Rick Ross Says Deeper Than Rap is “Album of the Year”

Photography Nigel Degraff

Photography Nigel Degraff

Despite facing competition from already released albums by Eminem, Fabolous, Jadakiss and many more, Rick Ross is confident that Deeper Than Rap will be crowned album of the year.

During a recent interview with XXLMag.com, the boss said his album is currently unmatched. ”Deeper Than Rap was the album of the year, hands down, you know music-wise,” Ross told XXL. “But you know, it’s a lot of hot music that came out. Whatever it is, we gon keep doing what what we doing and keep making hot music, so it’s all good. I love when everybody competitive and making hit records, it’s better for the sport, nah mean?”

Ross doesn’t seem fazed by the loads of LPs set to hit stores during the next three months. Lil Wayne’s Rebirth, the Young Money compilation, Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 3 and Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Link…Pt. II, are just some of many albums set to drop. Still, Ross thinks his project is the one to beat.

“Really it’s a lot of excitement behind all those projects and I look forward to them, I’ma support them,” Ross explained. “I’ma Jay-Z fan, I’m most definitely a Lil Wayne fan and Drake doing his thing, so it’s all good.” -Marvin Brandon with additional reporting by Carl Chery

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  • http://WTF S on my chest


    • joe p

      damn i didnt know rick roos was tryin his hand at comedy too ? …. lmao hahahahaha i think it might be in competition for the worst record this year …

      • joe p

        see co-sign Jesus Martinez dont worry man there is a few of us left … … yall shouldnt base music on how much it “bumps” in the clubs lol

      • Bryan


        co sign, that shit is too funny.

        “trying his hand at comedy” hahaha

  • http://wtf S on my Chest

    Really?……………I think not personally.

    • cold

      no doubt , deeper than rap is much better than anything else this year , MUCH better

      • Jesus Martinez

        I guess you don’t listen to UGK, Method & Redman, Wu-Tang Chamber Music, Relapse, Slim Thug, Slaughterhouse, DJ Quik & Kurupt, or even Alchemist and Busta…

        Deeper than rap had way too much songs for the ladies and pop music for me and real hip hop fans

        • spenny

          “Deeper than rap had way to much songs for the ladies….”

          “too many” would be the correct way to say it you stupid mexican

        • ear2thestreetz

          On the real, Ricky is right as of right now. Billboard hits, great production, and his album is very cohesive. Deeper Than Rap is currently the album of the year!!

        • GregSIDE

          Really. I hope you guys are tryin to be funny to. If not, Hip-Hop is in a bad place when a F’n Correctional Officer (They only time any real ni**as called him Boss) can come in and think he’s Biggie. “Album of the year”…. shit. Jada, Fab, Meth and Red, and Jay? The only person Officer Rickey is better than is Gucci (cause I can actually understand Ross).

      • DetroitDraper

        @ Cold and Spenny.
        Spenny that stupid Mexican line was very disrespectful and uncalled for and Im not even Spanish. Jesus I cosign that tto the fullest. Its been waay too many good hip hop albums this year for that pop bs ass album to be the best of the year not even considering OB4CL2 or any of the upcoming ones.

        MAYN HOL’UP

        • Jesus Martinez

          Thanks for the co-sign mane, I’m Puerto Rican anyway…Cant wait for Rae’s album to drop!

        • spenny

          What do you expect from a rap forum? Respect? I’m never going to meet any of you and I don’t owe anyone here respect. So clearly I didn’t literally think you were mexican, although it is possible with that name. But anyway just a lesson in life don’t take anything someone says on a rap forum too seriously. There isn’t anything that anyone could say on here that could remotely offend me since no one here knows me.

