Royce Da 5’ 9” Hops on the Charts

Detroit lyricist Royce Da 5’ 9” debuted at no. 111 on The Billboard 200 this week with his third solo album, Street Hop.

For the disc, Royce recruited Bun B, Busta Rhymes and Phonte of Little Brother, in addition to his Slaughterhouse partners-in-rhyme. Street Hop managed to sell 4,600 copies in its first week.

Jay-Z continued to lead the rap pack at the top of the charts. The Brooklyn rap legend’s latest, The Blueprint 3, fell one spot to no. 4 this week, moving 42,800 units. Since its release seven weeks ago, BP3 has sold a total of 1,159,300 discs.

Black Eyed Peas held tight at no. 6 this go ’round. The E.N.D. added 35,200 to its overall tally of 1,269,800.

T. Dot upstart Drake climbed four sports to no. 23 this week with his So Far Gone EP. In six weeks fans copped 197,300 copies of the CD, with 17,300 being sold in the last sales cycle alone. Surprisingly the Young Money rapper has a higher overall sales figure than fellow rookie Kid Cudi. The Cleveland MC’s disc Man on the Moon: The End of Day, which landed at no. 61 this week, has moved 183,300 units in the same period of time.

Next week look for Rick Ross’ Triple C’s album to appear on The Billboard 200—Elan Mancini

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    The suprising thing about these record sells the last 3 weeks is the fact that even though the Black Eyed Peas CD came out June 9th & Jay’s cd came out the week of Sept 11th, he’s only behind them by 110,500 cd’s. They had like a 13-14 week head start. That Ish is amazing when you consider the type of artist’s both are. The BEP’s may do some Hip Hop, but are considered to be an MTV POP act. As soon as Jay drops a few more video’s including “Empire State of Mind” he’s going to blow right past them. Much Props for true Hip Hop still being able to sell on a major level.

    MOGUL $$$ GAME ’09!!

  • http://-- gaddic

    #111 on the billboard 200
    Behind BP3 The E.N.D. and So far gone?
    Just goes to show you better numbers DONOT = better quality
    No other rapalbum on this chart has any of the sheer lyrical skill and quality as Street Hop

    It’s disgusting how wackass Blackeyed peas and Drake’s So far gone are ahead of an immensely superior release
    Nas- “real hiphop is dead”

    • gkid12345

      @gaddic that’s so true, its very disgusting and a smack in the face to hip-hop

    • Slaughter

      Joe Budden- “they say hip hop is dead because the dope shit is underground”

  • AZ40

    He basically had no promo…anyway “hip hop is dead ‘cuz all the dope shit is underground”-Joe Budden

  • Mika

    Man im glad for Royce’s sales ! hope this continues ….and as for Triple C’s … i got it on torrent … and i expected better than what they put out cuz of Deeper than rap … but its nothing new … okay production …. so im not copping it ! Ima get Nickles very soon ….hope its worth it !!

  • alderman j

    Who cares about sales, it took ILLMATIC 10 YEARS TO GO PLATINUM (and that was before illegal downloading was a problem), sales dont speak to the quality of the MUSIC! because i know a dude that sits at a gas station and sells all your favorite rappers cds out the trunk of his car, soundscan aint tracking those sales. That shit doesnt matter. Its about the music. Drake is selling a CD that ive had downloaded to my desktop since MARCH, are you serious, what does that speak to? The ignorance of people that they dont buy a SLAUGHTERHOUSE they burn copies and download, but then DRAKE redrops a free mixtape for sale and clowns are buying it??? DOESNT MAKE ANY SENSE TO ME!!!!


    Street Hop is better than BP3 IMO. I’m glad that I’m one of 4,000 that has a signed copy of it … it was well worth the money.

    Can’t wait for another Slaughterhouse LP.

  • Jesus Martinez

    I guess I’m one of the few people that copped Royce….Has anyone heard Stat Quo’s new “Great Depression” yet?

  • Fiddy

    “Next week look for Rick Ross’ Triple C’s album to appear on The Billboard 200″

    Don’t you worry ’bout that, it ain’t gonna happen…. lol !!! They won’t sell shit!!

  • Federal Ranga

    At least he made it on… think of the thousands of rappers who didn’t this week or this year for that matter…

    Blackout Freestyle up!!!


    I’m so SHAMELESS!!!

  • Sid B

    I’m 1 of the 4000 people who bought my copy of street hop. Its worth buying 1 of the best albums of 09.

  • j

    Street Hop is an awesome album. A must have!

  • nate

    This is a fire album. Produced by DJ Premiere.

    If I go overhead it’s cause your a$$ duckin
    Fuc$ underground
    I rhyme for them fly mu&uckers who’s up
    that ain’t trying to dumb it down….
    Fuc% radio, Fuc% video
    I live by the bus scenario, what the dilley yo.

  • fireforreal

    Street hop is one of the best hip hop albums this year by far. If you want,lyrics,beats and no bullshit appearences.

  • Money Mitch

    Fireforreal i agree 100 % at the same time. Royce doesn’t sell because he has absolutely no huslte at all! I knew about the record but didn’t know when it was coming out, he toured with slaughterhouse true but where is his solo tour? To be underground and put up numbers you really have to tour like tech n9ne and thats no lie at least 250 shows a year. Tech’s killer went platinum independently and nobody has ever done that by the way! EVER! Even ICP sold like 50,000 copies week one with their new cd and everybody I know that likes hip hop hates ICP! It’s just that their hustle game is second to none they know their audience and how to promote their music by themselves these other cats can’t do that and Royce has a solid following he just needs to get it out there!

  • Fireforreal

    True True. It’s cool to be underground but as much of a following as Royce has he does need to get out there more and benefit off that shit way more than he does

  • Mika

    i got that Royce album and that shit is crazy !!!!! that joint with busta he did …. i thought busta would do it better in that kinda beat but Nickle just killed it !!! After a REALLY long time have i picked an album where i liked each and every song on the album …cottdamn !

  • Sway-z

    I hope u niggas realize 50 is the one who started this shit, and that ain’t no knock cuz I still like the nigga’s music, especially BISD.

    But 50 came in pointing sales out to discredit niggas he knew he couldn’t discredit lyrically, and ever since, too much focus been placed on it. Plus the internet got everybody fronting like an armchair executive now, and that goes for everything not just hip hop. It’s why niggas is so critical of albums too, they feel like the internet is giving their opinion a voice, when honestly, nobody gives a fuck about what you or I think, in the grand scheme of shit

  • beaver

    dat album is sooo fuckin shit i heard since relapse..royce is a beast..i thinkk street hop is better than relapse..dope shitt man..