Kid Cudi addressed the rumors that Kanye West is hiding out in rehab or an Indian ashram while being interviewed by MTV News backstage at the Ulalume Festival in Columbia, Maryland last weekend.

According to the Cleveland rapper, Ye is not receiving any medical attention.“All that’s definitely false. I mean… rehab for what? Being awesome?” said West’s 25-year-old protégé. “We talk every once in a while. Like I said, he’s like a brother to me, I worry just as much as the next person, but when I say Kanye is cool, believe me, Kanye is okay. He’s a strong dude, I mean, we’ve seen him grow from College Dropout to now… the things he’s dealt with, the things he’s been through. He’s a strong dude.”

West recently backed out of the highly anticipated “Fame Kills” tour with Lady GaGa shortly after making several public apologies for crashing the stage and interrupting an acceptance speech being given by Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. GaGa later announced that she was going to continue on with a revamped and renamed version of the tour with Cudi instead, called The Monster Ball

“I didn’t get his blessing or anything, I just agree because it’d be an honor," he said. "From what I heard, Kanye backed out from the tour, because he wanted to work on something- maybe a project- or just wanted some time off.”

Cudi’s not the only one speaking up for the Louis Vuitton Don. About a week ago, when internet rumors spread that Kanye West had died, his girlfriend Amber Rose went on Twitter to address the fact that the gossip had became one of the most popularly tweeted phrases on the site.

“The RIP Kanye West topic is not funny and its NOT TRUE!” wrote Rose. “Its in extremely poor taste to have that as a trendy topic. It’s totally disrespectful to make up a story like this…”

In other news, Kanye West was also recently cleared of all charges stemming from a 2008 incident at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) involving Ye, his road manager Don Crowley and an unidentified photographer. According to the Los Angeles Times, Mark Zuckerman sentenced West and Don C to perform community service for the American Red Cross. reports that they both agreed to 50 hours of work each. —Brooklyne Gipson