Violence Erupts at Akon Concert, 18 People Injured

Eighteen people were injured at an Akon concert in Melbourne, Australia last night (October 26) after more than 50 people rushed security guards to gain access to the concert venue.

According to ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) News, eight of the 18 people injured in the incidents that occurred both inside and outside Melbourne Park had to be rushed to the hospital. Although many fans were involved in the brawls only one 21-year-old man has been charged with assault so far.

Kon reportedly walked into the crowd to try to stop fans from fighting. The YouTube video footage of the concert last night below shows Akon entering the audience with his bodyguards asking people to “calm it down” while fans cheered. [Watch below]

“Hold on Melbourne…I need ya’ll to let me speak for one second,” Akon told an excited audience from atop the shoulders of one of his bodyguards. “I don’t know if ya’ll know how hard it took me to get there. It took me almost two years for Australia… and I am not going to let them fuck up our concert tonight.”

Akon is scheduled to perform in Sydney, Australia tonight. There is no word yet if this incident will affect the performance. —Brooklyne Gipson

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  • DazzOne


  • yoprince

    only one dude caught a charge? he must’ve been a beast out there.

  • Grimey G

    Do they have black people in Australia?


    Australia, ya’ll know ya’ll be wildin the fuck out, right? they must dont get shows down there often.

  • RiKaShaE

    No,there aint alot of shows down there cuz they wont allow da artist 2 preform there bcuz “rap music caused violence”theyre words not mine

  • Federal Ranga

    Nigga, you come out the pockets a CLEAN couple grand for a flight to Aussieland….. ONE WAY. Imagine what it costs to bring your entourage, stage crew and props and shit just to perform…

    Kon aint joking about how hard getting there is…

  • Tony Grands

    Those must’ve been the victims of his car theft ring.

  • Brooklyn

    “more than 50 people rushed security guards to gain access to the concert venue.” really? niggas was rushing security to get INTO an akon concert?

  • Avenger XL

    They probably realized how wack this fool is and that they waisted their money to hear him play r&B pop thug for 30 minutes LOL

  • RiKaShaE

    shit they wont even let SNOOP in Australia,BANNED!!!

  • capcobra

    they probably pissed that he ain’t bring t-pain…what was akon’s last hit solo record?

  • Chilly Willy

    And this whole hiphop is bad for the kids because of violence bullshit is preached in the (almost) only country in the world that was created only for penitentiary purposes…..

    Australia is the real OB4CL, Only Built 4 Cuffs’n'Leashes. Fuck a Gitmo, this is the OG.

    And they actually got the nerve to talk shit like that. Meanwhile, in this “wholesome” country, TV shows broadcasts Aussies performing in blackface to mock Mike and the Jackson 5 for entertainment….

    • BigDan!

      Chilly, I hear you on the blackface thing. I’m a white Australian myself and I just shook my head the next day, not only at the skit but the response by commenters on news stories. The skit itself was first performed on the show 20 odd years ago and was brought back for the reunion special. I think a lot of Australia’s undercurrent racism currently extends from terrorist attacks in Indonesia and the United States. The previous government really capitalised off those events to get re-elected. It was the same administration which banned Snoop. Snoop is allowed back in the country now, in fact he toured last summer I think. But our visa conditions are very strict (so is the US’s). It disappoints me because we’ll probably never get artists like TI to tour. Still, I’m going to see Nas in Brisbane on the weekend…cannot wait for that concert!

      • Chilly Willy

        That’s gon be a nice show to see, dude, you’re lucky. Thanks for the heads up on the how it went down. Of course terrorist attacks are gonna affect the social climate, and you can expect politicians to use that. But I believe politicians are naturally opportunist, they don’t only create monsters you can fear so they can pretend to protect you (I see you Dubya). They also ride on what some people already believe, even if it’s fucked up (where the tea-party’ers at?). So it ain’t that far-fetched to say this is a deeper issue in Australia. About the show, I wouldn’t say I was appalled, because being a black man in North America, I’m always on the lookout for eff’d up race-related shit to happen. But I’d say I was disappointed. Australia has no direct history with africans, at least not like the US, and what was used is something that didn’t have no relevance whatsoever, let alone in Australia. It was just plain wrong. But truth be told, I’d still like to visit Australia one day (you know it won’t be tomorrow what with the visas and shit, LOL)

        • BigDan!

          Co-sign to the fullest it was wrong. People were saying ‘oh there is no history of minstrel shows in Australia, it’s only offensive in the states’ which is bullshit. I had heard about them and how offensive they were before I even started to become interested in African-American culture. And, there was a piece in the Weekend Australian Magazine listing the history of minstrel shows in Australia. I really cringed when the Cronulla riots went down, and I feel quite uncomfortable with political attitude (and seemingly the collective social attitude)toward asylum seekers. It really hasn’t been the greatest PR for us internationally recently and I hope people snap out of the mindstate soon. Having said that, looking forward to seeing everyone come over, I eventually want to check out the States…from what I heard about the women to straight men ratio in Atlanta lol.

      • $ykotic/Don McCaine

        “But our visa conditions are very strict…”

        You ain’t lying. Just to get there is a journey/hassle alone. Then the stipulations basically keep you in the hotel room, if you’re smart. Or you take a security(police) guided tour around town.

        Groupie love is there though…

  • caino

    l have travelled to Oz and USA and l must say USA was way harder to get in !! l was held at the airport in LA for like 4hrs cos l didnt have a hotel booked, l was tavelling the world with my girl , and we borded flight to LA landed, then passport control held us for like 4 hrs untill l bokked a hostel right there in fron of them!! it was stange!!

    In Oz they went nuts at me cos l had soil in my tent (l was backpacking around the world) and they went nuts cos they thought l was trying to bring in some foreign dirt!!

    Ps – had to laugh at Grimey G’s comment about do they have black people in america!! l’m from Glasgow East end (scotland y’all) and believe it or not we even have black people there! lol