G-Unit Associate Murdered, Cops Investigate 50 Cent’s Rivals

Lowell Fletcher, a G-Unit associate who also went by the name Lodi Mack, was murdered on Sunday, September 27 and police are investigating the connection between his death and 50 Cent’s rivals.

According to New York’s Daily News, Fletcher, who just made parole two weeks before his death, plead guilty to hitting The Game’s manager, Jimmy Rosemond’s 14-year-old son back in 2007. Cops also say that Fletcher flashed a gun at the boy. G-Unit member Tony Yayo was the original suspect in the assault.

After pleading guilty in the case, Fletcher was sentenced to nine months behind bars to run concurrently with an already existing two-and-a-half-year sentence for drug possession.

Reportedly a member of both the Bloods and Tony Yayo’s crew, Fletcher was killed at 9:30 p.m. on Jerome Ave. in the Bronx. Police believe he was ambushed by several men.

Yayo twittered “R.I.P. Lodi Mack. Gone But Not Forgotten”a day after the shooting, but he later deleted the message.

Despite the investigations, many belive it could have just been the neighborhood’s bad reputation. “On Jerome Ave., it could be lots of reasons – or no reason,” a source told the paper.

As of press time a rep neither a rep for Rosemond nor Yayo have made any comments to the media about the murder. –Elan Mancini

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  • General

    More tragedy related to rappers. Sympathies to his family. No one deserves to have their life taken…

    With that being said though people need to wise up that there are real consequences in the streets when you lay your hands on someones 14 year old son and wave a gun at him…

    Its all senseless

    • http://myspace.com/moneylegacy money legacy




  • dal

    dam… payback is a mutha…..

  • macdatruest

    Fiddy got niggas smackin up other niggas kids, he got videos of Khaled’s moms, oh wait he dont do shit other niggas do it for him, that way they end up dead reppin’ G-Unit. I wonder was havin dude really feelin untouchable. A grown man assaulting a little boy who barely a teenager??? Turned out not as easy as it appeared to be. Was it worth it???? And the Jew Unit can get you out of legal trouble but they cant resurrect yo ass. I guess some guys are “tough guys” but some niggas is just straight killers.

    The ironic part is that Fiddy Cent’s (ahem) “enemies” are gonna be under investigation. 5-0 bout to have the cops watchin every nigga that come up in the game who he start a beef wit. Prolly got them niggas watchin The whole Roc, Black Wallstreet, Cash Money, Grand Hustle everybody he went at. Dipset. Watch out if you tryna get in the game, you sell too much or get too much buzz Fiddy gone add you to his enemies list before he turn it over to Feds

  • http://myspace.com/federalranga Federal Ranga

    I’ma sit back and wait for the haters to say dumb ass shit like “50 always taking Ls or G-Unit stays losing”… shit ain’t even like that.

    But I almost thought for a second that it really was Yayo before I started reading when I saw that picture. Wishful thinking for some of ya’ll out there, but trust, if it was Yayo, we’d have heard something that HOUR.

    He really shouldn’t have done that shit with the kid, but we still don’t know and probably never will… Police in New York be keeping a hella tight lip on shit…

    Welcome To Culmer Metrorail Station

    On Yo Ass!!! returns November


  • macdatruest

    The ironic part is that Fiddy Cent’s (ahem) “enemies” are gonna be under investigation. 5-0 bout to have the cops watchin every nigga that come up in the game who he start a beef wit. Prolly got them niggas watchin The whole Roc, Black Wallstreet, Cash Money, Grand Hustle everybody he went at. Dipset. Watch out if you tryna get in the game, you sell too much or get too much buzz Fiddy gone add you to his enemies list before he turn it over to Feds

  • smm9@uwm.edu

    too bad so sad

  • AZ40

    If he died on Sep. 27 why is this just now on xxl.com its oct. 9

    • REALLY

      Co-sign AZ40.

      That’s a good ass question. I bet the whole XXL staff was on that Hen like Kanye was at that award show from celebrating their 25 yrs strong.

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  • tronthadon

    This game is full of shit talkers but every now and then real niggas infiltrate and get high rank..shoulda known not to fuck with Jimmy Henchmen seed

  • drox

    let the conspiracy theory begin…

  • sealsaa

    “I’ma sit back and wait for the haters to say dumb ass shit”

    Carrier down! Carrier down!

    Didn’t want to dissapoint. Unlike Shyne, I aim to please.

    • macdatruest

      “Carrier down! Carrier down!”
      sums up the whole article LOL

  • tronthadon

    Say what you will but would you let some weed csrrier slap tha shit outta ur son and wave a gun at tha nigga and not do shit if you had the power to?..i thought not

  • i am legend

    U cant hit somebody’s kid and think there aint goin b no repercussions he shouldve known better especially if u know the boy father on some gangsta shit that was 50 and games beef they shouldve kept it at that he put his self in da line of fire for 50 and thats probably why he was killed.

