Eighteen people were injured at an Akon concert in Melbourne, Australia last night (October 26) after more than 50 people rushed security guards to gain access to the concert venue.

According to ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) News, eight of the 18 people injured in the incidents that occurred both inside and outside Melbourne Park had to be rushed to the hospital. Although many fans were involved in the brawls only one 21-year-old man has been charged with assault so far.

Kon reportedly walked into the crowd to try to stop fans from fighting. The YouTube video footage of the concert last night below shows Akon entering the audience with his bodyguards asking people to “calm it down” while fans cheered. [Watch below]

“Hold on Melbourne…I need ya’ll to let me speak for one second,” Akon told an excited audience from atop the shoulders of one of his bodyguards. “I don’t know if ya’ll know how hard it took me to get there. It took me almost two years for Australia… and I am not going to let them fuck up our concert tonight.”

Akon is scheduled to perform in Sydney, Australia tonight. There is no word yet if this incident will affect the performance. —Brooklyne Gipson