Snoop Dogg Resurrects Priority Records has learned that Snoop Dogg has been named Creative Chairman of the newly resurrected Priority Records, by parent company EMI Music.

Along with the position, Snoop will also be releasing his tenth studio album, Malice N Wonderland, on the famed West Coast label. In addition, the rap superstar will also serve as executive producer for a slew of discs hitting the market soon, in celebration of Priority’s 25th anniversary.

“Starting fresh with EMI is a great feeling,” Snoop said about the partnership in a press release. “It’s a new partnership, a new Priority Records, and a new Snoop Dogg: the Creative Chairman…the Boss Dogg…the Dogg Father. The business model we’ve developed will bring the musical heritage of groups like N.W.A. to the forefront. And you definitely got to get ready for my new Album Malice N Wonderland in December to kick it all off — this is going to be the most potent dose of Snoop Dogg yet!”

“Snoop has been a huge force in Rap and a big influence on the Urban genre in general,” Leonard Brooks, Senior Vice President of Urban A&R for EMI Music added. “In addition to possessing an original artistic voice, Snoop is also a true tastemaker, trendsetter of style and a global ambassador of Hip-Hop. We’re elated to release his next record, and to have Snoop re-introduce some of the most ground-breaking Rap recordings to new fans as Creative Chairman of Priority Records.”

Priority Records’ catalog includes a long list of high selling LPs by such rap luminaries as N.W.A, Eazy-E, Master P, Ice Cube, Ice-T, Run-D.M.C., EPMD and others. –Elan Mancini

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  • Pierzy

    ****see Ron Mexico’s blog

    • Ron Mexico

      thought i had me a pierzy. too bad.

      • Pierzy

        Sorry my dude!

  • Ron Mexico

    hopefully this nigga can put the great spear down long enough to do something constructive.

    but… if snoop is the beacon of hope on which priority’s salvation rests…

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      Tourney candidate?

  • DreDay


  • DreDay


  • BeerGangsta

    i like snoop dogg. snoop dogg is a good rapper. i liked him better when he was in nwa. nwa was good too. nwa is the best group from houston.

    • BeerGangsta

      Grand I have had enough of your shit ugly Bitch! I know who NWA is. That’s my favorite group from LA. Snoop will do a good job with this Company. NWA help Priority Records well with Sells.

      • Tony Grands

        I tried to be nice to you previously (sorry for the big word) when I told you “all jokes aside, thats not me fucking with you”, but you continuously (sorry, again, for a word you probably can’t read) call my name, however disrespectfully.

        Listen retard, & I mean retard in the full capacity of the word’s definition, you are a stupid commentor, & I can only assume an even more ridiculous caricature of a human being in real life. I don’t have the time, energy, effort or desire to fuck with you [||].

        I’ve earned my respect on these threads by being me, thus Fuck You & your pathetic attempts @ typing words with the high hopes that someone decipher that rambling stupidity.

        Stop Fucking Talking To Me, you idiot.

        Like I said before, whoever is imitating you has out-Beergangsta’d you.

        Haha! Find another name, jerk. Learn the english language, And then come holler @ me, moron….

    • robert

      snoop dogg wasnt in nwa pal


    i never thought of Snoop as a record exec. i still don’t, does Doggystyle Records ring a bell?

  • Tony Grands

    This may be what his career needs. A boost in a more contemporary direction. The world isn’t big enough for two Flava Flav’s.

    Curious as to how this will play out.

  • money mitch

    I won’t buy a snoop album until it is completely co-written by the d.o.c. and produced by dre until then i won’t support his crap last song i liked from him was that’s that shit which is hey hey co-written by the d.o.c. and produced by dre JUST LIKE DOGGYSTYLE!!

  • latino heat

    how many times is Priority gonna re-release the same N.W.A., Eazy-E, and Ice Cube albums? they’ve released them in many different variations over the last ten years. it’s getting ridiculous. there getting to be like Death Row.

    “we don’t have any current product to put out, let’s repackage old albums everybody already has.”

    one more thing. why does Snoop change labels every couple years?

  • latino heat

    one more thing. am i the only one getting a picture of Jadakiss next to this story in the News section? lmao.

    • phurdrick

      No, I see it too, LOL!!


    Master P sold more records off Priority 75 million units Snoop Dogg been over.

    Put on some WESTCOAST niggas

  • fatDAN

    If Snoop can stay away from the bullshit and come with the real shit, he will have a classic. No prancing around in a fucking pimp suit, stay away from pop bullshit, and don’t try to force feed any more of his homies to us. Remember the Twins and Bad Azz. He need to come out with a true smokers classic. Only Snoop, a trash bag of that fonk, and he will be all right. Keep it adults only. That will put Priority back on the map.

  • The Fedz

    Has Snoop ever brought anyone into the rap game worth a damn, The Eastsiders, Bad Azz, The Twins? I mean shouldnt he atleast be a half ass judge of talent to get this kind of job. I mean sure if priority is trying to get into the reality TV game they got thier guy, but for music his ship been sailed. He cant even make good ideas for his own albums, he’s got other hasbeens and no names in the studio making them up for him and then he creeps in with vocals.

    • capcobra

      co-sign…snoop is a terrible businessman but a helluva spokesperson…yeah he can be the face of some shit but not the brains behind it.

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  •, Grasshead

    Snoop do your thang homie. Let the haters hate and the supporters show luv. Business is business and you started it off right with Cypress Hill. Keep it 100 with the Hip Hop fans and you’ll get that respect. Sign Grasshead from Dade County’s INTELLEKT RECORDS and watch the fans come. Come with some fire and the session will stay lit my people !

    search Grasshead:
    iTunes and iTunes Europe

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