Lowell Fletcher, a G-Unit associate who also went by the name Lodi Mack, was murdered on Sunday, September 27 and police are investigating the connection between his death and 50 Cent’s rivals.

According to New York's Daily News, Fletcher, who just made parole two weeks before his death, plead guilty to hitting The Game’s manager, Jimmy Rosemond’s 14-year-old son back in 2007. Cops also say that Fletcher flashed a gun at the boy. G-Unit member Tony Yayo was the original suspect in the assault.

After pleading guilty in the case, Fletcher was sentenced to nine months behind bars to run concurrently with an already existing two-and-a-half-year sentence for drug possession.

Reportedly a member of both the Bloods and Tony Yayo’s crew, Fletcher was killed at 9:30 p.m. on Jerome Ave. in the Bronx. Police believe he was ambushed by several men.

Yayo twittered “R.I.P. Lodi Mack. Gone But Not Forgotten”a day after the shooting, but he later deleted the message.

Despite the investigations, many belive it could have just been the neighborhood’s bad reputation. "On Jerome Ave., it could be lots of reasons - or no reason," a source told the paper.

As of press time a rep neither a rep for Rosemond nor Yayo have made any comments to the media about the murder. –Elan Mancini