Eminem “In Talks” For Horror Movie Series, Says Publicist

Earlier today (October 28) reports hit the ’Net that Eminem was prepping the release of a series of horror films titled Shady Talez.

Gore fans read on shocktillyoudrop.com that the Detroit MC had plans to develop an anthology of flicks paying homage to some of the genre’s cult favorites, like Christine, Aliens and The Lost Boys. According to the site, Em would even have multiple acting roles in the project.

XXLMag.com spoke to the rap superstar’s publicist, Dennis Dennehy, who said nothing is set in stone thus far. “There’s been talks,” he said, “but [I] can’t confirm anything yet.”

Em is set to release Relapse 2 by the end of the year. —Jesse Gissen

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  • DownSouth

    Sweet. I hope Relapse 2 really comes. And Dre. BTW Em was sick at the cipher on the BET Awards yesterday.


  • brand-new

    co-sign DownSouth..em killed it!! back to the subject, 8 mile was cool, but i think em should focus on just his music and label. he already has more money than he needs.

  • latino heat

    i hope his horror movie acting skills are as good as they were in, Da Hip Hop Witch.

  • Apollo

    I sense a relapse… Into hood of horror. First Snoop Dogg than Eminem. I’m an em fan, but i think relapse was scary enough as is, i wish em went back to the original style, sometimes change aint all that good.

  • http://-- gaddic

    Relapse is scary
    What are you 6 years old?

    Went back to his original style?
    Relapse was his original style just without personal issues and vendettas involved
    what matters(the lyricism the humor and the straight spazzing out) was put on the May 19th disc

    Relapse2 i sense is gonna be loaded with “Stan”s “Cleaning out my closet”s and “Sing for the moment”s and very few mindless serial killer tracks
    Movies nahh Em won’t do it

    • beaver

      hahaha righttt..

      i thinkk relapse 2 will be alott better than da 1st..
      can’t wait 4 it..

      Side Note….detoxxxx..??? wtff dre..

  • AZ40

    So he’s gonna do remakes of these movies??

  • ßones

    EMinEm needs to feed his dark side. Relapse is just the beginning.

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  • Apollo

    When i say relapse was “scary” i dont mean it frightened me, i meant it was just a shitty Album, that i must say had a few goood songs, i’m an em stan, but i just could not feel the album like his previous ones. And Gaddic, that was not his original style, there where a few glimpses of i, but it was mostly just an album of songs used for shock value, which is ems thing, but it was over done, alot… and a majority of the songs where bullshit.


  • Toya

    I think this venture would be right up Em’s alley. I’ve always felt that Em should star in one of the Saw movies so Shady Talez would be interesting. Not much of a horror movie fan (although I do love the Saw movies) but I would scream my way through a horror franchise if Eminem played lead throughout.