Ultimate Death Row Collection Set for November Release

Following in the steps of Def Jam, Death Row Records will be releasing an ultimate collector’s edition box set of platinum selling hits from legendary artists like 2Pac, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre and more.

The compilation will include three discs featuring 15 tracks each, packaged with a DVD of music videos and previously unreleased footage. The CDs feature all of the chart-topping West Coast classics like “Nuttin but a G-Thing” and “California Love” along with 20 previously unreleased tracks from Snoop, Danny Boy, Kurupt, Dogg Pound, OFTB, The Lady of Rage, Crooked I and more. The set also comes with a limited edition Death Row T-shirt

The Ultimate Death Row Collection will be available on shelves November 24. –Brooklyne Gipson

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  • http://www.xxlblocktalk.com/INDOE INDOE

    Even through all of Suge’s nonsense them DeathRow joints are still bangin ‘. Also comes out on ym bornday so i need that as a present .

  • Enlightened

    Them muthafuckas wasn’t playing when they said they gon’ release music. This will be they third release in like 4 months.

    In a minute they gon’ be on some Ol’ school No Limit shit.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

      “Them muthafuckas wasn’t playing when they said they gon’ release music.”

      ^^^ I read an interview with the 3 white folks who “bought” the company, & they were talking about all the plans they had, how they were going to bring integrity & honor back to the label, starting with reminding the world who Death Row Records is.

      You know Suge is sick right now.

  • Fireforreal

    Come on ya’ll this collection would be complete if it had the Suge knight unfinished business reality show with it. I was waiting for that shit last year but I guess it never got picked up. They should atleast release a transcript of all his interviews. Suge hands down is a funny nigga LOL Remember when he said Dre came to him and told him he wanted to be white ? and Suge Goes “well I’m not jesus i can’t make you white but you could marry a white women and have a child that’s half white. Oh well we always have the past classic music. But anyone need a laugh go on youtube and watch that Unfinished business trailor againand all the past suge interviews. It helps when you need a good laugh. For the record i see why all that snoop shit was leftover. Horrrrrrrrrrrrible half ass,freestyle wack beat songs lol

    • Enlightened

      Ahhhh nigga you remember that?! That was some of the funniest shit I ever heard in my life. I was sittin there like this nigga Suge really want us to believe Dre asked him to make him white – and was serious?
      That shit was classic. You right. All the Suge interviews would make it priceless.
      I remember the one tape he put out where he gave directions to Dre and Snoop’s houses.

  • ChRi$

    im buyin it…