  • AZ40

    Like hell it is, his shit was promoted heavily and def jam payed radio and t.v to play his shit, but it ain’t album of the year, people are gonna hate for saying this but strictly music wise I like that slaughterhouse…Em was pretty hot too, loso same ol’ same ol’,kiss tryin’ too hard to be commmercial but an okay album, Heard some of BP3 just okay to me waitin’ on Wale,Clipse, and Rae,

  • RiZob

    I would have to agree with the BAWSE!! anybody who listened to that album will tell you the same…the year isnt over yet, but so far…
    Deeper Than Rap>>>>>>>> _____________

    • Detroit P


      Deeper Than Rap>>>>>>>>>>>>Slaughterhouse, Relapse, and whatever else came out….Jeezy might could out do him, but idk…Deeper Than Rap is a great Album…they playin videos on MTV jams of songs that wasn’t even on the album, but that was supposed to be on the album (Cigar music)..now how dope is that…and he shot video’s for 11 out of 15 songs on there…and that’s just outta love for the game, he ain’t makin no cake off that shit…I think Deeper Than Rap is his “Blueprint”

      • Jesus Martinez

        UGK 4 Life and Blackout! 2 make Deeper than Rap look like a hip hop abortion

      • ImGoingIn

        Do not ever compare anything Rick Ross does to anything Jay-Z has ever done. Rick Ross is barely a rapper.

  • yoprince

    actually ross does have the mainstream rap album of the year so far…

    eminem’s album is great too.

  • MC


  • OG Matt Herbz

    Shit, it’s the album of the fuckin decade…in his own mind. Fuckin magnificent crab meats.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • Chris S

      first of all…he said “music-wise”…what the hell??

      and secondly, to whoever wrote this article…please don’t refer to him as “the boss”. it just encourages him.


    yeah and ive went multi platinum by sellin cds out of my basement.pure garbage.and if anyone thinks other wise.your brainwashed by the music industry and the garbage they call most of the rap out.

  • General

    Album of the year? Probably not, but he did have a good album so I do congratulate him on that. I would say Em, Slaughterhouse or Rae will hold that title…

    I did think overall Ross’s was better than Fab’s or Jada’s, but he’s still a notch below the truly top albums of the year

    • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

      Relapse is incredible. Ahead of its time…

      • jburg

        Thank you!! People that say Relapse was bad don’t understand the creativity of the music. The art of the story telling.

        • Detroit P

          The art of the story telling.
          I’ll have you know that I am very familiar with the works of Slick Rick and Outkast…and Relapse still sucks…it sucks musically…It doesn’t make me want to listen to it…It makes me hate listening to it…I love SlimShady LP and Marshall Mathers lp tho..i even like half of Eminem Show..so its not a eminem hate thing..I just judge shit musically (no hating or stanning) and Relapse sucks Eminem’s Uncle’s balls…I think Jay is the GOAT and I’m not even excited by Blueprint 3 based on what I’ve heard. I haven’t even downloaded it yet

        • jburg

          Who said anything about the song “The Art of Storytelling”? I am talking about in general. Who said anything about Slick Rick or Outkast? Again that album is very creative and well put together. And based on how its still selling even though its been out for a few months, you are in the minority.

        • Detroit P

          That first part was a Joke stupid. Quit getting Homotional over Eminem…I was in the Club lastnite and “Forever” came on and they cut it off before Eminem’s verse…Nobody seemed to mind, except for 2 dudes in the corner that wasn’t dancing with anybody. So go somewhere and beat off to your Eminem cd, I don’t have a problem with you liking it, it’s still wack tho….and I’m black, so yes I am in the minority.

        • Brahsef

          Gotta cosign P on this one. Relapse was heavily disappointing to me. His stories sounded, for the first time to me, fake. He’s in his mid 30s and now saying how his dad sexually assaulted him? Sorry, once you get into your 30s…bitching about your parents loses its impact.

        • jburg

          Bitch I am black too. Dumb fuck. And who gives a fuck who cared or not about a verse in a song? And you shouldn’t be saying anything about beating off to any CD. Sure you got the Jergens, Kleenex, and Crabmeat’s cd on your nightstand!!

      • Brownie


  • MC


  • tronthadon

    Its only September nigga!!!..i like his confidence though.Rae might not have his sales but it will be better than his shit..he a fraud ass nigga who supports this nigga?

  • Curtis75Black

    If he thinks so…

    • Rword

      stop dick riding 50cent, his album got push then neverary.

