Soulja Boy Arrested for Obstruction of Justice

Teen sensation Soulja Boy was arrested on Wednesday (October 7) after fleeing from cops, according to

The Atlanta-based rapper was among around 40 people hanging out at an abandoned house in Georgia’s Henry County. Police rolled up on the residence after receiving an anonymous phone call, but upon seeing the cops, everyone fled including SB.

The young MC returned to the scene later in the day to pick up his Range Rover, and was arrested for obstruction of justice. He was taken into jail and released shortly thereafter.

Another man on the scene was cuffed for allegedly possessing eight counterfeit $100 bills. Women at the location claimed they shooting a music video.

SB has yet to make a statement about the incident. –Max G

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  • Mutada/Mullah Atari

    Let the hate begin !!!!

  • B

    I’m guessing the eight counterfeit hundred dollar bills were props for the video… ouch.


    let me be the first to say it.he needs to be arrested by the hip hop police for puttin out that garbage he calls music.i cant do nothin but shake my head when i see fools dancin to that shit.

    • BOSS D.R.E.


    • eddy

      f**k you i love his music you f***in a*s hole

  • AZ40

    Tell em….they was havin’ a rape party…I seriously wanna know where this nigga parents at I continuously see him doin’ ignorant shit like damn ya parents ain’t puttin’ you in check, I guess as long as you makin’ money(literally…counterfeit) you can do anything.

  • sealsaa

    “Let the hate begin !!!!”

    I’ll get to that in a second…

    “I’m guessing the eight counterfeit hundred dollar bills were props for the video… ouch.”

    Looks as if Mr. Colipark needs to sit the tyke down and explain to him (I’ve taken the liberty of naming these discussions ColiTalks), as he had to concerning the GZA, about FEDERAL LAWS.

  • giantstepp

    Ok, I have no love for SB’s music at all, but that desnt negate the fact that he is a rap superstar, like him or not. Which make sme wonder, what in the hell was he hanging at an abondoned house with 40 other people???

  • tronthadon

    He was shootin a video and that prob what tha money was for..and what you call whack is what people before him called hip hop..i guess when Ny was Harlem Shakin doin tha chicken noodle dance and even tha shit in tha 80s it was cool huh its all hip hop just a different form..yall hatin on a lil nugga cuz his dreams came true..keep writin ur bullshit raps in ur compostions and let him do what he do..i dont listen to his shit but why knock em?..Atlanta bitch!!





      because they where actually doing something called rapping.this dude just says some dumb shit to a beat and people eat it up.

    • BOSS D.R.E.

      Okay, I’m not gonna say that I liked the Harlem Shake and that Chicken Noodle shit because I hated it. But with lines like “Haters get mad cause I get me some Bap n Apes”, Why wouldn’t we think he’s garbage. I wont knock his hustle, just his skills.


        co-sign i couldnt have said it long as people buy it there will always be garbage music.

  • Tony Grands

    I’m surprised some magazine or website hasn’t interviewed SB’s parents yet.

    Depending on the source (no pun intended), that would most likely be extremely interesting.

    • capcobra

      i never even thought about this dude having parents…he’s like hip hop’s immaculate conception.

      • joe p

        id have to say the anti-christ of the hip hop world capcobra lmao

  • capcobra

    all criminals return to the crime scene sooner or later..that’s what they teach you in prison..that and 2 outta 3 of y’all will be back…lmao..that’s called the revolving door speech…anyhow..why he ain’t send arab to get the rover?

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Shooting a music video in front of an abandoned house in Henry County? Are you fucking kidding me? Unless it was in Eagles Landing, I don’t know why anyone would be sweating a house in Henry County, and you can’t even get in Eagles Landing unless you’re a resident or you’re invited.

    And who the fuck runs away on foot leaving their Range Rover at the scene?

    Stupid kids…

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    C’mon son.

    They were smoking, underage drinking, gambling & bagging up, and filming bootleg stripper skin flicks. That’s why they ran. You know cats had the toast on them too.

    “why he ain’t send arab to get the rover?” Ha!

    “I seriously wanna know where this nigga parents at..”

    It ain’t like I wanted to be around my parents at that age but still. Hanging in an abandoned house is a crackhead look for a millionaire.

    Shorty with them counterfeits needs a lawyer though…

  • HU

    I saw his mom a month ago in front of Church’s Chicken. It was 85 degrees out but she was wearing a beat up leather coat and asked me for 35 cents. I’ve never seen his dad.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      Naw. You lying. Real talk?

  • alderman j

    The nigga is a multi millionaire, the hope for parental intervention is a pipe dream, he could tell them to “shut the fuck up and get out of my house” so i doubt they have any say so in what he does or says!! Plus im sure if he had have stayed he would have been charged with more so from a street perspective he pulled it off, he ran, dumped what all he had on him, sobered up and came back and got the whip, obstruction charge is nothing compared to what he would have got.


    street cred anyone?

    • Tony Grands

      Yep. About as much as Meth.

  • Brooklyn

    and the stupidest nigga of the year award goes to…

    wait a minute, i need to understand this. dude fled from the police, got home safely, and then came back for his whip? this the same nigga that uses $100 bills to wipe his nose, and he sweating a range rover? co-sign capcobra, he shoulda sent his boy arab for that shit, or gave one of them snotty benjamins to some broke nigga and tell him to bring that whip around the way.

  • DV8

    he should of been arrested by the hiphop police for the obstruction of justice of hiphop music.

  • King Joffy Joe

    He was at an abandoned house. For what? They were shooting a video. BULLSHIT! Everybody and they momma know that if you get caught in an abandoned house, with a whole bunch of other niggas, then that house is only considered to be one thing…. A DOPESPOT! Damn! Sounds like SB’s either smokin’ or knows a nigga that’s sellin’. Let the downfall of Mr. Tell’em begin. lol.

    -K. Joffy Joseph


    I agree with Napto. Sb is garbage I dont give a fuck what anyone says.

  • The Fedz

    I guess Sugar Hill Gang is trash too. “Rappers Delight” has no purpose, just fun words that rhyme and to party too. Planet Rock was about nothing just a big party track, but I guess since they from NY and it was the 70s and 80s they legends. Meanwhile SB doing the same shit, is now hip hops cancer. Yall kill me.


      dont feel bad soulja boys shits killin us too.if he keeps puttin that trash out i wont be able to listen to good music anymore because of my ears bleedin so damn bad.he aint hip hop he is hip pop.bubble gum dummy,ring tone flavor of the doo garbage.


    atleast suger hill gang sounded good doin it.and yeah ythey did rap,and no sb dont.its cancer and your brainwashed like the rest of the sheep who buy into it.






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