Gucci Mane LP Coming in Dec., Facing off Against Snoop & Clipse

BRRRR! Gucci Mane’s first major label release, The State Vs. Radric Davis is coming out in December.

The highly-anticipated Warner Bros. disc will feature appearances by Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy and So Icey Entertainment family OJ Da Juiceman and Waka Flocka, as well as production by Polow Da Don, Drumma Boy, Sean Garrett and Mannie Fresh, among others. The LP’s first single, “Wasted” with Plies is currently no. 2 on the urban mainstream radio charts and his next single “Spotlight,”which finds the Atlanta rapper rapping alongside R&B star Usher [listen here], leaked online yesterday (October 19).

2009 was a very busy year for Gucci. The underground sensation linked up with several big artists, including Mariah Carey (“Obsessed” Remix), the Black Eyed Peas (“Boom Boom Pow” Remix) and Mario (“Break Up”). Over the weekend Gucci also dropped three mixtapes. Titled The Cold War series, he teamed up with DJ Drama for Guccimerica, DJ Holiday for BRRRusia and DJ Scream for Great BRRRitain. The mixtapes, which can be found for free online, include cameos from Drake, Mike Bigga, Snoop Dogg , Juvenile and Jim Jones, among others.

The State Vs. Radric Davis is dropping on a crowded release date for hip-hop. Snoop’s Malice N Wonderland, Clipse’s Til the Casket Drops and Chamillionaire’s Venom are all also coming out on December 8. -Elan Mancini

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  • Chilly Willy

    “The highly-anticipated Warner Bros. disc ….”
    I just realized I live under a rock. Put me on game here, people. Who’s highly anticipating this ???



      • Chilly Willy

        Wonderful, Mr Filthy! Eloquently put!

        Which reminds me, I think we need a reform of the education, too. Maybe even before healthcare, that may help us get rid of “filthy” ignorant people, I mean we gotta see the bigger picture. This makes me sad…

      • CLEVER

        @FilthyPac, I Would not follow your Dumb ass!, If you Or Gucci Mann Shitted Gold Brickz! My Little Cousin is 6, and he has Better vocabulary Than you and, your lame ass Gucci Mann, Real What?! Real Uneducated! LOL!

        • joe p

          cosign CLEVER lmao

    • joe p

      this degenerate loser fuckin retard better not go plat … if he does i swear to god i will nevr buy another hip hop album ever again … he sucks so bad its unreal … if he goes plat hip hop is soooooooooooooooooo dead

  • hazard

    me muthafucka, gucci goin platinum with this 1

    • Chilly Willy


      We got one fan over here….Anyone else ?

      I mean this gon be platinum, right ?

      • Detroit P


        • Chilly Willy

          Aight ! This time he REALLY gon be platinum !!!

          For real, though. I guess this is a matter of taste, so I won’t talk shit about anyone religiously awaiting this release. I mean, if Soulja Boy get a pass for shitty music, why not Mr Mane ?

          If he does big numbers, tip of my hat (no Colbert). If he don’t, I won’t be surprised. And that’s more likely to happen. Buzz don’t equate success, ask Mike Jones.

          Mike who ?

          My point exactly…

        • youknow

          dude, Mike Jones sold 2 million records. he may not be relevant now, but he was back when his 1st album dropped…

        • SuperstarExtraordinaire

          Mike Jones dog.

          Haha wat up homie. I rather listen to Brrrrr Mane than SB

  • 123

    I haven’t heard of anyone who’s not anticipating this one. Album of the year right hurr. Heavy in the streets niccccaaa

  • MiG L

    I got the best beats ever. lol.

  • Daigo

    Chilly Willy, dont post if you hate honestly. Im quite sure your post will not dent his career but only your intelligence you poorly display. I think this information was posted on twitter and obviously you follow gucci mane and that shows that you hate so much, you’d prefer to cling on to his nuts just to hopefully get a taste of his dick in your mouth one day.

    • Chilly Willy

      I’m really sorry that shitty music stans are so goddamn sensitive….I really am.

      Do you even read what’s written ?

      Damn! And he talks about intelligence poorly displayed…It’s called comment you simpleton, not muthafuckin dicksucking-fest ! I commented whereas you just plain dickrides .

      I’d ask him where Beavis is, but I’m afraid the irony will be lost on him

  • M.Dot

    Chilly Willy people seem to like this guy (wasted is a ok song) but i’m with you i’m not feeling cat like that. People look at how much his mixtapes are moving, but those are free albums and don’t really give a realy gage of what moves in the stores. People will buy into the hype anyway

    • Chilly Willy

      I know, right ?