  • Nate

    He believes that because he listens to Cd’s at night that repeat things over and over and over… that put him to sleep.. Things like “We The Best!”, “Bawse”, “I got them Bricks”, “You guys don’t know how to dress. Monkey’s, I wear Gucci!”, “I was never no fu%in Law Enforcement”, followed by “Snitches”,
    then some waves splashing, then “My albums are the best”, then “Lyrics? Who needs Lyrics”, “It’s hot cause DJ Salad said so”,
    “I ain’t fat! It’s you that’s ugly”, “You didn’t look at me at the awards show- so I’ll say you looked at me WRONG- the fake beef is ON”, and so much more like “Your honor, I don’t have a dime for child support, I had to steal Tia’s ride for my 6 car garage cause it’s mine but I don’t have any money.”, then he drops another song to brag about the newest chains on payments, and cars he leased.

    His album had some good beats, better than most stuff I copped from the 2.99 section…

    If Rick Ross put out a INSTRUMENTAL’s album to rap over his producers stuffthan that’s the only thing worth buying, because you, I, and your friends cousin could come with better lyrics, and flow.

    Album of the Year requires good beats, and a GOOD MC, who knows how to rap…

    Sorry Officer as the geeks would say you “FAIL”…

  • Donte

    Album of the year? nigga please u fat faggot u actually thought u was gone sell sum records by beefn wit 50 den u tried 2 throw lil bitch shots at em knowing u not on his fuckin radar try pushin more den 300k den holla u fat faggot.

  • Rword

    he is right.Boss!…oh where is 50cent album..LOL!

  • Enlightened

    Let’s all keep it real here. Ok, Eminem is outrapping all of these dudes lyrically right now.

    But, was Relapse really better than average?
    I think an argument can be made that it was trash.

    Show of hands, honestly, how many people are still bumpin it today? That shit didn’t come out that long ago.

    • Detroit P

      I listened to it once, then I forced myself to listen to it a second time…That album is GARBAGE…and I’ve never heard anybody bumpin his shit..I been hearin Ross shit bumpin outta people speakers all summer

      • RiZob

        Co-Sign! Relapse was terrible, but people hate to admit when jayz or eminem dont deliver…Relapse went platinum off of name alone…shit, D-12 shit always goes platinum, and they are hot garbage…


          GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE WITH THAT BULLSHIT.d12 garbage?hot garbage? you must be listening to some gay ass shit to say that.devils night is one of the best cd’s i have ever heard.swift kuniva and eminem some of the hottest three rappers ive heard on a song.(kuniva shuts down half of the rappers out now.)they are some of the tightest three rappers i have heard on a song together.through and through.for every bad song eminem jay-z or d12 does have they have about twelve good ones.put that in your pipe and smoke it.


          yea i still bump the shit out of relapse,along with d12′s shit,the only cd i dont listen to in eminems library is encore because i do believe it was garbage.maybe two songs where good.AND TO ANYONE WHO SAID THE EMINEM SHOW WAS ONE OF HIS WEAKER CDS IS SMOKIN SOME SERIOUS D.THAT CD IS BY FAR HIS BEST.SONG FOR SONG.SALES PROVE THATdevils night and the eminem show are two cds will always go out and rebuy one they are old and dont play any more.cant say that about most artists out these days.

    • General

      Still listenin to Relapse, sorry Mr. Enlightenment…

      Still listenin to Slaughterhouse…

      Still listenin to Method Man and Redman…

      and yes I throw in Deeper Than Rap from time to time too…

  • Nate

    2 top notch albums came out (so far) this year.

    One was Solo. His names starts with E.

    The other was a group Their name starts with S

    If you disagree offer up superior choices. I would like to hear those..

    A third friend who copped the group album was also excited to hear the S. Album. He said it’s the best he has heard in years also. He grew up in Queens, so it goes to show when you present the BEST material, it doesn’t matter whether you grew up in Northern Cali, Southern Cali, Florida, or NY. It’s not about the place of origin but what material was the hottest.

    For those who deny, they can’t offer material BETTER, and most haven’t heard the album.

  • cold

    it is the album of the year ! what else could it be ?

  • http://gooddoctorzeus.blogspot.com DocZeus

    Of course, he does.

  • DUDE


  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    DTR’s soundscape is very coherent and pleasing.
    It would have been AOTY if Def Jam didn’t approve of the WWE tactics, and actually grass root promoted the project, which is what I was always saying from the jump.

    But I wouldn’t be surprised if he did win. With all the L’s Def Jam took this year they need some type of validity for 2009.

    But I also doubt it. We will see though.

