about 50 than be asked about being a C.O.I give ross credit because that was his only way of surviving in the game. Think about how much 50 beef overshadowed the C.O. shit. Fat Joe was just a target and he was connected to all of 50 so called enemies.You niggas claim to be listening to the music but really dont be hearing what niggas be saying.You ever heard the term “read between the lines”? If you read the negative comments about 50 none of these niggas never said anything bad about the album. They know that shit is fire!!!If you dont like 50 why comment!!Haters dont even know they haters!!Gone!!

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  • Afi K. James

    I’m glad 5-0′s getting his karma, I Never did like him nor his crappy crew from the start, they have brought damage to hip-hop this decade, than all of the previous pre-2003 rappers combined.

    and they deserve what’s coming to him.


    yeah we all rooted for 50 to flop but we all know its just our time to rant and rave and blog about him floppin…we can clearly see by the live shows recently overseas and here domestically people still heavily support gunit and 50(funny everybody talks about lp sales but nobody talks about the cake artist make of shows where the real money comes in and very rarely do I see gunit in a 250-500 capacity location)…he’s still that gansta ya’ll…. but because of 50′s bullyin wayz we want him to flop cause fif in his mind think he can’t flop…so it was cool that someone like game or ross take shots at fif and it actually made a dent….but deep down we all know fif aint scared of nobody…money just too long (not bad for 6 years)and from a business sense the greatest business mind hip hop as ever seen….lets just make music now fif u got ur fan base (stans if u will) and haters(mainly people who were once fans now just hate everything gunit cause of your beefing wayz)….so you can never die and we know just get buck and game back do an album where its about business and things will come back….thats if fif even cares anymore about what we think.

  • http://vithehottesttopics.info/ George Alumbaugh

    Fantastic write-up, well written I have to admit.