50 Cent Unites New York at ThisIs50 Fest

With Manhattan sitting stage right, illuminated in the nighttime sky, the ThisIs50 fest proved to be a thoroughly New York affair this past Saturday (October 3) at The Beach on Governor’s Island.

After a lively start from Wale and his go-go stalwarts, the UCB Band, Brooklyn transplant KiD Cudi took the stage to a tepid response, until closing his set out with his show-stealing anthem, “Day ‘n’ Nite.”

An onslaught of New York emcees came on next, including Papoose, who cut his lengthy “Alphabetical Slaughter” at the letter G, Cory Gunz who dropped his “A Millie” verse, and Uncle M (formerly Uncle Murder) who held down “Brooklyn.” Slaughterhouse followed, fueling rumors of a Shady situation in the near future. The group’s lone NY rep, Joell Ortiz, naturally garnered the most love from the crowd, rocking the mic and a bloody chef’s apron to boot.

About two hours in, The Diplomats minus Cam’ron were next up, launching into their Come Home With Me-era hits, such as “Oh Boy” and “Dipset Anthem,”before Juelz debuted new material from his upcoming album, his first solo venture in four years.

Finally, it was time for the night’s headliner, who surprisingly opened with his verse from “Crack A Bottle,” before dropping “I Get Money.” When 50 decided to cut the track less than a verse in to segue into his new single “Baby By Me,” it seemed he had lost the crowd for good, who obviously didn’t come out to see any R&B. “We in New York City and they don’t wanna hear the lovey dovey shit,” Fif observed from the crowd’s lack of life. “You want me to take y’all back?” he asked, before dropping “What Up Gangsta?” and effectively shutting it down.

Fif then walked off so that D-Block could drop a quick set that included “I Get High,” “Fuck You,” “We Gonna Make It,” and “Who’s Real” in closing. The Unit returned to the stage for “Ayo Technology,” after which the likes of Maino and Red Café dropped their trademark singles. The biggest guest of the night was arguably Newark, NJ native Wylcef Jean, who, among others, performed “Sweetest Girl.” That left it for Fif to outshine the bevy of guests, by dropping a complete version of “I Get Money,”the banger still managing to resonate despite the recession. After all, the crowd had much to celebrate, bearing witness to a NY renaissance for just $50.- Devin Chanda

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  • DO803


  • tronthadon

    too little tooooooooooo late A-town got it lock right now..but alot of my fav rappers come from Ny but thats tha truth

  • a.k.

    1st…The Unit, GGGGG-u kno what it is

  • http://www.justice.gov.za GO-Getta’

    Any1 wanna predict Fiddy’s 1st week sales when BISD album drops?

    • impecable

      7 in change

  • LOON



    »10. Raekwon

    »9. 50 Cent

    »8. Fabolous

    »7. Young Jeezy

    »6. Gucci Mane

    »5. Rick Ross

    »4.Kanye West

    »3. Drake

    »2. Lil Wayne

    »1. Jay-Z


    • RWord

      #5 Boss!

      where is Em?!?!…LOL!

      Where is 50…LOL! at #9


  • drox

    NY stand up… and them haterz, plz jus sit down

  • tommy gunz

    50 does 450,000 1st week

  • imnpecable

    bisd will do bout 7 in change its 1st week 50 is gettting alot of love from new yawk right now , g-g-g-g-g-unit , yall need to stop haten on 50 , it felt great to c d bloc n g unit at the 50 fest beside each other, papoose n uncle murder , new yawk is koming baq strong , oh thats right we never left hope u haterz dident forget bout us

  • http://myspace.com/thetruthandthelight Mo Betta

    WALE AND UCB ya’ll almost there

    • westcoastaggie


  • RWord

    this clown is wack. For years he has attack EVERY artist in NY, now he talkin about unity?!!?!?

    OH, so he think that it would help his sales. man, no one is feelin you, no one believe you….


    • BD

      50 will do 3x more then Officer Ross did total in the first week so i guess more people feelin Fif then some fat CO…

    • http://xxlmag j r

      u rite! if 50 would have done this 2 begin with he wouldnt receive all the hate he gets from NY.

  • mig


  • BD

    damn man sounds like the show of the year, probably years and i aint even from NY

  • greg

    fifty has the money to unite ny money talks over bullshit he gave mobb deep 1 million for a tax write off album , expect a tour with all groups across the world when fifty album drops
    let these folks eat they deserve it maino / uncle m / dipset/ the lox / what ever you think of him fifty has to be the most intellegent figure in hip hop history…


    We backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • shat

    this could have been buck if was’nt for 50, lol

  • 11KAP

    ^nigga arrogant as hell talking ’bout a-town got it locked. negro, please! shit was wayy outta context, son.


    bout GOD DAN TIME!! jada and 50 both hot mcs and good to see eveeryone else in it this is a good move!! i cant wait to hear a track with the on it together they gonna be at there best cause you no they gonna try to out shine eachother on it cant wait!! let the haterz hate 50 and jada need to ignore the haterz on what bs they say and do this hiphop

  • gkid1234567

    Wish I was there, I know Slaughterhouse shut that shit down

  • Brass Tacks

    This would be hot… but i’m sure new york and its me first crab in a barrel attitude will lead to another self implosion in a month tops…

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