XXcLusive: Pill Explains Why OJ Da Juiceman Got Booed

Atlanta rapper OJ Da Juiceman made headlines last Wednesday (October 21) after he was booed during a New York performance at B.B. King Blues Club. Fellow ATL rookie Pill also hit the stage that night—which was a showcase put together by nahright.com and onsmash.com that also featured hometown favorites Raekwon and Styles P—but he wasn’t subject to the same response. [Watch Below]

XXLMag.com recently chopped it up with the magazine’s current Show and Prove candidate to speak about his set and the crowd’s distaste for OJ.

“I mean the reaction I got was crazy because they actually embraced me and I got a lot of crowd participation,” he said. “With that crowd they wanted to hear niggas rapping. And no disrespect to nobody else but I think that was more of a hip-hop crowd that really wanted to hear some lyrical content. So that probably made it harder for OJ to get [the] reception that I did.”

Don’t get it twisted, though, Pill is a supporter and fan of the Gucci Mane’s protégé. “When I heard that they had booed him I was like, ‘Damn,’ ‘cause he home team. So you don’t wanna hear that no artist from the home team got booed, you want everybody to do their thing. “

“I don’t think it’s a reflection of [OJ’s] music as a whole, ’cause he make me do what it do, “ he continued. “He got a great fan base established, but I think it was just the crowd that was there.”

Pill, who’s Southern anthem “Trap Goin’ Ham” is steadily building the rapper a huge buzz, is prepping the release of his new mixtape, 4075: The Refill for release next month. —Jesse Gissen

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  • GIBZ

    and the fact that Jewman has no stage presence whatsoever.

  • Chilly Willy

    ““With that crowd they wanted to hear niggas rapping.”

    Rondell, are you reading this ?


    i never heard pill before looking at this vid right here i would give dude a chance. first he knows where he is shouts out spots around the city get the crowd invovled. does his set and he is spitting the lyric not just playing the songs and rapping along. he worked the whole stage going back and forth had a lot of energy he did basically everything right. o.j. basically did the opposite of what pill did.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Let me find out XXL is filtering OJ comments…

    Like I said HOURS b4, good diplomacy move Pill.

    Chilly Willy says:

    ““With that crowd they wanted to hear niggas rapping.”

    Rondell, are you reading this ?


  • dronkmunk

    ya think?

  • Brooklyn

    the difference between oj and pill is that pill realized that he was in a city where most of the population don’t know who he is, and thus realized that he had to come with his a-game. oj on the other hand, thinks that he’s so good that he could come with some bullshit song and expect ny niggas to support him like niggas in other places do. pill also had the ability to rock that crowd, he had charisma and character, both of which oj lacked. them niggas at nahright and onsmash need their asses busted for bringing oj on a stage in nyc.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      The way eskay dropped it from jump(he had to explain OJ & Wacka on the bill), he had an alternative motive.

      Show & prove…

    • http://pimpinpens.blogspot.com enzo

      yeah thats a risky move sticking oj the juiceman in Now Y C to rock well. definately a uphill battle with the preconceived notions of atl trap rappers. i still fuck with oj though. Him and Gucci are going pretty hard these days. I’ve got to give it up to gucci he raps with La the Darkman. WU TANg knicca

    • GregSIDE

      Co-Sign. You can’t put this dude on with Styles and Chef. I mean dude can barely coherent in an interview. It blows me away people actually like his shit. I know some people need the music to be “dumbed down” 4 them, but damn. The N.Y. ain’t gonna accept somebody that is bring hip-hop down with him.

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  • Zone 3

    Pill been smashing with Killer Mike and Grind Time 4 a few years check him out on dat “Eat Rite” by Killer Mike him and that girl on it go ham! Bang Bang Bang

  • http://xxlmag.com realtalk82

    I mean thats good that they booed him,he needs that reinforcement BECAUSE HE IS GARBAGE!!!!Don’t care call me a hater PLEASE LLLLLLLIIIIISSSSSTEEEEEN to him,that’s not good music GUCCI looks like KGR next to him,and that’s an overstatement

  • richkidldn

    Oj da jewmane reminds me of richboy(remember him anyone??)I can’t say he brings anything to the game apart from being guccimanes weedcarrier.he would have been the man in the no.limit era I can hear him on them wack master.p tracks ayye

  • BOSS D.R.E.

    If you’re wack, you’re wack. Plain and simple.

  • Knightron

    This is unbearable. I can’t really understand what the nigga is sayin n the shit i do hear isn’t good.
    I wanted to see OJ get booed and I accidentally skipped over the link in the article… and no I’m not hatin.

  • won1

    I woulda booed his ass off the stage too,no fuckin mercy to these clowns from now on…From now on at ANY CONCERT If ur ass aint LYRICALLY entertaining u gonna be lucky if u leave outta there in one piece after me & my goons get thru with u…booing will be the least of ur fuckin problems…Its a wrap for all u lyrically-deficient faggots coming thru the Big Apple…My goons is watchin & waiting

  • js416

    what goons won1?

    your world of warcraft friends?

    get the fuck out of here talkin shit with a keyboard

  • won1

    @ js416

    I’ll let that slide by cause i kno ur angry about breakin ur new Barbie dollset…

  • dj blendz

    besides the fact that OJ is wack rhyming & has no stage presence i think the biggest mistake was he was at a underground-type show.U gotta blame that on his mgmt. for puttin him in that spot i think

    *LMAO at won1′s comeback (pause)

  • dude

    “my goons is watching and waiting”
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you probably work at mcdonalds and attempt to hustle the worst weed on earth after you make burgers

    • Won1

      @ dude

      Nah homey but i do got my goons that do they little hustle there,spit on customers burgers & make sure the cash register is “right” by the end of the night….punk,u cant see me

  • http://www.xxlmag.com 14snipez

    LMAO dat muthafucka in 2:13-2:27 wit his hand up oughta become a sign language instructor.

  • won1

    ^^ That was me homey…i was lookin out for my hearing impaired brothers & sisters,and makin sure Pill came correct..he knew what was gonna happen to that ass if he didn’t,as well as punk ass js416

  • Dickdasturdly

    Somebody a few comments up said something about Richboy. I ain’t necessarily a big fan of him neither but that song he had with Nas and Wayne was tight. He went in on it better than Wayne too…….I know that ain’t sayin much.

    • richkidldn

      Bro can you understand what the hell these guys are saying though??richboy,guccimane,oj da jooman,half of the south!!!

  • jayrreddy

    man richboy go hard wtf yall talkin bout

  • Jewbacca

    Just read a BS article that said New York fans are closed minded and booed him bc/ they can’t appreciate other regions/genres of music, but this proves that they booed bc/ the Juiceman is trash, bc/ Pills is from the south and didn’t get booed bc/ he doesn’t suck