50 Cent Makes VH1 History

50 Cent’s Behind the Music episode on VH1 has reportedly made ratings history for the network.

According to Fif’s thisis50.com Website, the rapper’s show scored the highest premiere ratings since 2000’s Faith Hill program. 2.2 million viewers tuned in on Tuesday (October 13), making VH1 the most watched cable channel during that time period. 50’s show beat out other BTM episodes on Lil Wayne and T.I.

The VH1 Hip Hop Honors premiered directly after the G-Unit leader’s Behind the Music. The ceremony, which marked the 25th anniversary of Def Jam Recordings, was also one for the books. It had the highest ratings of the franchise’s six-year history. -Max G

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  • UARK83



    the nigga you love to hate. does it again.

  • Worley

    Southside Jamaica Queens n*gga ya heard me!!

    • kenny

      @ braille maybe ur jokin, but , this is exactly wut iz wrong wit hip hop fans, always gotta find sumtin to hate on.i bet if 50 next album sold 100 mil and he find a cure fore aids, nigga would still find sumtin to hate on. i’m not 50′s biggest fan, but i respect his hustle .

  • Braille

    not to hate…but the hip hop honors were after…hmm….people prahlee wanted to see giles the co creator of def jam so watched behind the music with 50 first lol

    now all fif gotta do is drop bisd and stop playin

  • deezy80

    Let’s see if that equates to album sales… Probably not!!

  • Fireforreal

    I guess if he’s not releasing any quality music,atleast his winning with tv show ratings.

  • The_Truth

    **No one’s even considering the fact, he’s PETTY enough to check the ratings to somehow claim “victory”. . .who gives a fuck. Everyone blames the south for hip-hips demise when stats like these are the REAL reason music is suffering. . .everyone wants “#1″ w/o giving a shit about the quality of the music. Am I suppose to buy is album now? C’mon man.

    • cold

      it’s the south homie , not the whole south just wack people like soulja boy , d4l , gucci mane , plies , yo gotti and the rest of the dummies that i cant think of

    • macdatruest

      @The Truth

      Hell yea thats what Im sayin bro, niggas on the east made the game cheesy. Everybody wanted to be a star on this type of shit right here. I was the #1 this or that and it be shit that aint got nothing to do with music. Or the quality thereof. Niggas talkin that South shit but when niggas like Outkast was comin out the South even white boys like Bubba Sparkxxx who was raw and wasnt suicidal or based on an alter ego-NIGGAS STILL HATED THE SOUTH!! WTF?

      Around the time the South was droppin real shit like Nappy Roots niggas on the East Coast was still on some lame shit. Everybody was a fake ass Italian Mobster. Everybody was aka Don Vito niggas was Mussolini and Corleone while niggas in the South was making real musical music about real black life to good beats that sound good.

      Fuck every Mobster movie song intro ya ho ass bitter niggas. So what u stared rap you was using it wrong??? BWA!!! And yea the south got variety, so pointing out D4l dont mean everybody rap like that. Just cause half the east sound like Jay-Z niggas in the South got somethin to say! and Im from the Midwest so we like the game watchers fa real

      • DETROIT

        HOW DID THE EAST FALLS OF WHEN JAY-Z HAS LIKE 1O #1 RECORDS IN A ROW? he has the 2nd highest selling album in the country, eminem has the highest selling album and he’s from the midwest. kanye is also a huge seller, and he’s from the midwest. don’t get it twisted, the only niggas that move units in the south are ti and wayne. rick ross just did like 300k, same as jada and fab! every year the top earners in hip hop are diddy, jay, and 50! the south is running the radio, but it’s not running rap! cuban linx 2 is better than any southern cd this year! and if the south is running hip hop, yet none of the top earners come from there, that would mean that those niggas are dumb. which, in turn, would be why they “run” rap, because whitey makes more off them!

  • Fireforreal

    What the fuck are you talking about, Giles the co creator of defjam ? are you talking about kevin liles ? defjam was created by Russell simmons and rick ruben. Then came Lyor cohen. Then came Kevin liles. Yeaaars later after the lable was already established so do your homework Braille you dumb ass bitch LOL

    • El Tico Loco

      I kinda caught that too 2 fails in one phrase.

