Mase Bum Rushes Diddy With Release Papers On Air

During an appearance with his group Dirty Money on Atlanta’s V103 radio station, Diddy was surprised by  Mase, who arrived at the studio unannounced with requests to be released from his contract.

Neither initially made any reference on air to the unfinished business Mase had apparently showed up to settle, and it was apparent that Diddy was caught off guard by his appearance. Documented by the blog, Diddy however did walk over to Mase during a break to sign a document the Harlem-bred rapper later flashes to the camera. [Watch Below]

Back on the air, Puff explained what their exchange meant. “Just be clear [Mase] has the freedom to do whatever he want to do,” he said. “People have felt like our situation I may have stopped him or whatever, he can do whatever he wanna do. I’m tryna make sure everyone is crystal clear. If you want those Mase verses, getcha hustle on. He gotta slick tongue though, he’s a mean negotiator so you better come with that guap.”

After the show was over, Mase told the cameras, “Took me 10 years to get this paper work right here. I had to put this in UPS; I don’t want nothing to spill on it. I don’t even know what I’mma put out now. Oh my goodness. We good…I got my official papers right here from Puff Daddy. It was love. So I guess we don’t have no problems after all. I don’t even know how to take that. I ain’t used to Puff doing good stuff.”

It hasn’t been the best couple of weeks for Diddy. During a taping of BET’s 106 and Park last week the mogul was shocked to discover that he accidently threw a $20,000 ring into the audience while making it rain. He was never able to recover the jewelry, despite ordering security to search every person before they left. -Brooklyne Gipson

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  • Blakout615

    I think the only reason diddy signed the document is because it was in a public place. If mase came at diddy behind office doors,it probably wouldn’t have went down. Remember when the lox had to start a fuckin street campaign just to get off bad boy? I guess yung joc knows what type of approach to use now.

  • sealsaa

    ” He gotta slick tongue” -Diddy

    Somehow, I don’t doubt he was refering to Mase’s negotiating skills.

    • AZ40

      LOL…Puff had no further use for him and through him away like a 20,000 ring!

    • that nigga

      hahahaha. Me either.

  • Tony Grands

    Yeah Mase, that piece of paper is what was holding you back…

    Not giving transvestites rides to 7-11.

    Not becoming Hip Hop’s answer to Creflo Dollar & passing a collection plate around the entire culture.

    Not the fact that Douche Nozzle P raped your style & gave birth to Loon, without even letting you sign his birth certificate.

    Unless Puff is really Satan, & just returned control of your soul to you, not much is going to change in your career.

    Plus, there’s probably more money in Preacher Pimpin’ nowadays than in rap. You better hope BeBe & CeCe Winans are looking for an “urban” artist.

    • Mobucks

      Tony you a fool pimpin .. I always read your post bruh (no-homo) I be up in hea way more than i comment but i be seein how you and Don mccaine be handling these be having very good insight which is why i dont comment much .most of it is said already, I know cats hate your internet presence ..but good shit bruh, btw your blog is good shit too ..keep doin yo thang pimpin, and yea diddy really is satan but he aint returning no souls..haahaaha

      • Tony Grands


        What’s good, juice? Thanks, I appreciate the love (yes hetero). Good looks, for real though.

    • Chilly Willy

      “Plus, there’s probably more money in Preacher Pimpin’ nowadays than in rap”

      Ask Eddie Griffin !

      “I don’t even know how to take that.”

      Y’all know he’s jokin, right ? All those years he had to listen to Diddy’s mumblings, he has to know how to take that, take that…

      • Tony Grands

        God-fearing congregation >> fickle rap fans

        • Chilly Willy

          I guess that’s why Jesus = the real G.O.A.T.

          Damn ! In the subway, the other day, an old man holding a bible told me, out of the blue :”Jesus loves you”. I was about to reply: “Move bitch, get out the way !” but my verses weren’t up to par…

        • Tony Grands


        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          Y’all 2 are crazy.

          @ Mobucks

          Appreciate that.

          “I ain’t used to Puff doing good stuff.”

          What a subliminal dart…


      wheeew wee! thats how you read a nigga his rights…

      and you bets to believe preacher pimpin is solid cakes, jack! cause whether it’s a bitch, or a life on the fritz, don’t nothin sell better than a dream, baby!

      and best believe, whether he out to pull a bitch, or up on a pulpit, they wear the exact same uniform!

      holla at me!


        posted in the wrong spot. thats at my nigga Tony Grands…

  • BOSS D.R.E

    LOL! This nigga’s catchin L’s left and right.

