Update: Eminem, Apple Trial Begins Today

After failing to a settle a dispute with Apple Inc. in a conference held yesterday (September 23), Eminem’s music publisher Eight Mile Style LLC will go to court against the computer giant, the Associated Press reports.

Eminem’s company claims that Apple has been illegally selling more than 90 of Em’s songs on iTunes without permission or payment. Apple maintains that they not only received permission but have paid out a substantial amount of royalties.

The problem is that Apple believes their agreement with Aftermath Records, which has control of Eminem sound recordings, is valid. However, Em’s music publisher maintains that Aftermath, whom they are suing as well, had no right to enter into agreement with Apple.

The trial began this morning (September 24) in Detroit. -Brooklyne Gipson

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    I probably spent $15.00 on Em songs over the years on top of buying all the cd’s.

    So…on a small scale, how do they spit that money up?

    Innerscope gets?
    Aftermath gets?
    Shady gets?
    Apple gets?

    Plus all the other people who get paid. After its all said and done…THE LAWYERS COME OUT ON TOP. Cases like this cost millions.

  • DV8

    I wonder if this leads to Em’s departure from Aftermath? Hopefully its just a simple matter of correcting some paperwork and they can keep doing music together.

  • P. Harris


  • DownSouth

    Dang, business alwayz has to rear its ugly head into things. I hope Dre and Em don’t split tho. With their work ethic and perfectionist attitudes, they belong together. Like Dre and Snoop, Hot Boyz and Mannie, No Limit and KLC, etc etc.


    • TheRefriedMexican


  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Like I said yesterday, Em is starting the severance from Interscope. Jimmy must be Douche-nozzle© supreme with bacon grease and cheese.