  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy


  • BeerGangsta

    i like rick ross. hes a good rapper. i was rick ross last year for halloween. i got a lot of candy that year. candy is good. i like candy.

  • Mac

    R u serious??? Deeper than rap was ok but it’s not fuckin wit BP3 and mayb not even the Young Money Album when it drops

  • norcal

    rick ross cd come out, oshit better run to the store,wait i wont wast a gallon of gas four that poser. and the album of the year goes ja,em,dj q, okay whos plays more on the radio jay -z that your winner, EM should win but he not radio friendly

    • ty

      u sound like a dumbass… did u even read this shit before u posted it? obviously not…

  • james shanahan

    This is a fuckin joke- Album of the year- stop sittin in your fantasy world Ross- Wu-Tang is for the babies!! Wait til that OBCL2 album drops.

  • HollyHood

    Deeper than rap is the album of the year.its sstill rotation n the A. Im a huge Jay Z fan but from what Ive heard Ross topped Jay-z and Em.that doesnt mean he’s a better rapper than them. it means he put together a better album.

  • http://-- gaddic

    Relapse was dope and still bumps in my Zune
    Sorry Detroit P
    so is SH – the two best albums so far for the year
    Relapse is a concept album focusing on lyrical doushes not f*ckin melodies and feel-good music
    It’s an artistic album
    notice- not one decent hit has come off Relapse
    But For R2 the radio will be Eminem’s trust me!!!
    Ross went all out and made a quality Lp(his best and best ever) and for that he should Make the Top 1o albums of the year and leave EM SH Fif or Dre? for the top slots maybe Jay-z if bp3 is good(doubt it!)

  • http://xxl gside

    Won’t buy won’t listen to it if somebody plays that shit around me I leave fuck the police!

  • Brooklyn

    rick ross must be smoking that shit that they found in dj am’s crib if he thinks that his album is album of the year. nevertheless, i can’t be mad at him for thinking that though, if you don’t believe in yourself, who will? furthermore, relapse was overrated and i didn’t care for it, i did like blackout 2, and i did like slaughterhouse’s shit too. i’m checking for ob4cl2 when that comes out.

  • alderman j

    Sells have nothing to do with it, it took ILLMATIC 11 YEARS TO GO PLATINUM!!!!

    TOP 5

    1.THE END

  • DoubleClutch95

    Till the Casket Drops>>>>>>>Deeper Than Rap

    BP3>>>>>>Deeper Than Rap

    Last Kiss>>>>>>Deeper Than Rap


  • kingequality

    I wouldnt go that far but it was better then alot of rap cd’s this year I really couldnt relate to em last cd I cant get with that pill popping rap that yall call lyrics blackout to was my shit but red and meth tried to hard to make a club banger and some of those songs was kinda weak

  • ThingAlec

    *laughs at BeerGangsta’s comment*

  • http://myspace.com/federalranga Federal Ranga

    You’re kidding me.

    @ Detroit P
    Nigga, I LIVE in Dade County. Everywhere I go in this bitch Carol City, Homestead, Goulds, Liberty City, The Lakes and so on and so forth… GO ANYWHERE and ask a nigga where their DTR CD is RIGHT now… I’ll give you $100 you find ONE nigga still got it at ALL, let alone bumpin it after June.

    Album of the Year goes to Relapse. Point blank. And for anybody who thinks SH has a shot at all, SHOOT yourself.

    By the way, ya’ll all saw those Lil Ru numbers… you STILL think I was bullshittin in my vlog? Aight… Keep playing

    E8 is up. youtube.com/federalranga

    • Detroit P

      Don’t you got an evil clone runnin around here tryna kill you or somethin..Why don’t you focus on him, you dumbass..I already said I’ve heard it in all around, people blastin out of there cars and such..I don’t need to ask niggas what they listen to..Never heard anybody ever playin Relapse tho..which is weird since he sold soooo much more than Ross. DTR FTW.