  • JJ79

    That nigga pulled a Kanye!!

  • What the ?

    So what’s Puff Diddly selling ?

    You know when out of nowhere theres multiple stories fabricated by magazines consecutively that there’s bound to be a sales pitch at the end of it, especially when Diddly Doo-Doo is involved in the headlines.

  • Penelope Rodriguez

    LMAO @ the whole situation! At least Mase didn’t have to scream all over the radio like the LOX. Damn

  • Bobby

    Mase to P Diddy: Take that, Take that.


    Im not used to Puff doing good stuff. Lmao! Daam Puff why you got to be such a prick?

    • Bobo D

      That might explain why some of Puffs artist turned to religion.

  • Harra$$

    Puff fallin off. He got to make moves! He finna do the fifty cent. Make a new show and watch it get cancelled! Lmao. He betta call Russell ( Learn how to get it sittn down!) He hasn’t Had a hit group that wasnt R& B in like foreva!

    • Chilly Willy

      The Ruthell move may be good. Just so we clear, though: promise me there won’t be no Diddycard, and we cool…

      I can see the commercial already : ” Yeah! yeah! can’t stop! take that! take that! take that Diddycard ! take that !

  • Free Speech

    Nice work Ma$e !!! that puffy bitch sounded so unhappy after signing and his countenance fell when he saw Ma$e walk in there. Caught pants down puffy bitch ! Everyone hopes the evil puffy bitch falls completely and goes broke, everyone says AMEN to that.

  • daydeezy

    M (dolla sign) ma$e is back baby, i think that really held him back, as far as his delivery and getting his fans back, thats what you do Bumrush the Bum besides he already have to watch his back, Shine after his azz too….I keep that harlem world in rotation always ” that girl was not 19 son”.. classic.

  • Mr. North

    It is funny how Ma$e and diddy’s clone of Ma$e Loon both had extreme religious revelations after dealing with him. Diddy gets gayer every year. They had to rebuke the Satan!lol

  • daydeezy

    I dont know why yall think its a surprise when a brotha change his religion , because i know of only two ways that will happen.
    1. A Bad Azz Woman
    2. A brotha went to jail

    And being with Diddy is Jail…LMAO

  • Chilly Willy

    For real thoug, surprise for surprise.

    Imagine what would’ve happened if Ghost was in the building just before Mase got in. He’s gonna get out with release papers and 2 broken arms. It’s gonna be hard for him to still breathe, shake and stretch…

    • BIGNAT


  • el negro

    mase to me is garbage. wut does he meanif u want a verse frm him come w/ guap?????? i wouldnt let that nigga do a verse for free on my alum shyt just a 16 bar verse from his slo-rappin ass would be double the time it took the game to make 300 bars

  • tmoney6191

    @tony cents

    nigga stop tryin to rehearse
    cuz in a sec, my heat will disperse/
    this weak little bitch, acting like he dont care
    but he alwayz reply with no rhymes I swear/
    cuz u lost u act like this is unimportant
    u deny 2 fight cuz of my MVP performance/
    Hold on, Let me get back in da game for a second
    Shoot you and have you leakin out yo brains and intestines/
    I’ll accidentally rip ya head off while I snatch ya necklace
    Rip a lung out ya chest bitch, and ? leave ya breathless/
    I don’t need a gun, I can use my hands as the weapons
    I’m da teacher lil bitch – I’ma teach u a lesson/
    its a fact that ya rap lack knowledge
    a couple lines and this rats demolished/
    the rap game is too lame
    if my raps was a drug ,you would wanna poke it in your veins /

    • Tony Grands

      Damn, you worse than a chick, reheasin ya shit/over & over, but u suck, like ya verse was my dick/im surprised ya still alive, u shoulda drowned in that wack juice,/matter fact-sit back, stop lyin & turn the gat loose

      Lemme guess, ya favorite rapper is prolly papoose/we both know that thats true, lucky I can’t slap you/like the lady you are, tryin to be so masculine/e-thuggin extra heavy, adament on babblin

      & makin threats, ain’t this thread about puffy & mase?/not about how much of Tony Grands you can stuff in ya face?/if I was you, I would find another hobby or chore/although at this point, you prolly couldn’t bother me more

      Ya just another minor obstacle dude, on the real/lets see how much you’re rappin, restin in a hospital room/my words disturb ya nerves like ya just got ya ass kicked/to show I’m a good sport, I’ll autograph ya casket

