Fab took to Twitter again this morning to clarify his recent controversial statements about 50 Cent and the Queens rapper's role in the New York rap scene's downfall.

As previously reported, Loso’s comments didn’t sit well with 50. “Reading what Fab said about me on Twitter was disappointing,” he wrote, on his Website, thisis50.com. “I have extended myself to Fab personally to allow him to expand himself as an international Touring Artist. I thought we were Friends but that’s cool.”

Although Loso’s original comments did include praise of 50 and a note that he wasn’t “taking shots” at him, he still felt the need to clear the air on Twitter this morning.

“Woke up 2 see my twitter topic of discussion bout da 50 Cent concert was taken out of context,” wrote Fab. “Made what I said look like im hatin or dissin. Def wasn’t hatin.. I said if anything it was a good show 4 NY.. And I was invited 2 perform too, BUT I had my own show 2 do at Lincoln U. And I wasn’t dissin 50 either, my opionon was brought on by the history of the 50 Cent’s hip hop career.. 50 Cent responded to my tweets sayin “he was disappointed & thought we were friends”.. But I don’t think i said anything bashing him.. I actually tip my hat 2 50 4 all he has done, but n his help 2 the city theres been some hurt 2 the city... & i don’t/didn’t blame him entirely.”

Fab continued to stand his ground on statements he’d made. “So im wrong 4 my opinion?,” he asked his followers on Twitter. “Even to someone as opinionated as 50 has been thru his career on any & everything/one..?”

Fab also pointed about how blogs and people who leave comments on Websites, played their part in taking his words out of context. “They want everything to b a beef,” he claims. “Guess, u play in dirt, u get dirty.”

50 Cent has yet to respond to these new comments from Fab. –Brooklyne Gipson