In a court appearance yesterday (October 5), Jim Jones pleaded guilty to a minor assault charge in the beating of Ne-Yo's manager, Jayvon Smith, at a Louis Vuitton store in Manhattan last December, reports New York's Daily News.

Jones agreed to a sentence of time served. However, a $7 million lawsuit filed against Jones by the victim, who is the younger brother of Jay Z’s right hand man,Ty Ty, is still pending.

Jones’ lawyer Scott Leemon reported his doubts over the legitimacy of Smith’s accusations to in April, “There were no injuries here and this is all revolving around an alleged civil suit that was filed,” said Leemon. “From what I understand from media reports, the plaintiff is seeking somewhere in the vicinity of millions and millions of dollars. So, I think that criminal action is brought to set up the civil suit.”

Meanwhile Jayvon maintains that the blows that landed on his face “caused redness, swelling, and substantial pain.” A court will ultimately decide how fair these accusations are. –Brooklyne Gipson