    • tronthadon

      Thank you…these burb ass simps seem to not understand..smh

  • Mutada/Mullah Atari

    Henchmen is an admitted murderer he admitted that he has killed people in the past. I believe it was an interview either on all hip or in the xxl mag. That nigga is a street nigga for real. Looks like the guy took the wrap for yayo, and ended up getting killed for it

  • shat

    are you all dry snitchin, why is henchmen even mentioned? dude is a major blood nigga who be in far rockaway. mad niggas could have touched him.thats is the life of these street niggas, live by it die by it.this nigga and deadeye run far rockaway blood gang.the streets know, henchman so stop snitchin on henchmen then say 50 did.yall asssuming shit that migh sound logical same as the fed did with mmurder inc, some shit jus sounds logical to investigate

    • tronthadon

      Nigga u giving his affiliation and where tha fuck he be at..so who tha fuck snitchin..get out the mirror cuz ur pointin at urself

    • General

      “so stop snitchin on henchmen”

      Who the hell is snitchin on Henchmen??? Everything that has been said is a matter of public record and been in the news…

  • jonny bizness

    bottom line if the man put his hand on jimmys son he deserved 2 get his head blown off as the old saying goes no women or children. Showing a kid at school ur gat and u thirty something thats not a g but a flea no rip from me

  • capcobra

    i think them folks trying to pin it on jimmy henchmen…why get a person killed and make yourself the main suspect?..the man already earned his stripes in the streets and in prison..now he’s a legitimate businessman..so why risk it all?..his son ain’t dead and jimmy going to jail ain’t gon help him either…hopefully this is one of those bs headlines like when they thought 50 had something to do with JMJ murder…either way r.i.p lodi mack.

  • Hussle’s Way

    there’s a LOT of snitching on these comments

  • sealsaa

    @ capcobra

    True, but given his history, and the fact that his son was assaulted by the man, his involvement doesn’t seem too far-fetched. Didn’t Yayo’s mother’s house get shot up not too long after Hencheman’s son got hands put on him? And that was when it was reported that Yayo hit him…

    • capcobra

      i definitely understand your logic…i just hope jimmy henchmen don’t got shit to do with it..because that would be stupid of him.

  • Nate

    As I’ve contended for years, Jimmy Henchman is one of the biggest snakes out there and you know he’s behind all of this garbage.

    -Taking out the 1st (and who really knows about the 2nd Pac shooting)
    -Multiple 50/Game related incidents
    -setting up yayo and blaming him by using a child and the “system” to get at Yayo because Yayo still can walk the streets. You won’t see
    bitchmade Henchman doing anything 1 on 1, because he’s a hoe ass snake just like Diddy!

    • Master CHeef

      real talk

  • rrahha

    Rest in peace Lowell “Lodi Mack” Fletcher…

  • money mitch

    macdatruest & johnny bizness i feel you on that jimmy the henchmen shit but people forget a 14 yr. old these days will fuckin’ kill you straight up i’m not sayin’ it’s right but if you wanna step into the ring and talk shit to a grown man don’t be surprised if he treats you like a grown man and smacks the shit out of you

    • jonny bizness

      money mitch i agree wid u there r some killer kids out there whos seen 2 much 2 young but i seen how yayo and them act out there on them streets on 1 of them hood dvds ignorant as fuck i mean the guy has got access 2 a free bank [50] and still wants 2 the hardest nigga out there WTF wealth should make u humble not arrogant thinking you cant get touched cos u got money

  • sealsaa

    @ money mitch

    A GROUP of them approached the 14 year old, and one of them smacked him, and pulled a gun on him. REAL hardbody. They had no business approaching him to begin with.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Something ain’t right about this thread. Real talk.

    • that nigga

      You aint neva lied. Niggas shouldnt be speakin on certain shit. If y’all was street niggas y’all woulda just made “R.I.P” posts instead of speculatin.

      “R.I.P” Lodi Mack

      • $ykotic/Don McCaine

        FYI Commenter’s

        Anything that is posted/said on the internet can be used as investigation evidence against someone else or YOU. Word to Worldstarhiphop.

        Get informed people. There are new computer laws. That virus you think you have may be the boys tapping your hard drive.

        This thread was suspect from the door because of it’s timing & implications.

  • anutha_level

    2009…the year of death continues.

  • Still a Fan of Fif

    Somebody died, and niggas is hating…Macdatruest always on some hater shit. Fifty made his money, of course he aint doing the crimes. He aint stupid like Tip. Bottom Line…stop hatin

  • Deuce53

    first of all, RIP to the deceased, regardless of wat he did…alot of u cats gota get this snitching shit off yall’s minds, u cant snitch on a damn messageboard! ppl just comin up with theories based off how the deceased lived his life and the actions he took that we kno about, thats all, so cuz he was a blood from so-and-so area, and someone mentions that, he/she is snitchin? do some of u even kno wat snitchin is?

  • Sleepy Wonder

    I Was Hoping Tony Gayo Was The “G-Unit Associate” Since He’s Not A Rapper. All He Does Is Run His Fucking Mouth.

  • http://www.myspace.com/the_trap_boy eL nEgro

    damn thatz crazy tht shyt ddnt even have 2 happen. i guess dumb niggaz dont care bout shyt


    Who the FLUCK cares about snitching?

    If you took my pencil in elementary, and wouldn’t give it back. You got damn right I’m going to tell the teacher on your bitch ass!

    Too many ‘wannabes’ in here, that think they are street just because you listen to Hip Hop non-stop … but ya’ll need to build a bridge and get over this bullshit ya’ll talking about and take your ignorant asses to college and help this garbage economy out.

  • BGZ

    Fuck all the beefin, murderers is not cool.

    No street beef worth it to lose your own life in revenge/get locked up for life and burn til eternity in the afterlife.

  • G-bo


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