      • http://myspace.com/federalranga Federal Ranga

        @ Detroit P…

        If I focused on my clone, that’d make me a dumbass. Far as that goes, I’on know where the fuck my clone is, but he can’t kill what he can’t touch [||]. Nonetheless…

        I don’t need to ask niggas what they listen to
        True. If you hear what they are “playing” you can assume that’s what they want to listen to right? I’m just asking, pimp…

        E8 up! youtube.com/federalranga
        New Freestyles myspace.com/federalranga


        • Detroit P

          If you hear what they are “playing” you can assume that’s what they want to listen to right?
          (Sarcasm)Yea, cus they must be playin Deeper than Rap album cuts on the radio, and instead of changin to the other hip hop station, niggas just sit thru it cus they’re waiting for Eminem’s “Beautiful” song to come on (Sarcasm)

          Fuck Outta Here, keep your weak arguments to yourself.

        • http://myspace.com/federalranga Federal Ranga

          Playboy, re-LAX.

          I’on know about you, pimpin, but I never mentioned in any form or fashion HOW people were listening to Rick Ross when you heard them ‘blasting’ it.

          I will not give Eminem anymore vote for AOTY due to sales more than you or anybody else giving Ro$$ the vote due to who might be playing it long after its release, in certain areas. Rawse aint THAT bad and neither are his albums, but all your beliefs aside, I, you and HE all know this album has NO SHOT at AOTY. Keep it even, mayne. And lets be respectful. Chuuuch

          youtube.com/federalranga Duh…
          myspace.com/federalranga Yup

  • ThingAlec

    But srsly OB4CL2, BO2, Relapse, Slaughterhouse, The Blueprint 3 > Deeper Than Trash

  • krayzie…

    i still listen to relapse…
    eminems worst album its much better than ross best album..

    • spenny

      Relapse is light-years better than Encore

  • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

    I have yet to listen to Deeper Than Crabmeats, and thats because too many other hot albums have came out that deferred my attention to listen to it, i.e. BlackOut! 2, Relapse, Slaughterhouse, BP3 (yes that ish knocks!). And I’m awaiting both BP3 and OB4CL2 to be released so I can cop them. Will I listen to it still? Probably not…too much other stuff I’d rather listen to at this point.


    guess he hasn’t heard Cuban Linx 2 yet! OB4CL2 makes Deeper than Rap sound like a mixtape!

    i also think kiss’ shit is a lil better than deeper than rap…A LIL!

  • J Ceasar

    Albums of the Year

    1. Blueprint 3
    2. Slaughterhouse
    3. UGK 4 Life
    4. Category F5
    5. Blackout 2
    6. So Far Gone

    Wackest of the Year

    1. Relapse
    2. Crime Pays

    I reserved the extra spots for all those freshmen XXL has touted so highly, they are all wack! Far as Ross, shit is middle of the road with great production and no vision. No shot at beating the real rap heavies for any award.

  • shone jones

    Officer Ricky, Kill yourself.


    lmao i almost spit my pop over the lap top screen lmao man wtf is wrong witht his guy lol it was ok but come on i would rather hear a master p album lol
    hello ricky piggy eminem sold more in his first week then you have sold in untilll now you still havent sold more then ems first week lol thats sad!!

  • HNIC

    With that statement, Rick Rawse has proven himself to be a “Habitual Line Stepper” – he steps over the line, habitually.

    Although, he had amazing production on his album – possibly the best on any album released this year, his inability to say anything profound in his lyrics, crab meats notwithstanding, doesn’t constitute his album being deemed “Album of the Year”.

    He needs to put a shirt on & sit down somewhere… scratch that, he should move around more. I’m tired of seeing his Moobs.

    • Detroit P

      his inability to say anything profound in his lyrics
      Please retire this tired rhetoric.

      • HNIC

        Care to elaborate?

        • Detroit P

          Rick Ross is a great rapper technically and lyrically, I don’t know why niggas try to Play him like he’s Jeezy or Gucci Mane lyrically…He’s on T.I.’s level…and he’s been getting better ever since his first CD…so stop tryna act like people only listen to his shit for the beats just cus he’s not a punchline rapper (i.e. Joe Budden)

          “cant criticize niggas tryna get jobs
          better get smart young brotha live yours
          only live once and i got two kids
          and for me to feed them i get two gigs
          i’ll shovel shit
          i’ll CO
          so we can bow our head s and pray over the meatloaf
          im lookin at the big picture
          keep a bitch with ya
          tryna get a bit richer”

          I’m too cool for lame dudes to ridicule, I laugh while I’m doin Laps in the swimmin pool”

          “Vacation to Haiti
          It nearly broke my heart
          Seein kids starve
          I thought about my autemar
          Sellin dope ain’t right
          I put it in my life
          Chickens put me in position to donate the rice”

          Whether you think that’s profound or not, that’s all some real shit, thoughts and ideas that were executed very well lyrically.