      There’s nothing wrong with respecting someone’s grind, man. As I said, if he pull it off, I’ll applaud. But just like you, I don’t feel his music.

      Let’s wait and see, and watch dumb peoples burn themselves over legitimate criticism. Shiiiiiit! Actually, that would be a great favor for hiphop …

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Ain’t Lyor Cohen & Kevin Liles over @ Warner?

    This is gonna be huge y’all, watch.

  • Jprior

    Yea gucci my top nigga for dis album

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  • WTF

    I wonder if MTV made a worst rappers list if gucci would be on that, too…wouldnt that be some shit

  • nekale

    Brrrr gucci 1017 brick squad ITS A MOVEMENT

  • http://xxlmag king crip

    fuck that slob he the worst motherfucka off all time

    • EmCDL

      Now say that in a Samuel L. Jackson tone LOL

      I swear everytime its a news update on this cat the comments be hilarious!

  • escobar9300

    Gucci is trash, only dudes buying this album are people who don’t have anything beyond a 9th grade education. Keep that icy bull ish for the dummies, I’ll stick to Nas and Immortal Technique for my regular hip hop fix.

    • coolGeorge

      @King Crip your name is stupid, gang members are always weak. Escobar9300 Nas and Immortal Technique are good but no one wants to hear them all the time. NYC is dead and Boston never was alive. Chilly Willy just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean he’s not going to outsell your favorite rapper. I don’t like Gucci either but it’s his year.

      • Chilly Willy

        I hear ya, coolGeorge !

        He may outsell many hot releases by other rappers. But ain’t no way Gucci’s gonna make Relapse number, or BP3 number, or – you get the idea…

  • ayo

    chilly willy you a hater, gucci gettin 30 a show, demand is there, and hes got real fans, so stop hating, if you don’t like it no one is forcing you buddy

    • Chilly Willy

      Now this is really a surprise !!!

      This “hi-hater-I’m a stan” train isn’t this late, usually.

      “Though some of that shit y’all pop true it, I ain’t relating
      If I don’t like it, I don’t like it, that don’t mean that I’m hating
      I just want to innovate and stimulate minds
      Travel the world and penetrate the times”

      I don’t expect you to fully embrace that. It’s alright though.

      • Detroit P

        Chilly Willy

        If you don’t like Gucci Mane why do you pay him and the people who like his music so much attention? Not liking something is one thing(Nobody here told you that you’re dumb or lame for not liking Gucci Mane) but what you’re doing right now is being a hater under the guise of being objective…One would think that if you didn’t like something you would ignore it…you live in the internet and mp3 world, you have full control over what you want to listen to, no ones forcing you to listen to and like Gucci Mane…why do you care how much he sales…just ignore it when it comes out and ignore any posts on this site about him then you won’t have to be bothered with Gucci Mane, simple right?

        But I doubt you’ll do that, cus you’re a hater, it’s just sad that you don’t have the balls to admit that…over the internet even.

        • Chilly Willy

          “If you don’t like Gucci Mane why do you pay him and the people who like his music so much attention?”

          Actually, Detroit, I’m just replying to people who addressed their comments specifically towards me. Read all my comments above, except the first one, and tell me I’m lying. As far as me refraining from commenting because I don’t have nothing flattering to say about the guy, this is hip hop so fuck that with a sandpaper dick !

          Truth is, we won’t see eye to eye in this situation. And it ain’t bad to disagree. But goddamnit, say something sensible. Instead of just rambling and insulting. As I said in my first reply TO YOU, this is a matter of taste. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t tell how I feel about it. What part of the game is that ?

        • Chilly Willy

          One last thing, my friend. Liking Gucci Mane DOESN’T mean you dumb or retard, at least, IMO. And this ain’t against you. We had smart convo here before, I know how you roll.

          Now, being adamantly dumb while commenting against a legitimate and articulate criticism against the aforementioned Mr Mane- well you put 2 and 2 together. Who the cap fits…

        • Detroit P

          You haven’t made one legitimate criticism…all you’ve done is scoff at the fact that people actually like this guy’s music…and just cus you don’t like it you questioned whether this guy even has fans..all you’ve shown is your own ignorance

          And what part of the game is bashing people over the head with your opinion, when they no your opinion and told you that they don’t care about your opinion?

