Jay-Z Wins Big, Gucci Mane Lights Up the Stage at BET Hip Hop Awards

Jay-Z and T.I. were the big winners at the 2009 BET Hip-Hop Awards, which aired last night (October 27) from the Boisfeuillet Jones Atlanta Civic Center in Georgia.   

Young Jeezy opened up the show—hosted by funny man MIke Epps—with his verse from “As Real As It Gets.” This eventually set the stage for Hova’s grand entrance. The Brooklyn rap legend finished the song from his Blueprint 3 album, and later walked away with three trophies for MVP of the Year, Best Live Performer and Lyricist of the Year.

Hometown hero Tip earned two trophies; one for Best Hip-Hop Collabo for “Live Your Life” with Rihanna and another for Best CD for Paper Trail. Tiny, T.I.’s wife, accepted on behalf of the incarcerated rapper, reading aloud a letter T.I. wrote from jail, thanking his fans.

Young Money MC Drake was named Rookie of the Year and took home another statue for Track of the Year for his appearance on “Every Girl.”

Ice Cube joined previous recipients Russell Simmons, Grandmaster Flash and KRS-One by receiving the I Am Hip Hop Award for his role in pioneering the West Coast rap movement in the late 80’s. Special tributes was also made to Missy Elliot and choreographer Fatima Robinson for their contributions to hip-hop. The late DJ AM who was recognized during the ceremony as DJ of the Year.

Throughout the night BET aired three seperate pre-recorded ciphers. Standouts from the lyrical showcase included Eminem, Joe Budden, Nicki Minaj, KRS-One, and Black Thought.

If there were an award for most appearances onstage for the night Gucci Mane would’ve gotten it. The ATL favorite made his way in the spotlight three separate times, performing with Plies, Mario and Soulja Boy and Shawty Lo.

Dallas rapper Dorrough also had a notable performance bringing out West Coast stars Nipsey Hussle and Snoop Dogg along with Soulja Boy and Jim Jones for his “Ice Cream Paint Job” remix.

Closing out the show with their classic “Guess Who” was the recently reunited Atlanta group Goodie Mob . –Brooklyne Gipson

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  • mistashonuffwill

    the awards show was ok,the only thing i liked about was the cipher.

  • giantstepp

    The show was alright overall. Gucci mane sucks as a performer tho. No stage presense or energy at all IMO. Soulja Boy sucked, Snooped pumped that joint with the r&b dude. Tiny held her man TI down. Em and KRS killed it in the cypher…

    • AZ40

      Co-sign on gucci his performance is as bad as his speech, Black thought,Joe budden killed it and KRS actually went off the top wit’ his shit, other than that the show was just mediocre

  • 305


  • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

    Co-signing the Cypher features. That’s all over the ‘nets right now. It made the whole show, imo. Unfortunately, I tuned in late and missed the earlier cypher. I’m hearing that Nikki Minaj came correct with hers.


    • Adamsville Shawty

      Gucci can’t smoke or drink so he wasn’t feeling it on stage.Em killed the cipher and Nicki Minaj sucked.She sounds like a female lil wayne

  • norcal

    how did JayZ win lyricist of the year EM should of won that i guess u give him something because he jay z blp3 was wack

  • capcobra

    my favorite moment was jeezy opening up with jay-z..BET was showcasing guccimane but if t.i ain’t there then jeezy the king..not gucci..and he proved it by bringing the big homie..nobody else there could’ve brought jay-z out..and jeezy knew it…so that was big..and then popping up beside chuck d to plug your movie and honor the legendary don mega ice cube…those were 2 “i run the A” moments for me..other than that.. krs should’ve been in the cipher with black.mos and marshall…xxl should petition to let us vote and place certain rappers in certain ciphers…or BET need a weekly cipher on tv every saturday like teen summit…we need mor ciphers so fans can see who’s hot and who’s not..take it back to the lunchroom.bathroom.block.hallway.train.park.etc

    • mobuck$

      this like my second time seeing those ciphers pop up , i was starting to feel like back in middle school how hip hop was then, with big tigga and the basement or even when hits from the streets was still on ..we need those days back when artist actually had to prove themselves..co-sign. Oh and @jamal7 yea nikki kiled it IMO , but then again for some reason i tried not liking nikki but she reminds me of the chick at the club that arrive in a all black on black tahoe or escalade anh shit and she hop out wit all her bitches , and they choosin on a nigga & his niggas so I just wanna put my head between her thighs son..lol..

  • brand-new

    did you hear eminem spit last night?! holy shit! he left mos def and black thought in the dust!

    • anutha_level

      bullshit homie…EM was nice, but there ain’t NO WAY he left THOUGHT in the dust…

  • DownSouth

    I enjoyed the awards last nite. KRS, Nicky, Em, and Joe Budden really held it down to me. I wish my man Canibus would get in these ciphers. Matter of fact, him and Em need to squash the beef and make an al together. Man, that al would be over madd cats heads!


  • CLJ

    I didn’t watch it…..

  • Notorious AGC

    i hear a lot abot drake but dont really see wussup with dude…can someone tell me a couple of “good” songs he made??

  • brand-new

    @notorious agc……check out uptown remix and the best song i heard from drake is “fear”

  • mistashonuffwill

    they should put ludacris n the cipher for next year’s show.