        • HNIC

          If what he said in that verse is true, that is very commendable of him. I give him his props for that… but, that’s where it stops.

          Honestly, I bought his most recent album, so I’m not a hater. I also have to be honest by saying that from his entire album, his “eating the finest crab meats” was the line that stuck out the most to me; to each their own.

          As you alluded to at the beginning of your statement, he’s a marginal talent at best. Most rappers can rap circles around him. He’s a gimmick… he’s a label manufactured product of being a Scarface-esque “drug kingpin”; nothing more, nothing less.

        • Detroit P

          To each his own but…

          “As you alluded to at the beginning of your statement”
          No I didn’t, stop lying.
          “he’s a marginal talent at best. Most rappers can rap circles around him. He’s a gimmick… he’s a label manufactured product of being a Scarface-esque “drug kingpin”; nothing more, nothing less.”
          Are we talking about Rick Ross or Raekwon?

        • Enlightened

          Co-sign (almost) Like you said, Rick Ross can actually spit way better than he gets credit for. Personally I would put him a notch under T.I. just because of the versatility. T.I. can come off to any style (you hear that one he wrote for Detox?)while Ross pretty much stays in his same tempo/flow kinda like Drake is doing.


          Most niggas never listen to him and just throw him in that category because they don’t like his fake ass WWE/Mafia Boss/CO routine.

          I don’t listen to him because I’m turned off by the fakeness, but when I do hear him, they nigga pretty much impress me every time.
          He is underrated.

  • WestPhillyPolo

    Honestly album of the year is just an opinion(to each his own). Personally Ross does have it to me. I also fucked with Crime Pays, Slaughterhouse, Blackout2, Loso’s Way and also various mixtapes. Deeper Than Rap was hitting and I can’t deny that. I still bang it to this day and so do my niggas. I also still hear it bumping out of niggas cars to this day( In Philly). I’m a Jay fan, but this Bp3 doesn’t sound to promising. Now this CubanLinx3 sounds like it may be hardbody, but till next week, I’m riding with Ross. One

    • Nehemiah

      Oh shit I forgot about that Meth/Red shit! I still get high off dat City Lights! LOL Shit I dont even smoke! Just listening to those brothas have me catching second hand contact highs! LOL

  • Nehemiah

    Me personally i didnt buy Ross album and I only bump certain shit like any Wu shit, Any NAS (Im still listening to the Untitled album LOL shit we all know that one should be called the N-Word), UGK, and other older shit but the year aint over Ross! Rae comin with that fire…hopefully! LOL Shit got pushed back like a receding hair line! LOL

  • Emperor Doom

    yeah right. Forever King mixtape was better

  • Mr. North

    From what I’ve heard Jay-Z has the album of the year so far and was not even checking for it. Then The Purple Tape. Then Em. Sales matter but it has to be combined with Actually having good music along with it. Jay got some undeniables on there I can’t lie. He spit and proved alot of ppl wrong with this one.

    But also he never had an album that sold 10 mil. So you’re right about that he’s not like 50 or Em or Nelly in that aspect.

  • Nehemiah

    I hate sales stats dude. Just because an album doesnt sell doesnt mean it aint a good album. I guess if u look at it from a standpoint of what the fans want selling matters but if u look at quality and really break down and hear instead of just listen to an album it dont matter if the masses like it dope is dope and classic is classic.

  • Chuna Muna Chun

    My AAASSS!!!
    Rick Ross u f-in Hairy Fat ugly gorillla!!
    i hate u

  • L.a Vet

    300 k ricky…

    fuck you and r word…

    lil wayne shit got pushed back and so did detox… but when they all come out including 5o they will do DTR 300k #’s the first fuckin week…

    fake louie wearin bitch!!!