      You’re really a bad rapper, fuck ya mad at me for?/because I handed you ya ass when we battled before?/look, it’s all love but don’t take that outta context/i know about ya type, with that homosexual complex

      U giving me headache,-where’s the Comtrex?/-while I concentrate on cavin ya chest until it’s convexed/you makin bomb threats, while I’m lauchin ground strikes/pound mics, against ya head until it sound like

      Niggas beatin bottle with sticks, I gotta question for ya/what the fuck you doin when you not on my dick?/prolly updatin ya myspace with more hot trash/cut & paste this shit right here-”tmoney got smashed”


        LMAO! i didnt know you had verbs!

        and tell CB4 to check CBS at 6, to see if they covered the story of his apparent homicide…

  • tmoney6191

    when it come to beef you dont wanna step…GOD
    b/c like coke ill have u cut up and stepped on/
    ima laid back nigga with a short ass fuse
    talk back to me and get stomped on like a doormat do/
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    fuckin with me homey is a big mistake
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    I provoke the beef kill U like strokes & disease/
    Mic all u got thats your hopes & dreams/
    So versatile wit the verses
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    Assassination, is what you will be facing
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    real lyrical fire is what i aspired to desire
    im no freestyler ima written rap fighter/
    with the pen my flow top rated
    people in a recession but u know my pockets inflated/

    • Tony Grands

      -Retarded rapper found slain in his momma basement/ had he survived it would be just another trauma patient/but he was brain dead before the ambulance arrived/he suffocated underneath an avalance of pride

      Somebody lied & told the nigga he was good at rappin/all he can do was dream about what shoulda, coulda happen/& all he talked about was guns & the way he used ‘em/must’ve confused ‘em with Barbie’s, the way that they amused him

      The girls he went to school thought he was weird/either that or slow as fuck-in the 8th grade with a beard/tried out for basketball, homie praticed for hours/but ended up in the locker room, catchin the towels

      Loser-type, took his cousin to prom, & still hit/then his cousin admitted that he didn’t feel shit/dyed his timberlands pink, to match the hat & the scarf/chargin cats 10 bux a head at the back of the park

      He was the first gay rapper, cats said “you can tell”/& the other gay rappers was like “we knew him well”/found the internet, then became a whole other character/sometimes, his screen name was “ErikaMsBlackAmerica”

      But still, all he really ever wanted was fame, more than men with neck tattoos that flaunted his name/his dreams came crashin down when he died at his keyboard/ wait, hold up, what y’all niggas lookin at me for?

      rip tmoney…….

  • tmoney6191

    tony cents u arent fuckin with me son killed you 2 times heres the third…where is macdatruest dat bird dont wanna battle he ran outta rhymes 3 months ago

  • fmeezy

    look at these 2 girls battle rappin, there 2
    necks ,i cud easily snap em!.tony grand$ , u prolly aint even worth that. u a broke bitch with no value , u about as much use as an ancient statue .tmoney61 91 u better ring 911 , when am done with yo ass , imma cut yo skin with shards o glass.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine


  • Brooklyn

    signing a contract with puffy is like signing an indenture, you agree to work for x amount of years without pay and at the end of that period you’re dropped like a bad habit. mase sounded like a slave that just heard about the 13th amendment, i’m actually happy for the dude though, he was finally able to cast of the chains of didditude and is now able to do what he wishes. i hope he got his masters too, it would be a shame if everytime someone bought “harlem world” diddy’d get paid.

  • latino heat

    if he could have got this in ’05-’06 when 50 was trying to sign him it would have been worth something. i heard a while back that Steve Rifkind was interested in him. if that offers off the table then i think Koch is gonna be his only option.

    too bad Mase didn’t have this bright idea to bumrush Puff years ago. i think it’s too little too late now though.

  • impecable

    @ tony no sense

    im built 4 these war games n dat Boy lame
    ima boss ur a worker stay in ur lane
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    ur a computer nerd
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    i move them birds still b in the hood on the 1st n 3rd

  • newyawka631

    These niggaz are giving Tony Cents a beating.U lucky i’m a lil busy right dis minute.It’s about to be 3 on 1,and none of ya niggaz got ya back…Ranga to busy taking money for gas/shooting videos,Macdafakest out sucking dick.I’m gon put da nail in da coffin…..R.i.p

  • Dra$t-iQ Alkohlik

    that slick tongue shit is suspect