      • Worley

        Dude is talking about the character “Scoopy Giles” that Tracy Morgan plays in clips throughout the tribute.

      • that nigga

        @ El Tico and Fireforreal, stop judging niggas before you understand there comments you idiots. He was talkin bout the Tracey Morgan character jackasses.

  • geico lizard

    They were both good shows so they deserved the ratings boost.

  • alderman j

    Seriously, the HIP HOP HONORS came on before and after FIFS BTM, thats what NBC used to do back in the day when they wanted to get a big ratings for a new show, they put it on between COSBY SHOW and A DIFFERENT WORLD! People who were born before 1980 know what im talking about, NETWORKS do what is called BRACKETING to push a praticular show!!! So to someone that has an understanding of network broadcasting, this is neither a suprise or anything special, so what??????

  • jonny bizness

    I watched it thought it was pretty intresting,can’t knock curtis 4 his hustle.My favourite behind the music was the biggie 1 classic if anything that should have been watched by 10 mill people

  • Nate

    The haters deny and fake their hidden interest.

    They talk $hit about the dude who changed the game and who still tops the sales.

    They buy or download his street albums and listen to all his singles on youtube but deny the “guilty pleasure” of listening to 50.

    It’s not “COOL” to like someone once he dominates in the 10-20 Million album sale zone… “TOO COMMERCIAL” due to his success…

    • zayzkidd

      How did he change the game? Lyrically? Lol.

      • matty21


        Yo, 50 and G-Unit definately changed da game, without a doubt and its no debate…not only did he create da biggest buzz ever in hip-hop(EVERY1 loved 50 when “in da club” first came out)…50 and g-unit pretty much created da mixtape game, how it is, and what its become 2day….dey created da whole drop da mixtape before to promote and hype da actual album…now think about it again….and wat has that alone done to the game 2day? mixtapes are now a crucial part of the game and album dropping…mixtapes have also created classics now over the years and given us great music…mixtapes became a staple in hip-hop and are a part of EVERY ARTISTS history and career, and its not really like that in any other genre of music…that came from 50 and g-unit

  • js416

    too bad he doesnt release quality music anymore

    not since get rich or die tryin and his mixtapes before that(gunit album wasnt bad though)

  • Shawty J

    They already aired the episode? Damn, even though I haven’t enjoyed a 50 Cent record in years I was planning on watching. But then again this is VH1, they’ll re-air it.

    • BIGNAT

      that joitn was better than any of the other hsows they had him talking about his life. this one had his family in it

  • ChRi$


  • http://xxl All Dae

    50s popular.
    i had to wait over 10 years to get another decent album from Nas or Raekwon. so i’ll give 50 a break.

  • E-Hustle

    Didnt JayZ once say “Men Lie, Women Lie, But Numbers Don’t Lie”?

    50 does it again muvafukaz! He still has the attention of hip-hop whether you like it or not.
    And the show was no doubt helped by being a lead in to the hip-hop honors, but niggaz still had to turn to VH1 1-hr before that show to watch 50 Cent for an entire hr so stop making excuses.
    And to be God honest with yall I wouldnt had even watched the Honors show if it wasnt for 50′s show because I had no interest in it other than Eminem performing. And I never seen any of the previous Honor shows.

    As long as Baby By Me & that R kelly joint are the only R&B tracks on BISD I think the shit will deliver. But he needs to focus on making a complete album, and not singles/hits or the album will suck ala Curtis.
    Make the grimey shit that will never get played on the radio to go along with the singles like What Up Gangsta, Back Down, Heat, & Dont Push Me. All them shits where the best on the album and all album only songs.


    that was the best behind the music or one of the best cant wait to see eminem and dr,dre new one~! i think dre had one from while back but he needs to make a new one next year after album releases detox!!! but eminem will beat 50 cents ratings i bet i hope but its all love but eminem come on next year after relapease 2 drops then you should do it!!! and a movie sequel to 8 mile one bout after you got signed and proofs death rip we miss him but mahkie f he played good part of proof but anyway 50 cent was dope and t i was alright but lil wayne didnt like it ass much as them bisd cant wait!!!!