    Sales matter when your album was promoted by def jam more than any other artist this year…

    sales matter homie they shouldn’t matter to us!!! but sales are everything for a rapper…

    300 k ain’t gone cut homie… every song had a feature… so for that alone ricky album ain’t shit but good beats and fake drug raps…

    lil wyte >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Rick ross

  • KillaPat

    Just bumped Em’s Relapse again today, by far that and Slaughterhouse are the two albums of the year. And you haven’t listened to Em’s album more than twice, don’t call it garbage, cuz my best friend hated it the first time he heard it, and after listening to it more, he said I was right and that it is hot as fuck!

  • ThingAlec


  • Beast McCoy

    It was one of the best but, the very best? I wouldn’t give it to him so easily. It was good but so was Twista, Meth & Red & UGK.

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  • gbj

    this fat fake ass 5-0 rapping ass thinks he has album of the year. Nigga please. His album was nothing but pop & r&b and fake coke raps that didn’t make any sense through out the entire album. go 2 burger king & laugh at yourself.

  • dcruz.88

    1. Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2

    98% of the album is classic shit. Lyrics AND instrumentals are perfectly delivered. The Chef did it again…

    2.The Blueprint 3 – 75% of the album is ill, beats are meh, lyrics are on point
    3.Deeper than Rap – Instrumentals are insane, lyrics same old, same old… crab meats and bitches
    4. Relapse – Instrumentals suck, lyrics nice, but hard to understand
    5. The Last Kiss – Hot songs, but too much, waaay too much diversity.

  • BeerGangsta

    i dont like federal ranga. i dont like annoying people. dj khaled is annoying. if federal ranga was a dj he would be the most annoying dj. you should be a dj federal ranga just to get that title. titles are good.

    • http://myspace.com/federalranga Federal Ranga

      You don’t like me because………………?

      Like, nigga… not that it matters, but what the fuck did I do to YOU? Hell, we’ve NEEEEEEEEEEVER said anything to each other before.

      Do as ya wish? My father even says I gotta voice for radio, which is hella ironic because I don’t listen to it at all.

      E8 up! youtube.com/federalranga
      Freestyles! myspace.com/federalranga

      • http://myspace.com/federalranga Federal Ranga

        “My father even says I gotta voice for radio, which is hella ironic because I don’t listen to it at all.”

        He meant a face for radio fishboy

        • http://myspace.com/federalranga Federal Ranga

          Fishboy? I guess you were waiting for a reason to have me speak to you. I’m not giving you any shine, pimp.

          I ain’t Wendy Williams or Tom Joyner.

          E8!!! youtube.com/federalranga

          Ya’ll niggaz have GOT to hear Tony Grand$ spit! Holla at me for the link!!!

        • http://myspace.com/federalranga Federal Ranga

          No link where you spit? Oh yeah thats right you, swallow.


          Classic Hood Shit

  • Yessir

    OFFICER RICKY has always been a comedian in my eyes.

  • Decker

    Rick Ross is a very good rapper.Deeper than Rap is one of the albums of d year.The jury is still out on whether its d best.

  • Frank

    The Last Kiss is a way better album even though it wasn’t promoted by Def Jam the same way they did Deeper Than Rap.

    • Internet Thug

      Respect your opinion, but In My Opinion, The Last Kiss sucked!! So did Loso’s Way. I hate to say that cause I like Kiss and Fab, but their albums sucked.



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  • Adamantium Hands

    Album of the Year,Its between Ross,Jada,Em and Jay.So far those 4 albums been the hottest by far.If you haven’t heard The BP3,I heard advance copy.Its a good album.

  • Anthony Faim

    As far as beats I aint gonna front his shit was hot but once he started rapping it was just to damn painful to hear

  • TheListener



  • L.a Vet


    Hell knaw i swear u niggas would bump a gay rapper….

    Rick ross career is finshed… nigg GOT A bet special and still didn’t even go gold… Ha Ha Ha


    I didn’t purchase download or illeagly obtain this album. Neither did I listen to a single song becuase I already knew what the album “deeper then rap” would bring. And I can tell you it wouldnt and it didn’t bring anything “deeper then rap”
    Waste of money in my opinion but everyone apriciates rap in a different way so I ain’t gonna hate on nobody

