Soulja Boy recently gave some insight into what he was doing the night he was arrested last week for obstruction of justice last week.

SB went on Twitter on Sunday (October 12) to share. “Releasing the music video for ‘Gangsta Muzik’ later on tonight,” he wrote. “This is the video shoot I got arrested at. Stay tuned.”

This still doesn’t explain why Soulja Boy, along with about 40 other people fled the scene when cops showed up at the abandoned house on Wednesday (October 7), after being tipped off by an anonymous caller, but at least it’s something.

The teen rapper has been pretty tight-lipped about the ordeal everywhere except Twitter. After his release, he assured his followers on the social networking site that he was fine and ready to get back to work. “I just wanna put this behind me! I’m not going back to jail! Let’s focus on the BET Awards!” Shortly after he even tweeted his mug shot along with the message “Even in jail my swag was turnt up.”

At the awards show however, Soulja told reporters that he couldn’t really say much about the incident. “Man, I can’t really comment on that, ‘cause I ain’t went to court yet… and my answer could affect the case,” he told MTV. “I just wanna thank all my fans for supporting me through it. I ain’t going back. I’m out, it’s good.”

Neither Soulja Boy or any of his representatives have many any official statement on the arrest so far. The video for "Gangsta Muzic" has also yet to debut online. -Brooklyne Gipson