    • zayzkidd

      Eminem would beat any rapper’s rating because white America will tune in.

    • zayzkidd

      Of course Eminem will get better ratings than any rapper because white America will tune in. AGAIN.

  • http://-- gaddic

    Good episode
    Haters Hate plain and simple and since 50 cent’s probably was the biggest name in rap in years second to Eminem
    Everyone hates him(sorry jay-z dick-riders jigga’s never went diamond twice!)

  • Hussle’s Way

    Im still ridin with 50. Fuck Yall Haters!!

    Yall jump back on the bandwagon…just wait

  • balaramesh

    not to discredit 50 but he had the best date available. nevertheless, numbers are numbers. his music is forgettable. but you can never not say that 50 is not interesting or entertaining guy.

  • zayzkidd

    Of course, he should have more people watching his shiit, he from New York and T.I. and Wayne is from much smaller areas. Did his latest album outsale Lil Wayne?


      no but he has more platinum albums than wayne.why go there.wayne is playin him self out,just like cash money and no limit did.peole got tired of hearin them for a year or two straight.

  • zayzkidd

    If you from New York and you can’t go platinum, you need to quit the game.


    Regardless of what people say 50 is still on top of the World!!! Besides his muzik and endorsements, he has acting. He’s in a movie with Val Kilmer. Sipping wine with Barbara Streisand….Come on……..What’s that line for back in the day…Don’t hate the player hate the game…………….


    What I want to know is……..Why Nikki D wasn’t at the Hip Hop Honors..Her single “Daddy’s Girl” should have been showcased. That song was on Billboard charts for a long time!!!


  • cashvilles don

    50 is on that ntc shit u cant knock him they make nothing but good music

  • bylaw99

    I have to be honest, i watched the 50 Cent VH1 Special and after watching Em perform on the HH Honors i turned that shit off and went to get drunk! Who wonts to see Rick Ross and Ja Rule…not taking away from their previous shit i’m not interested in them as people! Curtis is entertaining all around the board. Besides they didnt invite 50 caus they knew something would pop off!

  • macdatruest

    What does this mean? Does this bracketing mean that Fiddy won another battle? HAHA lemme guess, against the HATERS right??? I think he needs to forget about the Fiddy haters, their numbers are slim.. He needs to focus on another group-the people who don’t give a fuck- they’re growing in huge swarms and getting fucking lives.

  • macdatruest

    Why are Fiddy fans so sensitive about Haters??? If niggas dont like dude so what?
    Damn all you see is Yay Fiddy then something about Haters its like dude got yall brainwashed Fiddy talk shit, niggas talk back. Niggas talk to Fiddy, he talk shit back. It’s called manhood, damn. Yall guardin this nigga nuts like Yayo

  • matty21

    Yo, Good shit! I’ve watched all the “Behind the Music” episodes and T.I.’s was my personal fav. and it’s probably only becuz T.I. is my favorite artist(um still bumpin Trap Muzik)…All were very entertaining and informative tho, and 50′s was also one of my favorites…

    AND Lets not forget that this is an overall WIN for HIP-HOP!!…”the rapper’s show scored the highest premiere ratings since 2000’s Faith Hill program. 2.2 million viewers tuned in on Tuesday (October 13), making VH1 the most watched cable channel during that time period.”…i mean come onn, most watched cable channel!! This is great for da game, and it shows where these particular artists and rap as a whole is…n fools had the nerve to say(and dick ride) hip-hop is dead a few years back, where u shtheads at now? i don’t hear those bullsht claims as often(their hidin now)….n whether wayne, t.i., or 50 won in ratings n which ever your favorite one was, this was an overall big WIN for hip-hop boyyy…dis is gonna open up even more doors and will show more of wat music fans want…it keeps going up from here, sky da limit

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      Bad part is I don’t watch MTV…

      But saw the stream of the episode so I guess I did watch MTV.

      Get ready for an onslaught of 50. BISD is coming.


    Don’t confuse activity with achievement.


    is it just me or am i the only one who noticed how much weight foxy brown done put on.damn girl got thick.not in a good way either.