  • http://www.xxlmag.com crisis


    ya’ll kids need to learn a little something about HIP-HOP

    how about bumping the GOAT album OB4CL before the new joint drops, for starters

    that shit will put hairs on your chest, you wet pussy bitches sucking a retards fatass dick

    fuck it, it’s prahlee already too late for half these generations

    if you rock to ricky, you don’t know what hip-hop is, but i guess you kids prahlee had mom’s on meth or some shit while they were pregnant, so your fucked up from birth

    faggots like rick ross need to die a slow fucking death for their bullshit
    “TORTURE mutherfuckers”

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  • http://www.xxlmag.com crisis

    honestly, ross’s lyrics weren’t half bad technically
    seriously, though, the beats were fucking shitty gay cummed in ass
    i dl’ed the album, listened to it once, and deleted that shit

    all i listen to now is shit made before 2000, or really underground shit
    every time one of these faggots releases as album i go deeper and deeper underground to keep listening to good music (no G.O.O.D music)
    i listen to hipster rap, and that metro/homo shit SHITS all over this modern faux gangsta/trapster dick vomit bullshit

  • http://www.xxlmag.com crisis

    i keep trying to be positive, but every time i think about it for more than a second, a violent bile of hate and revulsion rises in my throat and i can’t help myself
    then i get depressed and have to bang some BINARY STAR

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Damn a cat can try to be diplomatic and it goes over dudes’ heads.



    Ross had his big chance. It didn’t work. Def Jam’s worker bee’s f*cked that up. All of the videos, remixes, exclusives ain’t MOVING UNITS. Same sales #’s. The same mofo’s that were telling him “go @ 50″ are gonna tell him next time around, WHEN BUDGET $ IS CONCERNED, “you shouldn’t have gone @ 50″.

    Besides Jay buying out(biggest L for 2009 Def Jam), and Dream “retiring”(after disappointing sales), NOT ONE DEF JAM ARTIST IS CLOSE TO GOING GOLD.


    I think the sleeper of the year, who everyone hates(I have never purchased 1 of his CD’s) will be 50 CENT.

    It’s always the cat you don’t expect that snatches it. Like everyone thought last season was Lebron or KG but Kobe ran up and ate that food.


  • adrian smith birmingham england

    rick ross talking rubbish album of the year put down the crack pipe he aint gold yet fo real

  • Mississippi Playa

    Detroit P you making so much sense.

    Anyway man Deeper Than Rap was the Album of the Year, but alot of yall taking more personal shots at him than musical so this tells me your hate is much Deeper Than Rap wit him…lol. But for real yo, since yall gone be biased because most of you have been interscope brainwashed due to XXL, then so will I. Eminem is trash. Yeah he can rap but he spits nothing profound either, he been spitting about that same stupid shit for over 10 years now. You say sales don’t matter but then you talk about how much he sold compared to Ross…white kids LOVE Eminem! White 14 yr old can’t connect with what Ross raps about and the quality of the soulful justice league shit he raps over. They can’t really be G’s but its easy to be a white psychotic muhfucka so they gone gravitate to that. I was watching the little league world series and damn near every one of them kids said their favorite artist is Em. Little white kids that wanna be rebels live vicariously through him!! Plus man that shit he raps about is BEYOND corny!!! Face it, he’s white!!! Thats why he sells!!! Go on youtube and look for white rappers man they ALL rap like that because theres no way a back man could make it being that corny…and when they TRY you get niggas like Bizarre and the rest of them D-12 niggas!!

    Magnificent, Rich Off Cocaine, Cold Blood, Usual Suspects with Nas, Cigar Music…doggy Deeper Than Rap was the album of the year face it!!

  • Around and Around

    What a no talent ass clown…I hope this fuck gets Big Punned

  • socceriraq

    officer rickyyyyyyyyyy! gtfoh wit dat shit.

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  • romil

    Rick Ross is true, we just gotta see how
    Raekwon turns out to determine that but right now the Bossss is true.

  • k.ing

    Rick Ross is true…

    don’t go together he is a flopping fat liar!!!

  • KB

    This muthafucka is really Delusional…. Deeper than rap was terrible album, and nobody is fuckin wit you Ross! We Dont Believe You, You Need More People

  • http://xxlmagazine chad cline

    you all gotta be fucking stupid if you thought relapse was trash, it was excellent, maybe you dont understand his lyrics , i dont know. stay wide awake is the shit..

  • http://xxlmag.com THE NOTORIOUS C.O.R.E.Y