Pharaohe Monch Speaks on Organized Konfusion Reunion Show

Pharoahe Monche and Prince Po will be giving fans a second chance to see them onstage together as Organized Konfusion tonight (September 25).

The duo, who put out three albums in the 90s (1991’s Self-Titled debut, 1994’s Stress: The Extinction Agenda and The Equinox in 1997), originally reunited to perform during August’s All Point’s West festival in New Jersey, but Pharoahe tells that the star-studded show’s price tag turned off their core audience.

“That was incredible, but there was a crazy rain storm during that performance so this is a chance for the personal fans to come through to a local show at a more personal venue,” Monche told XXL. “Those [All Points West] tickets were so pricey because there were so many acts and it was a festival. Tickets were supposed to be $250, so the people that wanted to see Organized were kinda outpriced.”

Organized will be joined by DJ JS-1 and fellow 90s outfit Poor Righteous Teachers at New York City’s B.B. Kings Blues Club & Grill tonight at 11 p.m. Tickets can be purchased online at the club’s website or at the venue. –Jesse Gissen

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  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Pierzy! J7M!

    • Pierzy

      My man…

      How many people have never heard Organized Konfusion? I’m afraid it’s way too many.

      • $ykotic/Don McCaine

        That show will get more walk-ins than anything.


        Bing that “Extinction Agenda”.

        • Tony Grands

          I still have all 3 albums. On cassette, ha!

          “Organized Konfusion” got me through the 9th grade.

          Pharoahe never got the credit he deserves. Unfortunately, probably never will.

        • Don Dutch

          no old is u now? i don’t know why but i find that interesting how older people went through high school listening to now what we consider”old school hip hop” you understand? like im 17 in my senior yr but all throughout high school i listened to eminem,50 cent,young jeezy,gucci and shit like that but i love old school like pac,big,big pun,big L…ya kno

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    O.K. & P.R.T. Good show right there.

  • yoprince

    i’m ignorant to this one… my bro-in law put me on to pharoahe monche’s desire joint tho.. sun is ill… i’ma have to get up on it..

  • http://-- gaddic

    When will kids stop commenting on rappers 3x their lifespan
    Don’t know Pharoahe Monch?
    You gotta be a FUCKING Big Bird watcher TO MAKE A IGNORANT STATEMENT LIKE THAT!!

    son is ill?
    The oonly a handful of lyricist are ahead of Monch’s level

  • Brooklyn

    pharoahe monche is the shit, i been a fan ever since i heard that joint “simon says” back in the day. he’s one of the most underrated dudes out there, he can spit circles around most the niggas out here with a contract.


    The price of tea isn’t the same, but so WORTH IT!! I wish I could have seen that show last night.

  • Ron Mexico

    i’d rather not be born than to be born in this world of hate!

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