          Come off it man…If you’re a hater of Gucci fine…stop trying to play the “Im just speaking my mind, outspoken critic” role…you’re not doing it well…no one said it was wrong for you to have a negative opinion..but you don’t have to CONSTANTLY share it with people who don’t care.

          All you’ve done is inaccurately compare Gucci’s buzz to Mike Jones(are you serious?)…If you compare Gucci’s buzz to anybody compare it to Drake, pre-shady 50 etc….Mike Jones never had that kind of buzz, he got his buzz from a breakout song with 2 other rappers, went platinum like that then faded away…He never had close to the amount of following or attention that Gucci has.

        • Detroit P

          Also…you came on here LOOKING for an argument…I responded to your survey of who was anticipating Gucci’s album with ONE word “Me.”, simple enough, no response necessary. But you felt it necessary to respond with some sarcastic comment about me(and others) “religiously” waiting for Gucci’s music and basically saying I have taste in shitty music or that Gucci’s music is shitty or whatever…all of this was unprovoked…thats some hater type shit…you’re trying to bait people into arguing about Gucci’s music, just so you can have a legitimate reason\opportunity to call his music whack…really? it THAT deep?

        • Chilly Willy

          I ain’t gonna pull a tpar and do this all day (no shot, tpar). Just get back to reading all the comments I did. This time read them thoroughly. Like it? Good. Don’t like it ? Whatever.

          I don’t like repeating myself. If you don’t get it you don’t.

  • jonny bizness

    gucci will sell the most while i hope snoop’s album will sound like that protocal joint that i heard as 4 the clipse they will sell not a lot but they will have the best album by far ……

  • Frank

    Gucci will do max 75K first week, no more. You can quote me on that.

    • gkid12345

      Yep I don’t see homie doing no more than 75k. If warner pitches in and helps then maybe 125k first week. Overall he wont even go gold. Jay-Z don’t really sell all those records its all a facade for him to get huge shows and endorsements. Wake up people the days of rappers even going gold are gone

  • Brooklyn

    co-sign chilly willy, fuck a gucci mane. the only motherfuckers anticipating that bullshit ass album are retards. anyway, the clipse are reliable for a good album, no doubt their shit is gonna be the best out of gucci and snoop.

    • Chilly Willy

      What’s good, BK !

      I don’t know who gon get more between Snoop and the Clipse, but I sure know who I ain’t rooting for (I think we pretty much established that, LOL)!

      • Brooklyn

        i think snoop’ll do better numbers, but clipse’ll have a better album overall. snoop has fallen off strongly in the last few years.

        • Chilly Willy

          You on the money there, BK!

          That Hell Hath No Fury still gettin rotation here at home. Head-scratchin beats but overall excellent and very cohesive album.

  • Mobuck$

    Gucci has been sending up sacrificial offerings to the music Gods ,Slaughtering beats one by one .. I beleive they will give him a platinum this go around..Im getting it ,,after that ..”excuse me please let me floss my jewlry” I was convinced.. dont know what else he saying but ” that shit make me wanna go buy a chain and a few

  • OCBreadBoy

    i think gucci going gold first week with this one. listen to trap happy and chicken talk. and then just move forward along his mixtape trail. this nigga been grindin’ for a minute. i respect dudes grind. i’m coppin first day/

  • Yomi

    @ Filthy U are the epitome of a gucci fan…Gucci cant rap he sounds like he is always in need of some sudafed lets get real

  • latino heat

    i will be buying Cham. please stop sleeping on Cham. and Clipse.

    giving Snoop a listen in hopes that there’s some heat on there.

    and completely ignoring Gucci as i always do.

    on a side note i thought Gucci had a lot of albums out by now. i just checked Wikipedia and he has 4 indy albums, 1 major label album and 33 mixtapes! does anybody still want to argue that there aren’t too many tapes out now? especially for someone as ignorant as Gucci. you know he dosen’t have the skill or subject matter to fill up 33 tapes that are actually worth listening to. even the most dedicated Gucci fan can’t honestly say he’s listened to and enjoyed 33 mixtapes by Gucci.


      ^^co-sign latino heat.

      gucci probably cant even spell subject matter. let alone have some on his ‘album’. he had (like, overall) two good mixtapes that i was banging earlier this year, Wilt Chamberlain 3 (or some shit) & The Movie w/ Drama. he will never ever go platinum, i put that on everything (lol, gucci fans may know that song).
      Snoop, i think will go platinum over time, like he always does. Clipse album will be fire, im banging that Im Good track. Chamillionaire, might be worth a listen, ive slept on him enough… but, im waiting for that Sir Luscious Leftfoot, i need that one soon.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Let me holler @ y’all. Real talk.


