Hell Rell Preps New Disc, Dipset Compilation on the Way

Dipset ain’t dead just yet. In a recent interview with hiphopbeef.com, Diplomats A&R Duke Da God revealed plans for a new crew album and original member Hell Rell is gearing up for the release of his new disc next week.

The CD, titled Live From Hell, is set to include the lead singles “Turn the Party Out” and “So Cold.” It will be Rell’s first official studio album since last year’s Black Mask Black Gloves.

In addition Duke Da God promises a new Dipset compilation for an early 2010 release. ”Basically you’re gonna get what you been missing from the last two-three years that we ain’t really been out,” Duke told hiphopbeef.com on the set of Clipse’s “Back By Popular Demand” video shoot, a song that also features Dipset founder Cam’ron. “You gonna see how we put that shit together. Stay tuned to that.”

As of press time there is no further details on the new Dipset album. Live from Hell hits stores on November 3.  -Brooklyne Gipson

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  • that nigga

    Hell Rell sucks. And so does Jim & Zeeky. He gone sell way less than Fat Joe.

  • AZ40

    *sarcastically* Oh I’m sooooo excited!!!!

    Really Nigga??!! I bet this shit “coming soon” like that Juelz that’s been “coming soon” for the past 3-4 years and shit

  • Gerv

    Hell Rell look just like the Indian on that Alanta at LMAO

  • Gerv

    Hell Rell look just like the Indian that Atlanta hat LMAO

  • latino heat

    Dipset ain’t dead? right now that’s like saying No Limit ain’t dead. there both just as relevant these days.

  • General

    I think they all managed to kill off the Dipset movement by themselves…Ain’t no comin back now

  • ChRi$

    “For The Hell Of It” was hands down 100x better then “Black Mask Black Gloves”…i bought both on release date…we’ll see how “Live From Hell” is…

  • Mutada/Mullah Atari

    Come on man. Hell Rell is no were near “sucks”. He may be one of the sharpest lyricists in Dip Set. I don’t agree with his subject matter all the time, but the dude is a beast on that street music.

    Album should be pretty good

    • ChRi$

      co-sign…him and A-Mafia gotta be my favorites outta the dips


    lots of hate for ruga rell i see homie can spit. hell rell one of the best dipset members behind cam

  • doctor69

    This dude is a straight pussy he comes out good make sure you dress better next time I catch you at colombus circle smell rell you fuck the entire bitch set

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    kedordu says:



    October 24th, 2009
    at 8:35 pm

    $ykotic/Don McCaine says:


  • swizzy

    Hell Rell BEEN hot, n hes consistent good to see he ain’t giving up naw mean, cause he still got a strong following n the niggah got mad talent so muthafuckah better stick wit it

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