Juvenile Drafts Bobby V & Pleasure P for Comeback LP

Cocky and Confident, New Orleans superstar Juvenile’s first new album in three years is finaly set to hit stores next month.

Following up 2006’s billboard number 1 LP Reality Check, the former Hot Boy has drafted a slew of artists to share the mic on his new disc, including Pleasure P, Bobby V, Rico Love, B.G., Dorrough, and Q Corvette. 1
As XXLMag.com previously reported, the rap vet has a track on the disc titled “My Money Don’t Fold,” which many fans misunderstood as a Soulja Boy diss. On the song he raps, “Listen up soldier boy, I’ll bend your antenna/Red dot on the center of your head for my dinner/I don’t talk about swaaaaggg, cause show it/$50,000 cash in the club I blow it.”

But according to Juvenile, his words were not aimed towards SB. Soldier is just a slang term used down South, similar to the way New Yorkers use the term “son.”

“People are taking it the wrong way,” Juvenile told XXLMag.com. “I said ‘soldier’ and everyone thinks I’m talking about Soulja Boy. But that’s been my language and my word long before Soulja Boy even came about. That’s really how we talk down here.”

B.G.—Juvie’s former group member—will be releasing his new album Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood one week later. Along with Juvie, B Gizzle reunited with ex-Hot Boys Lil Wayne and producer Mannie Fresh for the album.

Cocky and Confident is set to hit stands on November 17 through Atlantic/E1 Music.

[Peep XXL's video interview with Juvenile here.]

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    i fux w/ that song “My Money Don’t Fold”. this album might be worth checking out.

  • DownSouth

    I haven’t heard his single yet, but I bet the al is gonna be nice. That Reality Check bumps out the frame. I hope he has Sinister on some tracks this go round.


  • Sean Izzle

    great news XXL!!! Both Juvenile and B.G. albums in november i cant wait, gotdamn this will be the shit, and Pleasure P and B.G. on Cocky and Confident ;)

  • Jesus Martinez

    Reality Check was an underrated album, I’ll be checkin for this

  • Grenade

    Yeah, the CD’s should be dope.

    Check out Juvie’s hit “Hand On You” Ft. Pleasure P.

    Its tight, worth hearing.