    You can’t see he made a deal with Shaitan for that body he dumped?

    You should be worried about them Fema camps that are set up around every state ready to lock cats up…

  • DV8

    Snoop has MTV backing him so he is definetly gonna lead in sales. Gucci will do decent numbers but only platinum this dude will touch will be on his credit card or jewelry. Do cats still where platinum jewelry? or have they moved on to uranium or some other metal of the month. Clipse are the shit but I didnt know they actually released “Hell Hath No Fury” till almost a year later. All I remember was the “Mr. Me Too” single and that was it.

  • abdulnasir

    I have a feeling Gucci is gonna be the next lil’ wayne and not in a good way. He’s gonna sell records, but at the same time he’s gonna be over-exposed. @Chilly Willy, co-sign! We really need to change the educational system. We got brother here in Africa we have a better vocabulary of the English language and shit ain’t even their language.

  • General

    Wow, alot of heated comments up in here about ol Gucci Mane. I have my own opinions about Gucci being the epitome of ignorance in rap music in agreement with Chilly, but when I look at this upcoming release date really I just see a big week for rap. You got Snoop, Clipse, and Cham droppin on the same day. There is a very good chance I will cop all 3 since I have all of their previous joints…

    I will not be buying Gucci’s CD and yes I have given him endless chances to show me something other than being the lowest common denominator in rap music, but he hasn’t. Good luck to him and his fans

  • Tre

    Ay Chill Willy, watch this…..

    I don’t like Gucci Mane either. I’m not a fan, Never have been, and I would rather buy several packs of soy sauce than his album(because one day those soy sauce packs will come in handy).

    If you like him, good job.

    Watch the hating comments come.

    By the way, that words is poorly used now. Like swagger is slowly becoming as corny as bling bling

  • ApolloKid551

    Since when Gucci became the realest nigga, why cause he killed somebody & didnt do anytime, this is a joke now i respect his hustle im 4 any young black man getting his cash & taking advantage of this american system but his music is trash now when i say this i dnt want somebody saying im hating just cause i dnt like his music im just speaking from facts, this is why i listen 2 underground music cause this the state of mainstream hip-hop is shitty & monotone, this dude has been out since 04 now everybody is bandwagging this dude, he wont last long gimmicks can only last so long, i know u dnt have 2 be a super lyricst 2 be good rapper but his subject matter is repatative, his lyrics are just horrible & his flow is pass a, i rather listen 2 Jeezy or T.I. or Trick Daddy cause they have talent they are convincing, so dats my take on things.

  • j-


  • Mike Streezy

    I just wonder if the fans that have been getting all their music from him for free or from bootleggers will be more loyal than the Slaughterhouse fans and go t o a store and actually buy it for 10-20 bucks. Thats where the real question is. Everybod I know that has a Gucci cd, has it on a cdr with Gucci written in Sharpie and u know its gonna hit the streets two weeks early at least, I mean they all do so will folks pay for something they dont pay for now?

  • El Tico Loco

    Can somebody post a Gucci Mane verse to see what the hatin is all about? Also if you have kids 5 to 6 yrs old startin to write get their little English homework papers type both and I bet you will be more impressed by what that child wrote. Even Gucci have called his verses no brainers. Wonder why? hmm In reality Gucci’s fans and friends are the real haters because u are enabling him; u can like him all u want but don’t allow him to BS his way thru a studio session to some of us is like watching Forrest Gump gettin a rap career, really how the hell? I actually think Gucci’s the truth in the street but if I was to see him out there with a mic, I would kindly ask him to step away from it that’s what friends are for.


    Rather Anybody likes him or not,….Sales will reflict who really is behind him. It will also show how many is behind him. If its a movement, and you so-called Gucci Mann Fans love him so much, Purchase every Album Legitiment, No Bootleg. Play the Album all the way thru, No Skipping. Post some of his Lyrics. Explain what draws you toward his music. What is the motive and, Attraction???!!!

  • Stylistic

    Okay Snoop deserves to sell the most, and his album will be the best but lets face it, garbage sells, wack-ass rappers reign supreme, Gucci will move the most units, you heard it here first!

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