“Pimpin’ Curly” Voted Funniest 50 Cent Stunt, Says New Poll

Pimpin’ ain’t easy…unless of course you’re 50 Cent. In XXLMag.com’s latest poll, readers determined that Fif’s “Pimpin’ Curly” episodes are the funniest videos the rapper has posted online.

Close to 3,000 fans voted in the poll, with Pimpin’ Curly earning 39 percent of the total votes. The Queens-bred MC’s latest video, aimed at rival Fat Joe, came in second place with 29 percent. Coming in at third with 18 percent was 50’s comical narration of the sex tape involving the mother of Rick Ross’ child and the Officer Ricky Cartoons landed in last place with 13 percent of the overall tally.

50 first introduced the flamboyant, high-pitched character earlier this year during his online battle with rival Rick Ross. When the Miami rapper referred to Fif as “Curly” in an interiew, the G-Unit general took the nickname and created the personality, releasing a handful of clips on his thisis50.com Website. –Max G

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  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Can’t front them Curly episodes were funny as hell. Especially the one where he was smoking & came out from under the truck. That’s Hollywood right there.

    “N*gga I got the zoo on my back…”-Curly

  • General

    Now if he can just make a hot album again

  • RWord

    LOL!….xxlmag is lying. I sure everyone voted for Before I Self Destruct Labum being pushed back as 50cent funniest!


  • K.ing


    were laughing at how rick ross will never go gold again in his life…..

    your fuckin career is over homie… and dude will be the reason defjam goes bankrupt…. real shit….

    Nobody has went gold on defjam this year…. yhey overpromoted officer ricky and his fat ass is stuck at 350 k….

  • ChinCheka

    Must be a slow news day. Is this even news? Does anyone really care?

  • drox

    co-sign ChinCheka
    Is this really a news material xxl??? Shit is funny wit pimpin curly and all but dont really see how this could be posted here…. now if it was thisis50.com or smt like that then I would see how this would happen but for real xxl???

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  • Still a Fan of Fif

    Honestly, Curly hirt Rawse’s career more than 50 cent did.
    Gunplay will end Ross’ career. He makes Yayo look like Rakim

  • Stoh

    Really? News on your own polls now xxl?